MODUS series offers new fittings for showers and wash basins

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The MODUS series is the low-cost alternative among SCHELL wash basin taps, ensuring that SCHELL’s legendary product quality can also be a part of projects that need to keep an eye on their development or modernisation budget. Robust while simultaneously functional and elegant, these taps are a great choice for installation in (semi-)public and commercial sanitary facilities. In 2022, SCHELL expanded this range of fittings to include two new models that perfectly complement the MODUS E electronic taps introduced in 2021: the SCHELL MODUS shower thermostat and the SCHELL MODUS single-lever mixer.

A single-lever mixer in four versions

Available with a loop or designer handle, and a basic or ThermoProtect cartridge, a total of four separate variants are available for this single-lever mixer. Variants with a ThermoProtect cartridge utilise innovative ThermoProtect technology to offer optimum anti-scalding protection. Even if the cold water line fails or pressure fluctuations occur in the system, the water never gets hotter than 38 °C. This makes the new products with ThermoProtect technology ideal for use by children and people who may have slower reaction times.

Shower thermostat with protection against scalding and burns

Thanks to ThermoProtect technology, the new shower fitting also offers reliable anti-scalding protection. In normal use, the shower thermostat water temperature can be adjusted up to 38 °C, with a further increase to a maximum of 43 °C also possible by pressing a button to release the temperature lock. The fitting also features IsoBody technology that ensures the thermally insulated housing is always the same temperature as its surroundings.

MODUS E wall outlet taps with contactless operation

The MODUS series also includes the electronic MODUS E wash basin taps, which were introduced in 2021 and are available as a pillar or wall outlet tap. The tap’s contactless operation minimises the risk of contact infections, while regular stagnation flushes also help to maintain drinking water quality in (semi-)public buildings. As a result, all MODUS E models play their part in protecting user and drinking water hygiene.

Homogeneous, end-to-end design

All of the fittings in the MODUS series offer impressively rugged engineering plus an optimum price/performance point. While the variants with anti-scalding protection are especially designed for children and people who may have slower reaction times, the electronic, contactless MODUS E fittings help to maintain drinking water and user hygiene. Featuring a single, unified design, all MODUS products can be easily mixed and matched with one another.