A wide range of fittings for heavily used sanitary facilities: our LINUS series

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A harmonious design for showers and washrooms – the linear elegance of SCHELL’s versatile LINUS series makes it the ideal choice. The many models available are unified by an appealing design offering a modern, no-frills look coupled with outstanding quality. Whether exposed or concealed, the fittings in the versatile LINUS range offer an impressive combination of durability, usability and simple installation. Read on to find out more about the various models available.

LINUS wash basin taps: outlet lengths and surface finishes for any application

The concealed wash basin taps in our LINUS series are suitable for a wide variety of installation scenarios. Three separate outlet lengths are available – 110, 170 and 230 mm – and each with a temperature control or for cold/premixed water. This makes it easy to find the right tap for any wash basin. In terms of visual appearance, there is a choice of front panels made from chromed brass or stainless steel. Thanks to their robustness and durability, these fittings are ideal for use in heavily frequented sanitary facilities, such as in fitness centres or other types of public and semi-public applications. The various fitting variants are each combined with the matching SCHELL masterbox, which makes installation easy and straightforward. The electronic models, such as the LINUS W-E-V, offer contactless triggering with an infrared sensor to ensure a high level of user comfort while improving user hygiene. This avoids manual contact with the fitting and therefore minimises the risk of contact infections. The electronic models also offer the option of stagnation flushes – such as every 24 hours, for example – which provides support for maintaining drinking water hygiene. Please see this blog post for an in-depth look at the topic of drinking water hygiene.

LINUS and LINUS Basic concealed shower fittings: a range of options to meet your needs

Concealed shower fittings are available in our LINUS and LINUS Basic ranges. Here too, the fitting is combined with the corresponding SCHELL masterbox, into which the respective fitting is pre-assembled at the factory. Depending on the specific control option required (such as self-closing or CVD touch electronics), various masterbox designs are available.

Anti-scalding protection with ThermoProtect

Many concealed shower fittings and shower panels in the LINUS series feature a thermostat cartridge for temperature control to ensure reliable anti-scalding protection. Thanks to their innovative ThermoProtect technology, the temperature of the water exiting the fitting can be limited to 38 °C in the case of suitably equipped models. If the cold water line fails, the flow of water also stops automatically, which provides an extra level of anti-scalding protection.

Concealed shower fittings: LINUS

The concealed shower fitting models in our LINUS series are designed to support a wide variety of applications, with a choice of thermostat cartridge for anti-scalding protection, CVD touch electronics or a combination of both of these features. Configurable flow times help to significantly cut water consumption while ensuring a high level of usability. Front panels are available in a choice of chromed brass or stainless steel to match the LINUS wash basin taps. The actuation mechanism is always made from chromed brass: this makes the shower fittings durable and ensures they can stand up to even high-intensity usage. Thanks to their modern, linear design, they blend in well with many interiors and can add the finishing touch to an inviting atmosphere for hotel sanitary facilities, for example. Electronic variants of the concealed shower fittings also have the option of executing stagnation flushes, which helps to maintain drinking water quality. 

Concealed shower fittings: LINUS Basic

With its LINUS Basic series, SCHELL offers three model variants that ensure the benefits of intelligent fittings can be enjoyed even despite a minimum level of investment. As one example, the LINUS Basic D-C-T is an electronic self-closing fitting with CVD touch electronics and a pressure-sensitive actuation element that also offers a maximum temperature limit. All models in the LINUS Basic series feature a front panel made from stainless steel and a chromed brass actuation mechanism.

LINUS series shower panels: variants to suit any requirements

The popular exposed shower panels from SCHELL’s LINUS series are easy to assemble and offer straightforward installation by a single fitter. Individual models are available to meet varying needs and circumstances at the installation site. They are suitable for connection from the rear or from the top, for example. If necessary, top connections can be hidden behind a matching cover panel. Thanks to the pivoting front panel, the fittings are also easy to maintain and repair. LINUS shower panels are vandal-resistant, thanks to their rugged housing. Models with or without a thermostat are available and various triggering options can also be selected. Electronic variants have the option of executing stagnation flushes, which helps to maintain drinking water quality.

LINUS shower panels

LINUS shower panels come in a high-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminium variant with an anodised, polished finish that is easy to care for. A single-lever mixer can be chosen, or models with a self-closing cartridge or CVD touch electronics. Variants such as the DP-C­T also feature innovative ThermoProtect technology, which offers reliable anti-scalding protection at all times – even if the cold water line fails. And, because high-quality design is all about the details, a matching aluminium soap tray is also available for LINUS series shower panels.

LINUS Inox shower panels

The exposed shower panels from the LINUS Inox series are available in brushed stainless steel (material quality 1.4404, V4A). Thanks to their premium materials, they are ideal for use in swimming baths with their chlorine-saturated environments. Thanks to their sturdy housing, LINUS Inox shower panels are vandal-resistant, and their pivoting front panel makes them especially easy to maintain and repair. LINUS Inox also offers plenty of user comfort: as one example, the LINUS Inox DP-C-T-D-H offers a simple way to switch the flow of water from the shower head to the hand shower. All LINUS Inox shower panels can also be equipped with a matching soap tray made from aluminium, with a choice of installation on the left or right.

Using SSC to set parameters on electronic LINUS fittings

Parameters for electronic wash basin taps and shower fittings in the LINUS series can be set using SCHELL Single Control (SSC). With the help of the SSC Bluetooth® module, for example, and the app developed by SCHELL that is available for both iOS and Android. The SSC Bluetooth® module can either be used as a mobile programming unit or left permanently installed on a fitting and connected to its power supply. When used as a mobile tool, the SSC Bluetooth® module can be used with the free app to easily set parameters on the fitting, which include flow times, actuation force as well as stagnation flushes. If the module is permanently installed, this opens up a range of additional functions, such as using an integrated flushing calendar to configure stagnation flushes on specific days and times of day, as well as stagnation flush logging and the export of these logs as a CSV file.

Networking with SWS for greater efficiency and automated stagnation flushes

For greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness, electronic fittings can be optimally networked with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System. SWS facilitates the centralised programming, control and monitoring of electronic SCHELL fittings. With the option of assigning fittings to groups, a stagnation flush can then be triggered across multiple fittings at the same, preconfigured point in time, simulating specified normal operation with the necessary turbulent flows. Thanks to SWS, stagnation flushes can also be logged, and predictive maintenance planned easily and effectively. 

The supplementary, browser-based SMART.SWS online service provides remote monitoring and control of SWS systems and individual fittings – when working from home, for example. Password-protected access is available from any device with internet connectivity. SMART.SWS offers an overview of the most important runtime parameters for the installations managed with SWS. Messages, calculated water consumption and much more is all attractively visualised by the SMART.SWS dashboard, and can be viewed depending on the user’s individually assigned role.


SCHELL’s LINUS series is always a good choice for scenarios requiring a wide choice of solutions to meet the need of carefully coordinated wash basin taps, concealed shower fittings and shower panels. The LINUS series combines a linear design with long-lived quality and great usability for use in modern (semi-)public and commercial sanitary facilities. All LINUS and LINUS Inox wash basin taps and shower fittings can be combined together to ensure a perfectly harmonised look-and-feel for the installation. We also plan to feature more of our fittings series in future blog posts – so stay tuned!

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