MODUS single-lever mixer: the solution for accessible sanitary facilities

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In nursery schools, keeping the little ones safe is a top priority. Just as in care homes, where the focus is always on the needs of their residents. SCHELL’s MODUS single-lever mixers offer the ideal solution here, since their thermostat cartridge features ThermoProtect technology with reliable anti-scalding protection. At the same time, the fittings offer an attractive price/performance ratio as well as economical water consumption. 

The right lever variant for any application

MODUS single-lever mixers are the perfect choice for sanitary facilities that are used by children or other high-risk users. The fittings are available with two separate lever variants. The elegant design lever features a timeless, solid form and is an appealing enhancement to any fitting. So it is not merely functional but well thought-out to the very last detail in terms of its design. As an alternative, the loop handle for children or people with limited mobility offers ideal user comfort, with the hole in the middle making it easy and simple to take hold of. 

ThermoProtect technology for reliable anti-scalding protection

Water that is too hot can cause scalding and other injuries. People who may be slow to react to dangers are at particular risk here. But this is avoided with the SCHELL MODUS single-lever mixer with thermostat cartridge, as its ThermoProtect technology provides reliable anti-scalding protection. Even if the lever is opened (whether deliberately or by accident) all the way to the hot water side, the thermostatic limiter stops the water temperature rising any higher than 38 °C. This provides users with reliable protection. The mixing range for the MODUS single-lever mixer with thermostatic cartridge has also been designed so that water remains at a pleasant temperature of 32° C when the lever is in the centre position. This is especially advantageous for people whose limited mobility prevents them from making fine adjustments to the lever position. If the cold water line fails, the flow of water also stops automatically, which provides an extra level of anti-scalding protection. 

MODUS single-lever mixer with basic cartridge saves energy and water

The MODUS single-lever mixer is also available with a basic cartridge instead of the thermostat cartridge. In this variant, the MODUS single-lever mixer features a mechanical hot water shut-off: preferences for hot water volume can then be individually adjusted. In addition, the mixing range angle is wider on the hot water side than on the cold water side. With the lever in the centre position, this saves energy – and cuts carbon emissions. This is because, when users operate the tap with the lever set to the middle as usual, the water flowing out of the MODUS single-lever mixer will be cooler than in the case of single-lever mixers with symmetric angles. The tap’s flow restrictor can also be adjusted as required, which makes the fitting even more economical. 

Attractive price/performance ratio

From a basic to a thermostatic cartridge, with loop or designer handle – you can be assured of an attractive price/performance point and low water consumption with any of the SCHELL MODUS single-lever mixer models. Thanks to a choice of four variants, there is a version to suit any application. Anti-scalding protection and an ingenious design are perfectly united by the MODUS single-lever mixer with ThermoProtect technology. This uniform look and feel and planner-friendly design is also offered by many other members of the fittings series – such as the MODUS E electronic wash basin fittings featuring contactless operation. 

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