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Challenges for facility managers

How do I ensure operation stays compliant with regulations, so as to avoid liability risks? In their day-to-day work, facility managers often encounter obstacles to ensuring compliance with the German Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV) and the generally accepted codes of practice for drinking water installations. At the same time, the drinking water installation needs to be safe and economical. How can this be done effectively – and with a full set of records?

“With SCHELL SWS, I can keep tabs on the drinking water installations in all my properties and everything runs like clockwork – monitored and safely documented at all times.”

SCHELL’s SWS Water Management System is the solution

SWS supports the centralised networking and control of all SCHELL electronic fittings in a building, so as to ensure the hygienic and efficient operation of the drinking water installation at all times. The system prevents the dangerous proliferation of legionella and other bacteria by means of automated and resource-friendly stagnation flushing. If necessary, thermal disinfection can also be carried out. This conserves resources and saves money, as there is no need to tour the building in person, and manually open and close fittings for flushing. SWS also offers fully featured monitoring for operating parameters such as water consumption and battery levels. This not only supports energy and cost optimisations but also keeps maintenance operations as efficient as possible. Facility managers have everything at their fingertips – on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

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