Versatile professional fittings for challenging projects: XERIS series

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Functionality, comfort and visual appeal are required for the fit-out of high-end sanitary facilities. The electronic wash basin taps featured in SCHELL’s XERIS series combine long-lived functionality and user comfort with first-class design. Its innovative variety makes XERIS the perfect series for use in sanitary facilities on semi-public, public and business premises.

Versatility and high-quality design – XERIS wash basin taps

The wide choice of variants offered makes XERIS fittings usable almost anywhere. The series is especially suited for use in sanitary facilities on public and semi-public premises where the fit-out standards are particularly high. Three separate sizes, three different outlet lengths and a variety of triggering mechanisms offer a solution for any scenario. All fittings in the XERIS series utilise high-quality, drinking water-safe materials and are vandal-resistant to ensure an especially long service life. In addition, the fittings are characteristically quick and easy to install and maintain.

As an especially valuable feature, electronic fittings in the XERIS series are capable of performing autonomous stagnation flushes to help maintain drinking water hygiene. Short-range reflex functionality can be used to configure a stagnation flush every 24 hours or 24 hours after the last usage or flush. Fitting parameters can also be set with the SCHELL Single Control SSC Bluetooth® module and the fittings can be networked using the SCHELL SWS Water Management System – for easy configuration of stagnation flushes and other parameters as well as additional functionality. 
All XERIS wash basin taps offer an impressively elegant, linear design, which underlines the first-class quality of their workmanship as well as their many features. Our video interview with industrial designer Uwe Spannagel, the man behind the XERIS series, looks in more depth at the design process:

Low-contact self-closing taps – XERIS SC

The SC models in the XERIS series that feature mechanical self-closing only need to be touched to activate the flow of water. The XERIS SC self-closing wash basin tap helps to ensure user hygiene thanks to the self-closing cartridge for manual actuation that closes automatically. After a preconfigured time, the flow of water stops automatically, so users no longer need to touch the tap after finishing washing their hands. The flow times for these rugged wash basin taps can be adjusted, so as to match the volume of water to requirements while remaining economical. With its low actuation resistance, XERIS SC also requires very little force to operate.

Water-saving contactless fittings – XERIS E and XERIS E-T

The XERIS E and XERIS E-T models feature contactless operation: this means that the flow of water is triggered by an infrared sensor once a hand has moved into the sensor range. This type of triggering helps to improve user hygiene especially in sanitary facilities that are typically used by many different kinds of users. This is because the risk of contact infections is minimised by avoiding contact with the fitting. Once hands are no longer present within the detection range, the flow of water stops automatically. So water flows only when it is truly needed. The detection range for the infrared sensor can be adjusted easily to the actual circumstances at the specific wash basin. The electronics in both the XERIS E and XERIS E-T models allow parameters to be set either using the SSC Bluetooth® module or by networking with SWS. Compared with single-lever mixers, the durable and stylish sensor models from the XERIS series can achieve water savings as high as 70 percent.

The XERIS E-T, the flagship model in the series,  is equipped with innovative ThermoProtect technology for reliable anti-scalding protection. In the event of pressure fluctuations in the system, the water stays at 43 °C or below. If the cold water supply fails, the flow of water stops completely, effectively preventing any risk of scalding. 

Award-winning premium series

The award-winning XERIS E-T is the technological centrepiece of the XERIS series. This contactless sensor fitting has received no less than three leading awards recognising its innovative functionality and visual appeal. Uniting all of the outstanding features of the XERIS series, the fitting has won the German Design Award, the Iconic Award: Innovative Interior and the German Innovation Award. 

Top-quality flow regulators – optionally for LEED/BREEAM

The theft-safe flow regulator used in XERIS wash basin taps can be undone only with a special key. This is another reason why these elegant taps come highly recommended for sanitary facilities on semi-public or public premises that are visited by many different types of patrons. XERIS fittings are designed to minimise water consumption. Optionally, they can also be equipped with highly economical LEED flow regulators, which contribute to meeting ecological building certification requirements.

Networking with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System

XERIS E and XERIS E-T can be networked with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System, so as to provide centralised programming, control and monitoring functions. Drinking water installations often have many tapping points. In the piping systems installed in such buildings, high flow velocities must be generated in this piping to ensure a complete exchange of water with the necessary turbulent flows. To achieve this, SWS can be used to group fittings together. The fittings can then perform stagnation flushes as an automated, synchronised process in order to simulate specified normal operation. SWS can also be used to log stagnation flushes and to plan preventive maintenance work.
The SMART.SWS online service, a browser-based add-on, provides monitoring and control functions for SWS systems, including remote access.  From a single server-level view to a general overview: messages, calculated water consumption and much more is all visualised by the SMART.SWS dashboard. The options available on the dashboard vary according to the user role, so that users only see the data that is relevant to their task area. The use of SWS – combined with remote maintenance functionality via SMART.SWS as needed – saves valuable time and therefore cuts down on personnel costs.


The long-lived fittings in the XERIS series add a touch of class to wash basins in museums and restaurants just as much as in heavily-used sanitary facilities in council buildings or schools. The XERIS E-T in particular, a triple award-winning model featuring a thermostat, leaves nothing to be desired in a product offering support for maintaining drinking water quality, user hygiene, safety and convenience, all wrapped up in a sophisticated design. The water-saving features of all fittings in the XERIS series can be further improved by optional flow regulators to achieve building certification. When networked with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System, the XERIS E and XERIS E-T are the perfect choice for building owners wishing to operate their drinking water installation hygienically and efficiently.

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