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Challenges for BACS planners

How do I design, build and operate a drinking water installation so it’s safe to use at all times – in new buildings as well as renovation projects? Is there a water management system that can integrate seamlessly with existing building services? The modern BACS planner now faces a wide variety of challenges. And wherever water is concerned, many aspects must be considered – the most important being hygiene and economical use. How can all of this be properly coordinated?

“We now have the perfect solution for a fully compliant drinking water installation: thanks to SCHELL SWS, it’s easy to keep hygiene and water savings both in balance.”

SCHELL’s SWS Water Management System is the solution!

SWS is easy to install, simple to operate and works to maintain drinking water quality thanks to its automated stagnation flushing with the required turbulent flows. Water safety is ensured by analysis, end-to-end documentation, reporting – and more. Options to generate room plans, create groups and use wired or wireless networking offer greater planning flexibility both for new buildings and renovations. Full compatibility with industry-standard BAC systems is also assured.

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