Gemeindezentrum Dorfschule Ginderich e.V. Wesel

Hygiene update with modern sanitary equipment from SCHELL for a community centre in a former school building

As part of a renovation and reutilisation project for the sports hall in the Dorfschule Ginderich Community Centre, the equipment in the sanitary facilities was also given a much-needed update, with electronic wash basin taps and shower fittings now providing community members with a high level of user comfort. The use of SCHELL SSC Bluetooth®modules also helps to maintain the drinking water quality.

Project data:

Property type: Community centre with sports hall

Requirements: Renovations

Completion: March 2023

Location: Wesel-Ginderich 

Country: Germany 

Planning:City of Wesel 

SCHELL products

SSC Bluetooth® module®

XERIS E HD-K electronic wash basin tap, XERIS E HD-M electronic wash basin tap

LINUS Basic D-C-T concealed shower, reduced-aerosol shower head

Angle valve thermostat set


To be able to offer the various user groups in the sports hall hygienic conditions and a high level of user comfort, the facility managers at the community centre decided to renovate the sanitary facilities. One of the key criteria for the selection of the new products was the need to have support for maintaining drinking water quality. This was not only important to stop bacteria such as Legionella propagating to levels critical to health, but the new products also needed to enable hygienic usage by reducing the risk of contact infections. When selecting the products for the showers, the topic of safety also played an important role, with reliable anti-scalding protection being needed to protect users from injuries from very hot water.


With the XERIS E HD-K and XERIS E HD-M electronic wash basin taps with infrared sensor control, the flow of water can be triggered without contact and stops automatically. This not only makes the taps particularly convenient to operate by users but simultaneously reduces the risk of disease transmission by contact infection. The installed angle valve thermostat sets provide reliable anti-scalding protection – even if the cold water line fails. The health and well-being of users are also key priorities when it comes to the showers, with the LINUS BASIC D-C-T concealed showers featuring low-contact operation using CVD touch electronics with automatic self-closing. ThermoProtect thermostats also provide reliable anti-scalding protection here while users are showering. 

The SSC Bluetooth®modules were used as mobile programming units and have also been permanently attached to the respective fittings. With these modules, scheduled stagnation flushes can be executed using the integrated flushing calendar to maintain drinking water quality in the community centre – needing no more than a simple setting in the associated app. This prevents the excessive growth of bacteria in the installation piping as a result of stagnating water. To achieve this, the modules were installed between all of the electronic SCHELL fittings and their power supplies in the wash basin and shower areas.

Hygienic operations with SCHELL SSC Bluetooth® modules

The SSC Bluetooth®modules are perfect for helping to ensure the hygienic operation of the drinking water installation, even with a relatively small number of taps and fittings. With these modules, the settings on electronic fittings can be adjusted quickly, easily and as required. If permanently attached to the module on the fitting – as is the case at Dorfschule Ginderich – expanded setting options become available. Facility managers can then run scheduled stagnation flushes using the integrated flushing calendar. The SSC Bluetooth®modules can be used to adjust settings on the fittings in a user‑friendly and intuitive way with the corresponding app.

Electronic wash basin taps and shower fittings offer hygienic user comfort 

XERIS E HD-K and XERIS E HD-M electronic wash basin taps were installed on the wash basins. The flow of water is triggered hands-free using the infrared sensor control. This not only makes usage particularly convenient and hygienic, but also saves water, since water only flows when the hands are present in the sensor’s detection field. This can cut water consumption by up to 70 percent when compared with single-lever mixers. LINUS Basic D-C-T concealed showers with reduced-aerosol shower heads were installed in the sports hall shower cubicles. As the flow of water stops automatically after a preconfigured flow time, the LINUS concealed showers also help to keep operations economical here. The reduced-aerosol shower heads are vandal-resistant. A key switch is provided that activates a solenoid valve to perform thermal disinfection.

SCHELL products

Following the closure of Wesel-Ginderich as a school premises, community members needed to consider other usage options for the generous space available at this former primary school. This resulted in the formation of the Verein Dorfschule Ginderich e.V. – an association that is wholly financed by public funds. Today, the three building complexes, including the sports hall and playing fields, are used for a wide variety of activities by many local clubs, groups and village residents. From arts and crafts to sporting activities, workshops, music and dance events, coffee mornings or lunches for senior citizens, the Verein Dorfschule Ginderich e.V. has set itself the goal of strengthening the village’s community spirit, so as to improve the quality of life for young and old alike.

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