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Sports clubs and schools in a panic because school premises and sports facilities have to be closed due to a legionella outbreak? A nightmare for any municipal utility or council member! Quite apart from economic costs, this is a serious health risk for facility users. How can such a situation be effectively prevented, and a high level of drinking water quality ensured during normal opening hours and holidays?

“Thanks to SCHELL SWS, I no longer have to worry about the drinking water installation in our municipal buildings. Optimal support is provided for drinking water quality, which therefore protects the health of our citizens.”

SCHELL’s SWS Water Management System is the solution!

Taking responsibility for health: SCHELL SWS helps to maintain drinking water quality over long periods of time – to protect user health and improve safety. SWS networks and controls all SCHELL electronic fittings in a building, so as to ensure the hygienic, efficient operation of the drinking water installation at all times. Water volumes, stagnation flushing and thermal disinfection can all be automated, so as to prevent the dangerous proliferation of legionella and other harmful bacteria. All day, every day. The energy and cost optimisations achieved by the targeted control of water volumes, together with optional building automation system integration, offer a rapid return on investment: efficient control of the drinking water installation conserves resources and saves money.

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