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SCHELL is a global leader in the angle valves segment: every second, two of our original angle valves are installed – more than 750 million times around the world to date. Yet we’re not resting on our laurels here but working on technical innovations each and every day. Made from drinking water-safe materials, all SCHELL angle valves are high-quality, durable products that help to save water. An optimally adjusted angle valve can reduce water consumption by up to 40% without any loss of convenience for users. SCHELL’s special angle valves also offer various features that accommodate specific requirements – providing functions for anti-scalding protection or sample taking, for example.

Anti-scalding protection

Angle valve thermostat

The new angle valve thermostat helps to provide reliable anti-scalding protection for high-risk application scenarios such as childcare facilities or hospitals. The thermostat ensures that the outlet temperature can never rise any higher than an individually configured value, providing reliable anti-scalding protection even if the cold water supply fails.

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Drinking water testing

Sampling angle valve

Current drinking water legislation in Germany prescribes regular microbiological testing for Legionella for public or commercial drinking water installations. The SCHELL sampling angle valve meets the requirements for systemic testing within sanitary facilities and, as with all SCHELL angle valves, is straightforward to install.

Finishing touches for sanitary facilities

Designer angle valves

SCHELL angle valves are designed according to the principles of functional aesthetics, and characterised by their elegant and timeless style. SCHELL’s portfolio also offers designer angle valves for customers looking for that special aesthetic appeal. Creating visual highlights, with coordinated odour traps and wash basin outlet valves.

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