Appliance connection fittings from SCHELL

An all-rounder for any application

SCHELL appliance connection fittings lead the way when it comes to the safe and reliable handling of water in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages and gardens. We can offer a reliable solution with advanced functionality and technical excellence for almost any application. From draw-off, appliance or spindle valves to retrofits or valves for cramped installation conditions – there’s always a SCHELL solution. The appliance connection fittings ensure household appliances like dishwashers and washing machines are easy to connect up while ensuring the safety of water supply points. These feature-rich and high-quality products from SCHELL are naturally made from drinking water-safe materials.

Avoid frost damage

POLAR II outdoor tap

Well equipped for the winter: the frost-resistant POLAR II outdoor tap protects outside drinking water installations from freezing temperatures. Each time the valve is closed, the water path through the area at risk of frost damage is emptied automatically. This stops water damage occurring.

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Extra security

SECUR lockable handle

The SECUR lockable handle offers protection against unauthorised use. This is useful for securing water connections in apartment buildings, at service stations, in garden/greenhouse facilities, in industrial buildings, on camping sites and for any other potentially publicly accessible connections. The SECUR handle also prevents the accidental opening of the fitting in organisations such as childcare facilities or nursing homes.

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