WC cistern modules with stagnation flush – the convenient MONTUS Flow and the accessible MONTUS Flow H

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Our easy-to-install MONTUS Flow module and MONTUS Flow H module, designed for accessible sanitary facilities, are now available. Each of these WC cistern modules from the MONTUS series supplements the SCHELL product portfolio, and are compatible with both the SCHELL SWS Water Management System and SCHELL SSC. Both models also offer the option of automatic stagnation flushes. Flushes are routed straight into the drain pipe with both modules, ensuring that the cistern fill height remains standards-compliant. These practical solutions from SCHELL help you to protect your drinking water installation from the excessive spread of bacteria such as Legionella. MONTUS Flow and MONTUS Flow H can be combined with any SCHELL MONTUS operating panel – such as the MONTUS FIELD H, for example, with its contactless operating panel triggered by an infrared sensor.

The two WC cistern modules extend the SWS Water Management System to include new system components. Thanks to this extension, all of the important tapping points in a building can now be fully networked with the SWS Water Management System and flushed automatically.

The easy-to-install MONTUS Flow WC cistern module

The MONTUS Flow cistern module is straightforward to install, saving time, money and stress: its plug-and-play design means that the module can be connected directly and easily to mains power at the installation site. No additional hot water connection is needed, as the flushing of the hot water line can be controlled by SCHELL SWS or SSC by means of other tapping points. This cuts both time and costs for installation.

The MONTUS Flow H WC cistern module for accessible installations

The MONTUS Flow H cistern module has been designed for use in accessible sanitary facilities. Offering all of the advantages of MONTUS Flow, the module can also be combined with SCHELL’s high-load mounting modules due to its narrow frame construction. This means wall-mounted support handles and other fixtures can be installed easily and to the required standards. 

Highlights of the MONTUS Flow and MONTUS Flow H WC cistern modules:

Versatile and high-quality

The mains-operated modules come with a pre-assembled solenoid valve made from brass (conforms to German drinking water regulations) for stagnation flushes. MONTUS Flow and MONTUS Flow H are controlled using the SCHELL SWS Water Management System or with the SCHELL Single Control Flow SSC Bluetooth® module. Both modules are suitable for use in new developments and renovation projects. Whatever the size of the property, the MONTUS Flow and MONTUS H Flow WC cistern modules are always the perfect choice, thanks to their versatility.

MONTUS Flow and the SCHELL SWS Water Management System

The MONTUS Flow and MONTUS Flow H WC cistern modules are even more impressive when combined with SCHELL SWS, as the SWS Water Management System achieves maximum flexibility throughout the building with optimum cost-effectiveness. SCHELL’s portfolio includes network-ready fittings for all key tapping points in a building. Flow times and stagnation flush intervals can be individually coordinated to match local conditions, offering a systematic approach to the management of even complex drinking water installations. All flushes are logged as they are carried out, giving operators an audit trail of compliance with legal obligations.

Always-on remote access with SMART.SWS

When SWS is expanded by the online SMART.SWS service, this gives you the option of logging in remotely at any time and from anywhere in the world. Apart from SMART.SWS, all you need is an internet-capable device and internet access. This makes straightforward, responsive facility management possible while out and about, with the user-friendly visualisation of all data presented by SMART.SWS.

MONTUS Flow and SCHELL Single Control SSC

When combined with SCHELL Single Control SSC, MONTUS Flow and MONTUS Flow H are the perfect standalone solutions for smaller or more rarely used WC facilities. Simple parametrisation is possible using a smartphone or tablet with the free SCHELL SSC App for iOS and Android, and the Flow SSC Bluetooth® module. With both modules, stagnation flushes can be scheduled as required using the integrated flush calendar. All flush times can also be logged.

Simple installation and standards-compliant stagnation flushes

MONTUS Flow and MONTUS Flow H were developed with professionals in mind. Fitting the modules couldn’t be easier, as they feature a plug-and-play, installation-/maintenance-friendly design and are equipped with reliable SCHELL electronics. Our video takes you step-by-step through this straightforward installation. 

The design naturally also ensures that the fill height of the cistern stays standards-compliant despite stagnation flushes. Stagnation flushes drain directly into the drain pipe – so the cistern is not filled and the fill height conforms to standards at all times. For normal operations, the WC cistern modules in the MONTUS series are also extremely economical and sustainable, thanks to their water-saving dual-flush mechanism. With the MONTUS Flow H model, SCHELL also offers the perfect solution for accessible projects.

Saving time and money

From installation onwards, MONTUS Flow or MONTUS Flow H work hard to save you both time and money. One example of this is the fact that no additional hot water connection is needed to the cistern module. This has a number of benefits: apart from avoiding an extra input of heat into the pre-wall structure (and the cold water installation), this also prevents the additional formation of steam or condensation in the cistern itself. Avoiding the additional hot water line also cuts down on the time and costs needed to complete the installation work.

Combine with attractive operating panels

As a supplier of coordinated systems, SCHELL naturally offers a range of matching operating panels. MONTUS Flow and MONTUS Flow H can be combined with any SCHELL MONTUS operating panel. These elegant operating panels offer a choice of chrome, matt chrome or white surface finishes to enhance the positive overall impression of your sanitary facility. Functionality and aesthetic appeal are united in the contactless MONTUS FIELD E operating panel, triggered by an infrared sensor. This model provides excellent support for user hygiene and comfort, and is the perfect choice for accessible installations when combined with MONTUS Flow H.

Integrated water management with solutions from SCHELL

The MONTUS Flow and MONTUS Flow H WC cistern modules are therefore the ideal choice for maintaining drinking water quality in any size of building, with many benefits for installation and operation. Their addition to the SCHELL portfolio works to offer even more complete coverage: when combined with the other network-ready fittings, all key tapping points in semi-public and public sanitary installations can now be networked and flushed automatically using the SWS Water Management System. As a result, SCHELL ensures integrated water management across all of the relevant tapping points in a building. Check out our blog to find out more about integrated water management with solutions from SCHELL.

Further information about MONTUS Flow and MONTUS Flow H is provided in our informative product brochure.

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