Save water and cut energy costs with contactless sensor fittings from SCHELL

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Anyone looking to save water and cut energy costs should not only think about heating but also fittings that can reduce water consumption. In particular, reducing hot water consumption in a building can really save money. And it’s quick to achieve with the smart low-contact and contactless fittings from SCHELL. Modernisation work soon pays its way: with contactless SCHELL wash basin taps, you can cut water use by up to 70 percent while not compromising on user comfort!

Looking to save water and cut costs – but don’t know how?

Optimising water and hot water consumption during planning protects the environment and saves on energy bills in the long term. Contactless SCHELL wash basin taps in particular, as well as electronic urinal fittings, can help achieve huge savings here. Installation and conversion work with these fittings is fast and straightforward. And water then only flows when it is actually needed. At the same time, SCHELL fittings offer user-friendly and hygienic operation.

Cut water consumption by up to 70 percent with self-closing and sensor fittings from SCHELL

It’s no secret in the sanitation industry: most users don’t actually turn off the tap while soaping up their hands. Water continues to flow and is wasted unnecessarily. And if users actually forget to close the lever again after handwashing, water consumption will increase drastically. But help is at hand from low-contact self-closing fittings and contactless fittings from SCHELL: these cut off the flow of water automatically. As a result, only the specified volume of water needed for handwashing is actually used. Fittings that are triggered by a contactless, infrared sensor optimise water consumption even further: here, the flow of water stops instantly once hands are taken out of the sensor field. Compared with regular single-lever mixers, contactless fittings from SCHELL can achieve water savings as high as 70 percent. Accordingly, SCHELL fittings – whether installed at home or in a large sports stadium – pay their way in reduced water and energy bills very quickly. We’ve put together four examples to show you the kinds of savings that you can expect to achieve.

User hygiene

Low-contact or contactless operation minimises physical contact with the SCHELL fitting


The controlled flow of water from SCHELL fittings saves energy and conserves resources.

Drinking water hygiene

Intelligent flushing interval setting with SCHELL fittings helps maintain drinking water hygiene.

How you can save – using some sample building scenarios.

Savings resulting from contactless wash basin taps
  • Water savings: 29,400 l/year
  • Water/waste water savings: EUR 137/year
  • Hot water savings (PWH): 16,800 l/year
  • Cost savings for water heating EUR 198/year
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Savings resulting from contactless wash basin taps
  • Water savings: 1,316,700 l/year
  • Water/waste water savings: EUR 5,878/year
  • Hot water savings (PWH): 752,400 l/year
  • Cost savings for water heating EUR 8,485/year
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Savings resulting from contactless wash basin taps and self-closing shower fittings
  • Water savings: 1,407,000 l/year
  • Water/waste water savings: EUR 6,235/year
  • Hot water savings (PWH): 817,650 l/year
  • Cost savings for water heating EUR 9,132/year
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Savings resulting from contactless wash basin taps and ‘stadium program’ for urinals
  • Water savings: 7,345,000 l/year
  • Water/waste water savings: EUR 24,131/year
  • Hot water savings (PWH): 3,315,000 l/year
  • Cost savings for water heating EUR 26,390/year
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Calculate your potential savings to find out how you can
cut your water and energy bills

SCHELL’s water savings calculator shows you how much money you can save with wash basin taps from SCHELL. Just enter your usage levels plus your utility costs and the calculator shows you your potential personal savings per year. Try it out now!

SCHELL water saving calculator

Uses per day

Days of use per year


Energy and water costs

Gas price per kWh
Water cost per m³

Advantages of our contactless wash basin taps

SCHELL fittings like our contactless XERIS E wash basin tap need no physical interaction on the part of the user, utilise high-quality, drinking water-safe materials and are vandal-resistant for an especially long service life. As a contactless fitting, XERIS E is available in various sizes and heights, and is characteristically quick and easy to install and maintain. Switching to this tap therefore makes sense for professionals and consumers alike.

As with all models in the XERIS family, the XERIS E wash basin tap is simple and straightforward to configure and operate for safe, contactless hand washing:

  1. Infrared sensor-controlled for contactless user hygiene
  2. Simple approach to parameter settings using the SCHELL Single Control SSC Bluetooth® module
  3. Network-ready for use with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System to maintain drinking water hygiene
  4. Compatible with SCHELL flow regulators to minimise flow volumes, e.g. for LEED/BREEAM certification

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Network fittings for effective management with SWS!

The water management system for keeping drinking water installations especially economical.

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We have the right fitting for the right application for anyone looking to save water.

For example, contactless fittings from SCHELL are available for wash basins, kitchens, showers, WCs and urinals. Both exposed and concealed variants are offered, as well as models with stainless steel or chrome finishes, and many other types of fittings with individual features and benefits. Let yourself be inspired – and switch to SCHELL!

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