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Offering hygiene and convenience at key tapping points

Tapping points in kitchens in public and commercial buildings – such as the fittings in kitchenettes in office complexes – form an elementary part of the overall drinking water installation. Properly accounting for their use is essential to maintain drinking water hygiene. The tapping points found in kitchens in commercial buildings also tend to play a central role – not least because the drinking water they provide is one of the most important resources that humans consume. Maintaining the quality of this water is essential in order to protect user health. The best-possible support for this is offered by SCHELL kitchen taps with optional stagnation flushing. The special combination of contactless and manual triggering is convenient while also boosting user hygiene.


Contactless triggering and stagnation flushing

Triggering the tap without any manual contact helps to safeguard user hygiene in the kitchen. This helps to avoid contact infections resulting from fingers touching the tap. As a further support for maintaining drinking water quality, automated stagnation flushes are ideal and can simply be achieved using the SCHELL kitchen taps. These ensure that long interruptions in use never occur at the tapping point and thereby effectively restrict any excessive bacterial growth. Two steps towards a single goal: protecting user health.


Kitchen tap wins the German Innovation Award

The SCHELL GRANDIS E kitchen tap has been recognised for its pioneering, innovative features that work to improve quality of life.

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Energy supply

Safety class

Centralised control and logging with SWS

Most electronic wash basin taps from SCHELL can be networked as part of a wired or wireless system with the water management system SWS. This allows the networked fittings to be programmed, controlled and monitored centrally via the SWS server. This brings a wide array of benefits: as one example, stagnation flushes can be matched precisely to the circumstances of the respective property. In addition, flushes and other operations are logged continuously by the SWS server.

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Digital planning

Keep projects flexible with BIM/CAD data

The BIM/CAD service ensures straightforward integration of SCHELL products into digital project planning work.

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Health protection

Hygiene in the Covid-19 era

Public and commercial properties depend on a high standard of hygiene in order to avoid contamination and the transmission of infections. Fittings from SCHELL offer a wide range of properties to help protect user health.


Sustainability is what we do

At SCHELL, sustainability is part of our company DNA.

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