A thought leader in sustainability

If, like SCHELL, you have a water reservoir right outside your factory gates, then environmental responsibility comes naturally to your business. Developing sustainable solutions is therefore one of our most basic principles and is a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. Not least because sustainability is now the major challenge facing contemporary and future generations.

Key savings with efficient fittings

Independent studies have shown that around 80 percent of a building’s total lifecycle costs can be attributed to building operation and upkeep. This is where spending on fittings that save water and energy offers a short return on investment. Expenditure on maintenance and servicing costs also has an important role to play.

SCHELL enjoys an enviable reputation as a pioneer in sustainable fittings. Water use can be cut by up to 70 percent just by switching to our products. Hygiene also plays a vital role in relation to sustainability – especially in public sanitary facilities. SCHELL offers a wide range of intelligent solutions here, including contactless wash basin and kitchen taps, and WC or urinal fittings.

Eco-awareness in the enterprise

At SCHELL, sustainability is about much more than our products. As one example, all of our production work is handled by our two plants in Germany’s Sauerland region. This cuts the costs of logistics while also avoiding unnecessary environmental pollution – something as essential to our business as protecting resources when sourcing materials. We are committed to applying the cradle-to-cradle approach across the entire lifecycle of our products. From the design to product development, product usage and recycling, SCHELL therefore makes every effort to pursue the goal of a potentially infinite closed-loop economy. Raw materials and products are recycled and reused – like the brass turnings and swarf from our manufacturing processes, for example, which are collected and returned to the brass producer.

Sustainability comes naturally to us.

All of these activities show that sustainability is a fundamental maxim at SCHELL that informs our strategy and decision-making – a guiding principle that is put into practice internally and exported as part of our products. At SCHELL, the responsible handling of natural resources is non-negotiable.

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