SCHELL Single Control SSC.

The ideal solution for setting individual fitting parameters.

Ensuring the hygienically safe operation of the drinking water system is important, even for the relatively manageable number of fittings present in public buildings. A key role is played here by electronic fittings. Setting parameters for each fitting manually is typically very time-consuming, however, and is also error-prone.

The practical solution: SCHELL SSC.

The system for setting parameters on individual fittings – especially in public sanitary facilities – quickly and easily via Bluetooth® (for example).

The advantages:

  • Efficient:
    Workload is optimised by the quick setting of only the parameters the fitting supports, as well as targeted maintenance work
  • Versatile:
    Both the SSC USB adapter and the SSC Bluetooth® module can be used as mobile tools. If the Bluetooth® module is left in place on the fitting, additional functions such as scheduled stagnation flushes can be performed.
  • Practical:
    Usable out of the box
  • Economical:
    No bulky additional equipment is needed, offers long-term efficiency even for just a few fittings
  • User-friendly:
    Intuitive to use thanks to PC application or app for smartphones and tablets
  • Safe:
    Helps to maintain water quality with functions such as scheduled stagnation flushes – especially for tapping points that are seldom used

System components:

SSC enables parameter setting for the corresponding electronic SCHELL fittings, e.g. wirelessly via Bluetooth® with the SSC Bluetooth® module, plus the free app for iOS and Android. Fittings on washbasins, showers, WCs and urinals can all be programmed.

The SSC Bluetooth® module

Parameters can be set on any SSC-compatible SCHELL fitting via the SSC Bluetooth® module and the SCHELL Bluetooth® app, using point-to-point communication over Bluetooth®. Point-to-point communication (device pairing) between the fitting and smartphone or tablet is handled via Bluetooth® Low Energy, the especially energy-saving Bluetooth® variant.The SSC Bluetooth® module can in each case either be used as a programming unit or left permanently installed on a fitting and connected to its power supply.This kind of permanent installation offers additional functions, such as stagnation flushes using an integrated flushing calendar at/on specified times and days, including logging (logs can also be output as a CSV file). App-based troubleshooting is also available.

SCHELL SSC Bluetooth®-Modul VITUS

The special SCHELL SSC Bluetooth® module upgrade set offers convenient parameter setting for SCHELL VITUS taps plus configuration of flow times, stagnation flushes and much, much more. The Bluetooth® module VITUS even offers a thermal disinfection option for the taps, which can be initiated at a safe distance from the tap by using a tablet or smartphone.

SSC Bluetooth® module Flow

For wireless parameterisation of the SSC-capable SCHELL MONTUS Flow concealed cistern. Access via SSC Bluetooth® app (can be downloaded from App Store, Play Store) and mobile Android or iOS devices. The module enables stagnation flushes according to days of the week and time. The last 64 stagnation flushes are stored and can be accessed via the app. This data can also be sent/exported via email as a CSV file if required. Access to the SSC Bluetooth® module is protected by an access code that can be changed individually.

SSC Bluetooth® app

The app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play. The user interface has been designed to ensure intuitive use and straightforward navigation. After pairing with the target fitting via the Bluetooth® module, the app can then be used for the easy adjustment of fitting parameters such as flow time and sensor range to match local requirements. If several fittings of the same type need to be given the same parameters, these can be stored temporarily in the app and then easily transferred to the next paired fitting.

SSC USB adapter

The SSC USB adapter connects an SSC-compatible SCHELL fitting to a PC. The adapter is connected to the fitting in place of its power supply. The SSC USB software can then be used for setting fitting parameters and troubleshooting on the PC. The software can be downloaded here.