Integrated efficiency: manage stagnation flushes across all key tapping points with SWS

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The SCHELL SWS Water Management System is the ideal tool for ensuring efficient water management in public, semi-public and commercial buildings. Apart from helping to maintain drinking water hygiene according to the German VDI 6023 standard, SWS also provides building managers with key data for conserving resources, increasing cost-effectiveness and simplifying operating or maintenance tasks. SCHELL has again expanded this intelligent system with innovative new functions.

Fittings for all relevant tapping points

SCHELL offers a large portfolio of electronic fittings that can be networked with SWS. Today, all relevant tapping points in a building can now be equipped with SWS-compatible SCHELL fittings. From wash basins to kitchen taps, WC modules or leakage protection fittings – the SCHELL product portfolio always has a smart solution to offer. The advanced SWS system is completely modular: starting from the basic system components, the individual modules can be put together exactly as needed for the building in question. SWS offers flexible configuration options, supporting wired, wireless or even combined wired/wireless networking for fittings, and is equally suited to new developments and existing properties.

Try out the SMART.SWS online service today!

SMART.SWS extends SWS with an online service that allows building operators, facility managers and technical personnel to view the latest data from their drinking water installations at any time, anywhere in the world. The service’s modern and advanced user interface can be accessed remotely by any user device with an internet connection. Settings can also be changed at any time as required – so as to adjust stagnation flushes, for example. Register for your free account to try out the online service: Go to SMART.SWS trial registration

Centralised control and logging for stagnation flushes

When it comes to maintaining drinking water hygiene in buildings, stagnation flushes are typically unavoidable. These flushes ensure that water does not simply ‘sit around’ in piping for days or even weeks on end. Regular stagnation flushes ensure that the concentration of dangerous bacteria such as Legionella can never reach critical levels within the drinking water system. With SWS, stagnation flushes are programmed to match local conditions, with central management, automated execution and integrated, system-wide monitoring. In many cases, using SWS can result in huge time and water savings. If temperature sensors are also used, stagnation flushes can both be scheduled for certain times and also executed based on temperature readings. This is an important enhancement to SWS, since water temperature can have a huge influence on water quality. See this post to find out more. Thanks to SWS, the building operator’s fulfilment of legal duties is documented, as all stagnation flushes are logged. Maintenance tasks can also be planned intelligently beforehand, since battery levels of fittings are also displayed, for example. As there is a very wide choice of SWS-capable fittings, we introduce a few of these products to you below.

MONTUS Flow – for future-proof WC facilities

The MONTUS Flow WC cistern module is the latest addition to SWS. With this system and SWS, even complex WC facilities – like those installed in stadiums – can be managed precisely. Thanks to a wide range of setting options, flush intervals and flow times can be matched precisely to local conditions and circumstances. Also important: MONTUS Flow stagnation flushes exit directly into the drain pipe – the cistern is not filled, to ensure the fill height conforms to standards at all times.

GRANDIS E – for better hygiene and convenience in the kitchen

Another addition to the SWS range is the SCHELL GRANDIS E kitchen tap: this multiple award-winning product offers an impressive and innovative combination of single-lever mixer and contactless, infrared triggering. The last feature ensures this tap does not need to be touched by dirty hands – which is not only convenient but also hygienic. As an electronic tap with integrated optional stagnation flushing, GRANDIS E helps to maintain the quality of drinking water and can be easily programmed with SWS. The appealing design of these taps also puts the finishing touch to an office tea point or kitchenette, for example.

WALIS E for utility sinks and outlying tapping points

While often overlooked, utility sinks – as with all tapping points – are essential for maintaining drinking water hygiene. Controllable via SWS, the WALIS E exposed wash basin tap with stagnation flush option is the intelligent alternative for these kind of sinks and outlying tapping points. Installing this tap avoids expensive dismantling work. Battery-operated, this tap requires no additional power supply and can also be used on exposed piping installations, thanks to a pipe mounting adapter. The tap is also less expensive and simpler to install than conventional flushing stations. Go here to find out more about why electronic fittings like the WALIS E are always a better choice than flushing stations.

Integrated operations with SWS

Thanks to the innovative and diverse SCHELL portfolio, any relevant tapping point can also be equipped with an SWS-capable fitting. Perfectly coordinated with one another, all SWS modules and fittings provide optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality. Thanks to this range of products and SCHELL’s water management system, operators can enjoy integrated, economical and time-saving operation of the drinking water installation. This is especially useful in case of conversions to properties that are now no longer used as originally intended. With SWS, specified normal operation can be simulated to avoid the need for expensive retrofits to the drinking water system. For more information, simply get in touch with our SCHELL Customer Service.