A wide choice of SCHELL quality – designer angle valves and odour traps

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For high-end sanitary fit-outs, every detail of the facilities is important. This is why SCHELL offers a wide range of high-quality designer draw-off taps to suit many different applications in sanitary facilities on semi-public, public and commercial premises. Where angle valves also become visible under the wash basin, they contribute to the overall impression. This is why SCHELL also maintains a versatile range of high-quality designer angle valves with matching odour traps, carefully coordinated to the designs used for the SCHELL wash basin taps.

Our premium angle valves have been a byword for quality for almost 75 years. Designer angle valves from SCHELL with matching odour traps can be found everywhere where attention is also paid to a perfect, stylish decor even under the wash basin. SCHELL maintains an extensive portfolio of angle valves with over 200 individual products, to ensure that professionals can always find the right valve for any scenario. So, it’s unsurprising that SCHELL is the global leader in this segment: every second, two original valves are installed somewhere in the world – over 750 million times to date and a fact that speaks for itself. SCHELL angle valves are not only perfect for saving water, but also durable, high-quality and made from potable water-grade materials. As a leading angle valve specialist, SCHELL also continues to launch new innovations on the market and adapt its products to accommodate changing requirements.

Designer angle valves from SCHELL

SCHELL’s designer angle valves are manufactured from drinking water-grade materials in all parts having contact with water and coordinated to harmonise with the design of SCHELL wash basin taps. The valves qualify for the quietest noise class I and are also designed for durability – many models are equipped with a sanitaryware grease chamber head part, permitting simple removal later. Another unique advantage is offered by ASAG easy – the self-sealing connection thread for SCHELL’s designer angle valves: the patented ASAG connection thread makes installing angle valves and appliance connection fittings even more convenient and hygienic while offering optimum seal quality, even without the application of hemp or sealants. Other useful properties of ASAG easy include making installation approximately 30 percent easier, an option for subsequent adjustment and simple replacement of the screwed-in fitting.

Highlight under the wash basin: QUAD series

Designer angle valves from the QUAD series are a SCHELL highlight under the wash basin and ideal anywhere where attention is paid to a perfect, stylish interior decor. The rigorously cubic design of the QUAD angle valve reflects current trends in architecture and is also available with an all-chrome handle. 
The QUAD designer odour trap is easy to install with its push-fit drain pipe connector and conforms to the DIN 274 standard. SCHELL also offers a matching lockable outlet set, the QUAD PUSH OPEN wash basin outlet set, with a pressure closure for wash basins with an overflow drain.

Minimalist and elegant: PURIS series

Any minimalist interior design is sure to be complemented by the timeless, purist form of the PURIS designer angle valve. With its rigorously minimalist design, this is the ideal partner for the clear contours of the PURIS series draw-off tap.

A style icon: RONDO angle valve

The RONDO angle valve with regulating function adds an elegant finishing touch to a traditional sanitary facility. The principal violin under the wash basin, RONDO accompanies the rest of the sanitary ensemble with panache, the operating handles being entirely concealed by the high-quality design of the valve body.

Prize-winning harmony: EDITION series

The harmonious look and feel of the EDITION designer angle valve ensures a stylish overall ambience for the sanitary facility. 
The matching EDITION designer odour trap is easy to install with its push-fit connector for the drain pipe. Combined into the EDITION designer angle valve set, models in the EDITION series continue to meet stringent design standards even under the wash basin. Created by sieger design, the stylish excellence of this product line has garnered it the iF DESIGN AWARD, the Red Dot Design Award and the Design Plus Award.


With over 200 models and over 750 million units installed, the angle valve portfolio from SCHELL is truly one of a kind. As a global leader and technology innovator, SCHELL routinely launches new technical developments onto the market or adapts its angle valves to meet changing requirements. The designer angle valves blend seamlessly with a wide variety of interior fit-out scenarios. Complemented by the special angle valves from SCHELL, these form a uniquely wide-ranging portfolio. More information about this topic can be found in our angle valve brochure (PDF download).

Any further questions about our odour traps and angle valves? Have a chat with our consultants – we look forward to your enquiry!

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