Saving with a flick of the wrist: all possible with regulating angle valves from SCHELL

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Sometimes, saving water – and cutting energy bills – is actually very simple. However, one of the most useful tools here is often overlooked: we’re talking about angle valves. An optimally adjusted angle valve can reduce water consumption by up to 40 percent without any loss of convenience for users. So professionals and consumers alike should definitely look for the right angle valve and make sure it’s properly set up.

Angle valves from SCHELL have long been a proven solution here: with over 70 years of experience, it’s unsurprising that SCHELL is the global leader in this segment. Every two seconds, an original angle valve is installed somewhere in the world – over 700 million times so far and a fact that speaks for itself. SCHELL angle valves are not only perfect for saving water, but also durable, high-quality and made from potable water-grade materials.

Saving water, cutting CO2, improving usability – with SCHELL angle valves

In contrast to ball-type shut-off valves, for example, SCHELL regulating angle valves can be used to adjust the flow volumes of cold and hot water while also compensating for differences in pipe pressure. This significantly alters the fitting’s water consumption, which can be reduced literally with a ‘flick of the wrist’. And when it comes to hot water, throttling back on consumption saves money while also offering another benefit: cutting harmful CO2 emissions as a result of the reduction in energy consumption used for heating the water. Once optimally adjusted, an angle valve also ensures the perfect balance between cold and hot water, which improves user comfort during hand washing.

It’s no secret in the sanitation industry: most users automatically open a single-lever mixer as far as it will go, regardless of how much water they actually need. Depending on the tap model, using the lever to fine-tune the flow of water is also not particularly easy. This is what makes regulating the flow with the angle valves on the cold and hot water inlets under the wash basin so effective for single-lever mixers.

Getting a perfectly regulated angle valve

Step 1: Open the tap all the way on the wash basin/in the kitchen (in the centre position).

Step 2: Use the handles on the angle valves on the hot and cold water inlets to regulate the flow of water, until the water exiting the tap has the right volume and the target temperature is also achieved.

Step 3: Shut off the tap – and start saving water whenever you use it again!

If you find a ball valve instead of an angle valve under the sink, you can replace it (or have it replaced by a plumber). There is plenty of potential for saving water and energy here, and the valve is usually easy to replace.

And if you use angle valves from SCHELL, you can benefit from a lot of other advantages.

Low noise level and simple installation

One of the biggest advantages is quiet operation. Regulating angle valves from SCHELL have a sound level of <20 dB(A) and a noise class I rating over their full adjustment range. To put it another way: the valve stays pleasantly quiet in any position, regardless of how much or how little water is being allowed through it.

Other benefits of SCHELL angle valves include quick and reliable installation as well as ease of movement even after many years in service. This makes maintenance work – whether on the valve or the fitting itself – particularly straightforward. The ergonomic design also simplifies shutting off, opening and regulating the angle valves.

A wide range of models

SCHELL maintains an extensive portfolio of angle valves with over 200 individual products, to ensure that professionals can always find the right valve for any scenario. Designer regulating angle valves are available from SCHELL, for example, to add an appealing finishing touch to sanitary facilities, as well as SCHELL regulating angle valves with a filter to protect premium fittings. Building operators who opt to deploy the SCHELL SWS Water Management System can also enjoy the benefits of the COMFORT PT angle valve with PT 1000 temperature sensor, as this model is SWS-compatible.

So SCHELL regulating angle valves are always a good choice for any installation, because a quick and simple adjustment cuts water consumption and energy bills. Make the switch today!

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