Lehmgruben House Senior Centre – Diakonie Rummelsberg

SCHELL sanitary equipment provides anti-scalding protection and helps to maintain drinking water hygiene after renovations at the Senior Centre

To comply with the European standard DIN EN 806-2 and avoid scald injuries, the owners of Lehmgruben House Senior Centre decided to pick electronic thermostat fittings from SCHELL for their shower cubicles as well as several of their wash basins. These also help to maintain drinking water hygiene, which was an important requirement after renovating the bathrooms and kitchens.

Project data:

Property type: Senior Centre

Requirements: Renovations

Completion: July 2022

Location: Marktheidenfeld

Country: Germany

Planning:Diakonie Rummelsberg (Property Dept.) 

SCHELL products

SSC Bluetooth® module

PURIS E electronic wash basin tap, VITUS VW-C-T exposed wash basin tap

VITUS VD-C-T/u exposed shower fitting

Sampling angle valve


To avoid the critical propagation of Legionella and provide optimum protection for resident health, facility managers at the Senior Centre were looking for an intelligent solution that would provide support for maintaining drinking water quality. A key requirement here was to fulfil the German VDI 6023 code, which sets out the hygiene regulations for drinking water installations. Above all, the fittings needed to be able to carry out automatic stagnation flushes. Reliable anti-scalding protection, conforming to the European DIN EN 806-2 standard, was also a key criterion for the new sanitary fittings in the resident bathrooms: this is because excessively hot water presents a serious risk for older people and users less able to respond quickly to sudden dangers. The management was also looking for simpler ways to take samples of water for testing and make parameter adjustments to the wash basin taps.


Electronic fittings from SCHELL were installed, which can carry out stagnation flushes on their own. As a result, automatic stagnation flushes to maintain drinking water hygiene can now be executed automatically. This prevents concentrations of Legionella rising to critical levels. A total of 169 electronic, contactless PURIS E wash basin taps were installed in the renovated resident bathrooms. Compared with single-lever mixers, these cut water and energy use by up to 70 percent. Thanks to the intelligent infrared sensor electronics, the flow of water is triggered without contact once the hands are within the sensor range – this makes usage particularly hygienic. After the hand goes out of sensor range, the flow of water stops automatically. SSC Bluetooth® modules were used to make parameter setting easier for these taps. With the corresponding app, these modules can be used to adjust individual fitting parameters such as sensor range. Once the required settings have been adjusted at one fitting, these settings can then be transferred to other fittings of the same model. In addition, a total of 29 exposed VITUS VW-C-T wash basin taps and 38 VITUS VD-C-T/u exposed shower fittings were installed, which can be started at the touch of a finger. After an individually configurable time, the flow of water stops automatically but can also be stopped before this by using the fitting controls again. Compared with single-lever mixers, the low‑contact wash basin taps cut water and energy use by up to 55 percent. Thanks to their ThermoProtect thermostats, the VITUS fittings installed provide reliable anti-scalding protection – even if the cold water line fails. In shower cubicles in particular, this is extremely important, as there is an increased risk of injury from falls if users attempt to escape a jet of excessively hot water. A total of 50 sampling angle valves were also installed to sample drinking water for testing. These valves enable simple and routine microbiological testing of water for Legionella.

The SSC Bluetooth® module: one device – two deployment options

The SSC Bluetooth® module can be used in two different ways: as a mobile tool for the easy setting of parameters on fittings or as a permanently installed module offering extra benefits, such as when adjusting settings for automated stagnation flushes, for example. The owners of Lehmgruben House decided on the second variant, deciding to equip their 169 PURIS E electronic wash basin taps with SSC Bluetooth® modules. App functions include the ability to schedule stagnation flushes with a flushing calendar, for example. A total of 32 different stagnation flushes can be configured in a weekly programme. The last 64 stagnation flushes are also stored and can be accessed via the app. This data can also be sent/exported via email as a CSV file if required. Any maintenance work required – such as battery changes – can be planned in advance and therefore completed efficiently.

SCHELL products

Located in the idyllic wine-growing landscape of Lower Franconia in the Spessart foothills, Lehmgruben House in Marktheidenfeld is a Senior Centre managed by Diakonie offering professional help in pleasant surroundings to people in need of care. Customers are cared for by 130 members of staff in residential nursing, housekeeping, building services and administration, with some services also offered around the clock. For 20 years, Lehmgruben House has specialised in providing care to older people with dementia within a safe and secure domestic environment. Since 2010, this work has been acknowledged by the ‘Dementia Quality Mark’, a national seal of quality issued by the Alzheimer’s Association from Central Franconia. The Centre in Marktheidenfeld has also received the ‘Green Checkmark’, a quality mark for nursing homes offering a high standard of living, from the Rummelsberg‑based Dienste für Menschen im Alter gGmbH.

In 2013, the service portfolio was expanded to include the state‑accredited advice and contact point ‘RuDiMachts!’ for seniors, people with dementia and their relatives. 

The Senior Centre offers 132 beds in generously sized single and double rooms whose fixtures and fittings can be set up to suit personal tastes. The Centre has its own kitchen, which serves its customers with fresh meals each and every day. The in-house laundry service ensures that residents always have a supply of clean clothing. Five times a week, customers have the chance to make purchases from the kiosk run in the Centre. On Sundays, customers, relatives and guests can sample the delicious cakes and coffee specialities offered by the in-house Residents Cafe.

A large park with established trees and broad, level pathways invites customers, relative and guests to take a stroll around and relax on sunny days.

Several times a week, prayers or services are held in the St John’s Chapel at the Centre and are also broadcast to residents’ living quarters.

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