Landessportschule Ruit, Ostfildern (Stuttgart)

Solutions from SCHELL ensure hygiene and user comfort in the largest sports school and Olympic training centre in Baden-Württemberg

Landessportschule Ruit in Ostfildern near Stuttgart is one of the leading sports schools in Germany. As part of successive modernisation work, the campus swimming baths have been renovated and a new sports hall has been constructed. The ultramodern fit‑out of this sports venue includes products and solutions from SCHELL, which keep operations both hygienic and convenient.

Project data:

Property type: State‑run sports school

Requirements: Renovations (swimming baths) and new-build project (sports centre)

Completion: 2021 (swimming baths), 2023 (sports centre)

Location: Ostfildern (Stuttgart)

Country: Germany

Engineers:Ingenieurbüro Spleis (Laupheim), Ingenieurbüro Scherraus (Ulm)

Architects: Birk Heilmeyer und Frenzel 

Site area: 16.5 ha total area

SCHELL products

SCHELL SWS Water Management System (SWS server, SWS BE-K wired bus extender, SWS FM wireless manager)

LINUS DP-C-T shower panel, LINUS Inox DP-C-T shower panel


For the renovation of the swimming baths on the campus of Landessportschule Ruit, the project developers were keen to prioritise the maintenance of drinking water quality. Accordingly, they were looking for a solution that would enable the automated execution of stagnation flushes and therefore effectively prevent the propagation of Legionella bacteria – even during interruptions in use. When choosing new showers for the swimming baths and in the new sports centre building, the aspects of safety, robustness and user comfort also had a decisive role to play. The new shower fittings also needed to provide reliable anti-scalding protection, be particularly user‑friendly, and have a rugged and durable quality.


Since school management had been very satisfied with the SCHELL products installed during the renovations in 2021, they picked SCHELL again for their new sports centre building. During the first phase – the swimming baths refurbishment – the SCHELL SWS Water Management System was installed, with twelve LINUS DP-C-T shower panels being networked via SWS. The accompanying software lets facility managers program individual stagnation flushes that can then be executed at scheduled times. The regular exchange of water in the piping effectively minimises the risk of the propagation of Legionella – a serious health hazard. This helps to maintain drinking water quality at Landessportschule Ruit even when the facilities are not being used. Both the LINUS DP-C-T shower panels in the swimming baths and the LINUS Inox DP-C-T shower panels in the shower cubicles in the new training centre have ThermoProtect thermostats that offer reliable anti-scalding protection to sports school visitors. The rugged design of these panels easily handles day-to-day use by the roughly 20,000 athletes that visit the school every year. The CVD touch electronics and integrated COMFORT Flex shower head also give users a pleasant showering experience. As the water stops after an individually configurable flow time, the SCHELL shower panels are effective at saving water.

SCHELL SWS Water Management System helps maintain drinking water quality for swimming baths

The SWS Water Management System forms the centrepiece of the renovated swimming baths. All LINUS DP-C-T shower panels have been networked with SWS.  The SWS software provides centralised and flexible programming of stagnation flushes to maintain drinking water quality. This offers a straightforward way to ensure the regular exchange of water in the piping, so as to prevent concentrations of bacteria like Legionella rising to unacceptable levels. Various fitting parameters of the networked LINUS DP-C-T shower panels in the baths – such as the maximum flow time for actuation force – can also be controlled individually by the software. Thanks to SWS, automated flushes also save time and personnel resources – an essential factor for ensuring cost‑effective operational management at Landessportschule Ruit. Compared with manual operations, stagnation flushes with SWS are also extremely economical in terms of water volume, as the flow times can be set precisely after calculating the quantity of water required. Accordingly, the SCHELL SWS Water Management System helps to keep building operations both cost‑effective and resource‑friendly. The end-to-end digital logging of all relevant data also helps management at Landessportschule Ruit with their duty to provide proof of compliance with German drinking water legislation. 

A safe and comfortable shower experience with SCHELL shower panels 

Twelve LINUS DP-C-T shower panels, made from a sturdy extruded aluminium profile with a high-quality, anodised finish, were installed in the renovated showers in the swimming baths. Shower fittings from SCHELL were also chosen for the new-build work at the sports hall, with ten LINUS Inox DP-C-T shower panels made from brushed stainless steel being installed. Both models are equipped with CVD touch electronics and an automatic closing mechanism. With both the LINUS DP-C-T and LINUS Inox DP-C-T fittings, the innovative ThermoProtect thermostat ensures reliable anti-scalding protection. The integrated COMFORT Flex shower head provides excellent shower comfort with its pleasant soft stream. Thanks to the pivoting front, the SCHELL shower panels are also very easy to install and maintain.

SCHELL products

Established in 1948 as a youth and sports coach school, Landessportschule Ruit in Ostfildern is today an important venue for elite and competitive sports in Germany, and is not only used as a place to train coaches for recreational and leisure sports but also to support and foster young competitive athletes. Over the years, thanks to the generous expansion and comprehensive modernisation work carried out at its sports facilities, this state‑run school has developed into one of the most prestigious and popular sports schools in Germany. The sports venue chalks up around 43,000 overnight stays by some 20,000 athletes every year. With its good transport connections and wide choice of sporting facilities, Landessportschule Ruit is much in demand as a host for a wide variety of sporting events. The school is used as an external facility by the Stuttgart Olympic Training Centre, is a federal training centre for trampoline, a state centre of sporting excellence for boxing, and is also used by the Württemberg Football Association (wfv), the German Football Association (DFB) and the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). Football stars like Ulli Hoeneß have started their careers here. As a venue, Landessportschule Ruit also hosts training camps for a large number of foreign women’s national football teams and German junior national football teams. Since the school was founded, roughly half a million coaches have also been trained in a wide variety of sporting disciplines. 

Occupying roughly 16.5 ha, the campus grounds offer several sports and gymnastic halls, playing fields and mini‑pitches, as well as a swimming baths that is also used for school swimming lessons. The integrated training model offered by this state-run school is rounded off by weight-training facilities and a sauna for relaxing after sporting activities. Visitors to the venue are accommodated in three buildings on the campus, which offer a total of 110 single and twin rooms. Several rooms equipped to the latest standards also offer plenty of space for seminars and conferences. 

In 2021, as part of a comprehensive renovation project, the swimming baths were also refurbished at a cost of some EUR 1.5 million. The construction of a new multi-sports centre for around EUR 4.5 million is part of the ‘STEP’ sports school development plan, and was designed by the multiple award‑winning Stuttgart‑based consulting architects Birk Heilmeyer und Frenzel. The inclusion of wood in the design of the centre is especially climate‑friendly and very much in line with the wood‑based construction campaign run by the State of Baden-Württemberg.

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