Two days of action on health: World Health Day 2023 and International Day of Older Persons 2023

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A milestone for World Health Day: the WHO launched this campaign exactly 75 years ago. This year, the focus is again on ‘Health for All’. This year is also the 55th anniversary of the International Day of Older Persons, which aims to raise awareness about the situation and needs of people as they grow older. As an integrated provider of fittings and innovative solutions, SCHELL has spent decades focusing on the demanding task of protecting the health of its users. Many SCHELL fittings and solutions are therefore equipped with functions that make them particularly suited to use by older people and by especially vulnerable user groups. In light of these two global health events and SCHELL’s tagline of ‘Responsibility for health’, however, the extensive SCHELL portfolio has something to offer any user.

Linking the two days together: anti-scalding protection is relevant for everyone

In its 2023 anniversary year, the WHO is using World Health Day to look back over 75 years of improving public health. An important factor in such achievements has been the provision of well-equipped (semi-)public sanitary facilities.

When it comes to protecting health, it is also important to take the needs of specific groups of users into account. The International Day of Older Persons aims to raise public awareness about the needs of older people. While anti-scalding protection is especially relevant for seniors, the benefits are enjoyed by all groups of users. This makes it an ideal way to link from World Health Day to the International Day of Older Persons.

MODUS single-lever mixer with anti-scalding protection

The SCHELL MODUS single-lever mixers with ThermoProtect technology are the perfect choice for sanitary facilities that are used by seniors or other vulnerable people. The taps offer reliable anti-scalding protection: even if the lever is opened all the way to the hot water side, the thermostatic limiter stops the water temperature rising any higher than 38 °C. The flow of water also stops automatically if the cold water line fails. MODUS single-lever mixers are available with an attractive designer handle or alternatively with a convenient loop handle. The loop handle is simple to operate for people with limited mobility, as the hole in the middle makes it especially easy to take hold of.

A unified look-and-feel with the MODUS shower thermostat

With its ThermoProtect and IsoBody technology, the SCHELL MODUS shower thermostat is also a good choice for sanitary facilities that will be used by people unable to respond quickly to sudden dangers – such as in retirement homes, hospitals and care facilities, for example. IsoBody technology provides anti-scalding protection: as a result of its thermal insulation, the housing does not heat up but remains at ambient temperature. As with the MODUS single-lever mixers, the ThermoProtect technology protects against scalding but also helps users avoid secondary injuries. Alongside the immediate risk of damage to the skin from hot water, the affected individual may also attempt to get out of harm’s way and become injured by suffering a fall.

Another advantage of the MODUS fittings is their homogeneous design: all members of the MODUS family can be combined perfectly together to ensure a uniform approach to the design of sanitary facility interiors.

Sanitary facilities with fittings that do not offer anti-scalding protection can be fitted out with the angle valve thermostat from SCHELL. This allows fittings to be adjusted to a specified maximum outlet temperature (e.g. 38 °C) while offering anti-scalding protection if the cold water line fails.

User hygiene with contactless electronic fittings from SCHELL

Wherever semi-public or public sanitary facilities see shared use by a lot of people, contactless electronic fittings from SCHELL can make a significant contribution to user hygiene. These fittings offer contactless operation via an infrared sensor with no manual intervention. The flow of water starts automatically once a hand comes into the sensor’s detection range and stops automatically after a set period of time. In this way, the fittings help to reduce the risk of infection. After all, figures from the WHO show that up to 80 percent of germs are spread by the hands, which includes contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

Electronic fittings help to maintain drinking water hygiene

Maintaining drinking water hygiene is also an elementary factor for user health. In Germany, the drinking water supplied by utilities to the household mains is of an excellent quality. From this point on, the owner is responsible for maintaining drinking water quality in the building. SCHELL products can offer valuable support here. Many electronic fittings from SCHELL include the option of carrying out stagnation flushes. These reduce the health risk from harmful bacteria such as Legionella spreading excessively in drinking water piping and therefore contaminating the drinking water installation. For more information, see SCHELL’s blog post on the topic of stagnation flushes.

Facility management with the SWS Water Management System 

Especially in the case of complex drinking water installations with many tapping points, a water management system such as the SCHELL SWS Water Management System offers valuable support for maintaining drinking water hygiene. Thanks to the innovative SCHELL portfolio of products for wash basins, kitchens, showers, WC and urinals, any relevant tapping point can also be equipped with an SWS-capable fitting. SWS can then be used to set up automatic stagnation flushes. SWS allows fittings to be grouped, so a stagnation flush can then be run on the whole group simultaneously. This ensures the achievement of high flow velocities in the piping with the aim of simulating specified normal operation. All relevant data is logged by the system (modelled on VDI 6023) and can be used as proof of compliance with health legislation. And that is by no means all: the Water Management System also ensures the integrated, economical and time-saving operation of the drinking water installation.

Facility managers also benefit in particular from SMART.SWS, the innovative add-on for SWS. SMART.SWS gives system users remote access to all of the buildings they are managing with SWS from anywhere with an internet connection.

MONTUS Flow H for accessible sanitary facilities

For older generations, accessible sanitary facilities are an important topic. Here too, SCHELL offers useful products such as the MONTUS Flow H WC cistern module, which has been specially designed for use in accessible sanitary facilities. Offering all of the advantages of MONTUS Flow, the module’s narrow frame construction also means it can be combined with SCHELL’s high-load mounting modules. This means wall-mounted support handles and other fixtures can be installed easily and to the required standards. MONTUS Flow H can be networked with the SWS Water Management System for automated stagnation flushes. This is a significant advantage for facility managers wishing to fulfil their duty of care for drinking water hygiene, as accessible WCs in semi-public or public buildings are normally used considerably less often than regular WCs. This is another scenario where stagnation flushes are especially important for maintaining drinking water hygiene.

Summary: Supporting user health with SCHELL products – on every day of the year

World Health Day 2023 and the International Day of Older Persons 2023 aim to raise awareness about maintaining public health with a particular focus on the needs of specific groups of users. With their many benefits, particularly in relation to drinking water hygiene, user hygiene, anti-scalding protection and accessibility, SCHELL products offer reliable support here – and not just on any one day, but all year round.