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As operators of nursing home and care facilities know well, efficient solutions for the fit‑out of accessible sanitary facilities need to be chosen when planning renovation work and new-build projects. The basics for planning accessible sanitary facilities on publicly accessible premises such as nursing homes, for example, are set out in DIN 18040-1. Alongside the structural particulars, this standard also defines the necessary requirements for accessible wash basins, showers and WCs. According to this standard, which entered into force in 2010, easy‑to‑use single‑lever mixers or contactless sensor fittings are also suitable for the accessible wet rooms used in nursing. SCHELL offers a broad-based portfolio of products with many advantages for the healthcare sector.

Taps for accessible wash basins

Wash basin taps from SCHELL are also ideal for use in facilities for people with disabilities: with contactless wash basin taps, the flow of water is triggered by an infrared sensor once a hand moves into the sensor range. The sensor detection range can be adjusted as required. The flow of water stops when hands are no longer present within the sensor’s detection range. This functional principle helps to improve user hygiene, because it allows direct contact with the tap to be completely avoided, thereby minimising the risk of contact infections from potentially contaminated surfaces. Compared with conventional single-lever mixers, contactless taps from SCHELL also cut water use by up to 70 percent.

PURIS E – a versatile choice for nursing facilities

Robust and durable fittings – such as the PURIS E with contactless operation – are a great choice for use in sanitary facilities intended for use by older people. Reliable anti-scalding protection can also be retrofitted under wash basins with a SCHELL angle valve thermostat.

XERIS E thermostat – a winner for resident rooms

The electronic wash basin taps featured in the XERIS series combine durable functionality and user comfort with first-class design. All of this makes the XERIS E-T into a winner – not just in resident rooms but also in visitor facilities in nursing institutions: XERIS E-T has contactless operation as well as anti-scalding protection. The tap has also won several awards for its outstanding features.
The series offers other fittings, such as the XERIS E, which is available in three sizes and with a choice of three outlet lengths. The XERIS E Large variant is an excellent option for use in combination with modern counter-top wash basins.

Shower fittings for older persons

SCHELL shower fittings meet the challenging requirements for sanitary facilities that are utilised by high-risk user groups. In showers, shielding users from excessively high temperatures is especially important. This is because scald or burn injuries to skin are not the only risk here: another hazard results from startled users trying to avoid such injuries and slipping on wet flooring, which can cause serious consequential injuries. For accessible bathroom fit‑outs, SCHELL offers suitable fittings with reliable anti-scalding protection.

VITUS series shower fittings

All shower fittings in the VITUS series have been developed from a single base body, and offer many variants with different modes of operation and connection options from above or below. This makes them very flexible for installations to match the structural situation on site. The fittings can be combined with reduced‑aerosol shower heads.
The easy‑to‑use exposed VITUS VD-SC-T shower fitting only needs to be touched to start the flow of water. The water flow time can be preconfigured. The ThermoProtect thermostat also offers reliable anti-scalding protection.

LINUS series shower fittings

Shower fittings from SCHELL’s LINUS series are also a great choice for healthcare facilities. These concealed shower fittings are characterised by their high user comfort and economical water consumption. For accessible showers, suitable models from the LINUS series with ThermoProtect technology for anti-scalding protection are available, like the LINUS D-C-T.

SCHELL WC solutions for people with disabilities

The MONTUS Flow H cistern module has been designed for use in accessible sanitary facilities. Although it offers all the advantages of MONTUS Flow, the module can be combined with SCHELL’s high-load mounting modules due to its narrower frame design. This means wall-mounted support handles and other fixtures can be installed easily and to the required standards. To set up stagnation flushes, MONTUS Flow H can be networked with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System or controlled by the Flow SSC Bluetooth® module. This allows the configuration of automated stagnation flushes at specific points in time. MONTUS Flow and MONTUS Flow H can be combined with any SCHELL MONTUS operating panel. MONTUS FIELD H is an especially good choice for combining with folding support handles. The contactless operating panel MONTUS FIELD E promotes good user hygiene.

Installing MONTUS high-load mounting modules is a wise choice for multi-generation residences and private houses alike: this prudent measure means that folding support handles can be retrofitted without requiring wall-chasing work or excessive renovation effort.

MODUS series for home care nursing environments

The MODUS series helps create sanitary rooms as compact carer support facilities, with both a sustainable and appealing design in a home care environment, and still at an attractive price point. Two fittings in the MODUS series have received awards for their quality and product properties. The MODUS EH-T wash basin tap offers a choice between an open loop lever, which is particularly easy to use, or a designer lever handle. The taps feature ThermoProtect technology for reliable anti-scalding protection. The MODUS MD-T shower fitting is also equipped with ThermoProtect, as well as an IsoBody housing that is thermally insulated and therefore offers reliable protection against burns. Both fittings have won the prestigious Plus X Award in the categories of functionality, user comfort, design and quality.

Incidentally: anyone wanting to have their bathroom converted into a bathroom suitable for older generations can apply for a government grant in Germany.

More information about the MODUS series can be found in the MODUS brochure (PDF download).

Designer angle valves from SCHELL help support an environment of well-being

Washbasins in accessible sanitary facilities are often especially flat and constructed without floor units, so that a wheelchair can be pushed under them. Angle valves also tend to be left visible. The aesthetic appeal of designer angle valves helps to create an environment of well-being in an accessible bathroom.

The harmonious design of the EDITION designer angle valve and EDITION designer odour trap ensures a stylish ambience is created throughout the accessible bathroom. The stylish excellence of this product line has garnered it the iF DESIGN AWARD, the Red Dot Design Award and the Design Plus Award.

SCHELL SWS Water Management System supports drinking water quality in nursing facilities

German drinking water legislation sets out provisions for the operation of drinking water installations – including those used in nursing. Drinking water quality must be maintained at each tapping point. Nursing home management must ensure that an adequate exchange of water takes place at least every 72 hours. If water is allowed to stagnate for too long in the piping, potentially harmful bacteria such as Legionella can then propagate excessively. This kind of interruption in use can occur, for example, if older patients confined to their beds do not use the en suite sanitary facilities provided in their rooms.
With the SCHELL SWS Water Management System, many electronic SCHELL fittings can be networked and controlled centrally – providing an ideal basis for the hygienic and efficient operation of the drinking water installation. These automated processes work to save time and money while having a positive effect on energy and water consumption. SWS offers logging options that help building operators to comply with their legal record‑keeping obligations. Thanks to flexible wired and/or wireless networking options, SWS is suitable for use in new developments and existing properties alike. Since SWS is a modular system that can be expanded, retrofitting the system across various renovation phases is also easy to accomplish.
An innovative add-on to SWS is the browser-based online SMART.SWS service, which is designed for remote access. See this post to find out more.

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SCHELL offers a comprehensive portfolio of sanitary equipment solutions for the health sector, such as for nursing and old people’s homes. Contactless fittings with innovative ThermoProtect technology help building operators fit out accessible sanitary facilities to the DIN 18040-1 standard while optimising user hygiene and offering anti-scalding protection. The wide variety of models offered for SCHELL fittings helps building operators meet individual needs and specific structural circumstances while simultaneously saving water. Deployment of the SCHELL SWS Water Management System helps maintain drinking water quality, and it is suited to both existing buildings and for new development projects. Overall, SCHELL offers a wide range of solutions to meet the challenging requirements facing sanitary facilities and drinking water installations in buildings in the nursing sector.

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