SCHELL’s Hall of Fame

Featuring the legendary SCHELL quality, our intelligent solutions not only set standards in the market but are also regular recipients of major awards – and have been for many years. We have now set up a ‘Hall of Fame’ dedicated to these industry leaders. Here, you can discover the many awards that our solutions have already received and read more about what makes these products into prize-winners. We hope you enjoy visiting our virtual showcase!

Water Management System SWS

The intelligent Water Management System SWS now has a worldwide fanbase. The prizes won to date – the Dutch VSK Award and the German iF DESIGN AWARD, Plus X Award and ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior – demonstrate that innovative technology, design focused on best practice and sustainable quality can impress users, industry insiders and design experts alike.

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A convincing combination: Intelligent and easy to use, the Water Management System SWS together with the user-friendly SMART.SWS remote access tool has just taken ‘Gold’ at the German Innovation Award. Presented in the ‘Electronic technologies’ category, the award recognises the system as an outstanding electronic solution for maintaining drinking water hygiene. SWS also receives the World Future Award 2023 as the ‘Best Water Management System’ in the ‘Health & Wellness’ category. As such, SWS joins the ranks of products that the expert jury believes will change global business and set the pace for the future.

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SSC Bluetooth® module

User-friendly and useful features: The SSC Bluetooth® module does both. Which is why the German Innovation Award jury presented it with a Gold-label prize in the ‘Excellence in business-to-consumer – public space’ category. The prize is awarded to solutions from any industry that offer high technical quality plus durability and advanced features.

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wash basin tap
shower tap

The winning team in an accessible bathroom – the two fittings from the MODUS series have received the Plus X Award. They gained this accolade in no less than four categories: High Quality, Design, User Comfort and Functionality.

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XERIS E-T wash basin tap

The XERIS E-T is the jewel in the crown of the XERIS family of wash basin taps, combining hygiene, safety, long-term reliability, optimum efficiency and first-class design. The XERIS E-T’s aesthetic appeal and strong user focus have received strong backing from the industry in the form of the German Design Award, the German Innovation Award and the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior.

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PURIS E wash basin tap

The PURIS family of wash basin taps features outstanding reliability and hygiene combined with a clear-cut design. The minimalist design and fine chrome-plated finish combined with a robust, all-metal body is a perfect match for any sanitary facility. Making the PURIS E the perfect choice for the Design Plus Award from the German Design Council.

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CELIS E wash basin tap

The finely balanced proportions of the CELIS E are characteristic of this electronic wash basin tap, and its contactless operation offers comfort and hygiene every time it is used. In recognition of its outstanding and advanced design, which effortlessly combines functionality and style, the CELIS E has been awarded the international Focus Open award.

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VITUS wash basin tap

A unique innovation in fittings that offers impressive modularity: the VITUS family of wash basin taps offers an optimum solution to match any specifications in public, semi-public, commercial and high-risk user applications. VITUS has received the Plus X Award in three categories, recognising its innovative strengths, its outstanding quality and its range of features.

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GRANDIS E kitchen tap

The combination of a single-lever mixer with infrared triggering is what makes the GRANDIS E so exceptional. This kitchen tap received the Plus X Award in no less than five categories, recognising its outstanding quality, design, user focus, features and ergonomics. The GRANDIS E also proved a winner with the juries at the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior and the 2021 German Innovation Award.

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EDITION design angle valve set

The EDITION series was designed to ensure that high standards for design could also be met below the wash basin. Consisting of regulating angle valves and design siphon, the set maintains a harmonious ambience in the sanitary facility. Created by sieger design, this product line has received the iF DESIGN AWARD, the Red Dot Design Award and the Design Plus Award at the ISH.

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SCHELL as a company

For SCHELL, ‘Responsibility for health’ underpins all of our company values. This guiding principle for our brand has also been recognised by the German Design Council. SCHELL was awarded the German Brand Award in the ‘Heating & Bathroom’ category for the consistent messaging in its brand design that successfully addresses all of the relevant channels for its target markets.

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