With SCHELL Mobile, the company comes to you!

Our state-of-the-art showroom on wheels

The technology packed into our multifunctional SCHELL Mobile is a rolling inspiration for visitors. Our show truck is often on the road in the DACH region, and is a popular guest at company open-doors and more. Just contact our SCHELL Field Sales team to book your SCHELL Mobile experience.

The arrival of our bright red SCHELL Mobile truck always means business. Inside, the truck not only features a wide range of SCHELL fittings, but also a complete water circuit, which can be used to demonstrate how electronic SCHELL fittings and the SCHELL SWS Water Management System work together, for example. From intuitive, contactless triggering to user-programmed stagnation flushes – visitors get a hands-on look at SCHELL fittings and innovative solutions for maintaining drinking water quality.

“On-site advice without having to go anywhere is such a great service!”

Showcasing the SCHELL portfolio

Everything is close at hand in the SCHELL Mobile truck and the SCHELL advisers along for the ride can go into detail with customers. Whether they are interested in a WC, kitchen or leak-protection fitting, customers get a clear view of the superior quality and sheer depth of SCHELL’s portfolio. If required, customers can also book training for their company or employees during the site visit – on products such as SCHELL SWS, for example. SCHELL’s SSC Single Control combined with electronic, contactless fittings can also be experienced.

How to book SCHELL Mobile

Would you like to experience SCHELL Mobile yourself – or know of the perfect stop? Please get in touch with the SCHELL Field Sales team to book your visit. We look forward to visiting you with SCHELL Mobile!

Podcast fans can also find out more about the bright SCHELL Mobile truck: Jana Hof and Alexander Geist from SCHELL recently visited SHK.RADIO to talk about our new showroom on wheels. Visit the SHK.RADIO Media Library to listen to the show.

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