SCHELL SWS Water Management System.

SMART.SWS – Worldwide access to professional water management.

SMART.SWS, the innovative extension to the unique SCHELL SWS Water Management System, lets its users keep an eye on all of their facilities in all of their buildings.

Simply log in remotely to the service from wherever you are to find out details of water consumption (calculated) for the networked fittings and your normal operation status. The online service enables straightforward, quick, location-independent management. Whenever necessary, building operators can simply log in while out and about to monitor their properties, and get facility management involved if necessary. Facility managers, in turn, can monitor their property around the clock and proactively plan battery replacements for their fittings, for example. This helps to save time and cut costs, thanks to the at-a-glance overview mentioned above plus efficient maintenance planning.

SCHELL SWS. The first water management system offering intelligent wired/wireless networking and control for fittings – especially in public sanitary facilities.

The SMART.SWS user interface is clearly structured, intuitive to navigate and user-friendly. Many kinds of parameters can be checked here, including the calculated water consumption for networked fittings per building and per property complex, the status of hygiene flushes, server availability, the battery status for fittings, temperature curves and much more. The top five least-used fittings are also routinely reported on, so that building operators and facility managers can quickly take appropriate action in cases where this lack of use could impact drinking water hygiene. New stagnation flushes are also easy to program thanks to SMART.SWS.

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With the innovative SCHELL SMART.SWS extension, users can now keep an eye on water consumption and legally compliant use in their buildings at any time – try it for yourself!

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