Vocational training at SCHELL.

Vocational training at SCHELL – hands-on rather than a looker-on. Anyone starting at SCHELL, the experts for fittings and innovation solutions, gets involved and starts taking on responsibilities from day one – because integrated learning means more than just dusty theory. We assign all our trainees a personal mentor so you get proper support from the outset.

Vocational training at SCHELL – hands-on experience as part of a team

SCHELL offers a wide variety of vocational training courses at its head office in Olpe. While the course materials obviously vary widely, every type of vocational training offers a tailor-made introduction to the skills that will be essential to your later career. Plenty of practical experience is always included. And because trainees at SCHELL always participate fully in company processes, they also develop key soft skills such as planning expertise. We consider becoming part of the team and being assigned a personal mentor as essential and self-evident factors for ensuring the success of your training course.

With training available for no less than ten professions, we’re bound to have the one for you.
So take a look around – and we look forward to your application!