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A villa owned by a freemasons lodge, a popular local water park and the biggest prison in Hesse – the communal sanitary facilities at these very different sites all have one thing in common: their operators have used products and solutions from SCHELL to achieve optimum compliance with regulations for the hygienic operation of their drinking water installations.
From user hygiene in listed buildings to water management in heavily used public baths or drinking water hygiene in penal institutions – this post provides you with examples of how SCHELL products have been successfully used to fully meet the client’s requirements in very different properties.

Johannes Lodge ‘Zum Märkischen Hammer’ e.V., Lüdenscheid

Listed-building architecture meets high-tech sanitary systems: at the freemasons lodge ‘Zum Märkischen Hammer’ in Lüdenscheid, SCHELL wash basin taps, WC and urinal modules are complemented by operating panels, controls and angle valves from our company. In this listed villa, SCHELL products help to support user hygiene as well as energy efficiency.


The aim of this renovation project to the premises owned by the freemasons lodge included the use of modern sanitary systems to support user hygiene. An intelligent solution was planned to provide technically advanced and hygienic facilities to lodge members and visitors while minimising the risk of contact infections. The new sanitary systems also needed to support economical, water-saving and energy-saving building operations.


State-of-the-art sanitary equipment from SCHELL meets the highest hygienic and functional requirements in the renovated female and male WCs at the Johannes Lodge. Electronic XERIS E HD-K and XERIS E HD-M wash basin taps ensure good user hygiene at the wash basins: their sensor-controlled, contactless triggering reduces the risk of contact infections. The infrared controls on the taps ensure that water only flows when it is actually needed, so this also helps to save water and energy. Thanks to their COMFORT handles, the angle valves with the COMFORT regulating function installed on the wash basins are easy to operate, and make light work of adjustments to water volume, maintenance and repairs. The WCs are equipped with the elegant MONTUS BOARD operating panel and its ingenious dual-flush system. The EDITION E urinal control has been installed on the urinals in the male WCs. The electronic flushing mechanism here features contactless, hygienic operation via an infrared sensor. The sensor window is located on the flushing mechanism’s chrome-finished front panel. The EDITION E model also offers the option of an odour trap flush and an energy-saving mode. The villa’s modern approach to sanitary design is rounded off by MONTUS modules from SCHELL: the MONTUS wash basin module, MONTUS WC module and MONTUS COMPACT II urinal module. The self-supporting, powder-coated steel profiled frame with height-adjustable feet made module installation both simple and flexible. The modules were securely attached using the matching SCHELL wall bracket sets.

More information about the project and other SCHELL products used for this customer can be found in the Johannes Lodge ‘Zum Märkischen Hammer’ case study.

Olpe Water Park

Management at Olpe Water Park chose SCHELL products for the renovation of this popular venue. The new sanitary facilities have been fitted out with smart products and digital solutions from SCHELL. Alongside improved user hygiene, the new facilities also integrate with the central building control system to help operators maintain drinking water hygiene and effectively optimise energy-efficient operations.


The well-being of patrons is a top priority in swimming baths and also took centre stage during the renovations. The operators were looking for solutions to integrate with their central building control system that offered optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality – even during off-peak periods. User hygiene was another key topic to be addressed, as the sanitary facilities typically saw heavy use. Ideally, the sanitary equipment should also be economical and efficient without compromising on user comfort. Robust, durable products were required here.


SCHELL fittings were already in place at Olpe Water Park before the renovation project. Impressed by our outstanding ‘Made in Germany’ quality and excellent customer service, the operators once again chose solutions from SCHELL. The new installation was built around the SCHELL SWS Water Management System, integrated into the existing central building control system with an SWS Gateway. The SCHELL products used were networked with SWS and therefore help to maintain drinking water quality with regular, automated stagnation flushes – even during times of low capacity utilisation or when the swimming baths are closed to patrons. Flush execution is automatic and can be controlled centrally, saving time and personnel resources. 
Electronic PURIS E wash basin taps, networked with SWS, were installed on the wash basins. Thanks to their contactless triggering using an IR sensor, they also help to improve user hygiene. Since water only flows when hands are within range of the sensor and the flow of water also stops after handwashing, PURIS E is also effective at saving water and energy. PURIS SC wash basin taps were also installed: their low-contact operation requires just one actuation from users. In the shower cubicles, the high-quality, robust LINUS DP-C-T shower panels and LINUS D-C-T concealed showers were installed and networked with SWS. The flow of water from these fittings is triggered using CVD touch electronics and shuts off automatically after a preset time, which also helps to keep water usage economical. A pleasant showering experience is also ensured by the vandal-resistant, soft-stream COMFORT Flex shower head, with its adjustable tilt angle. Thanks to the ThermoProtect thermostat installed in both shower fitting models, water park patrons also enjoy reliable protection against scalding while showering. The thermostat ensures that the water temperature stays constant once set, even during pressure fluctuations in the system. If the cold water line fails, the thermostat actually shuts off the water supply to prevent any risk of scalding injuries. In the WCs, MONTUS WC modules were used, together with matching SCHELL operating panels.

More information about the project and other SCHELL products used for this customer can be found in the Olpe Water Park case study.

Sports centre and swimming baths at Weiterstadt Prison

As part of an overall renovation project, the drinking water installation and sanitary facilities for the sports and therapy pool area at Weiterstadt Prison were extensively modernised. Products from SCHELL are now ensuring user hygiene at Hesse’s largest penal institution. Digital solutions from SCHELL help to maintain drinking water quality while keeping building operations economical and highly efficient.


After sampling drinking water and noting signs of corrosion at Hesse’s largest prison, the management team decided to fully renovate and modernise the water mains in the sports facilities. A smart solution with especially robust fittings was envisaged, with automated flushes across all tapping points and therefore capable of meeting the stringent requirements for drinking water hygiene. In this way, the building operators were looking to fulfil their duty of care for inmates and employees while complying with legal requirements. A centralised control system was also required, to avoid the need for additional personnel. 


Products from SCHELL were already in use at the prison. As the building operators were entirely happy with this ‘Made in Germany’ quality, they again decided to use SCHELL for the renovation project. The digital SCHELL SWS Water Management System was installed, with two servers to be used for networking other SCHELL products. All tapping points therefore have the option of automated stagnation flushes that offer optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality – without the need for extra personnel and even during the seasonal downtime affecting the outdoor areas. In addition, SWS supplies building operators with the legally required proof that drinking water hygiene is being properly maintained, as operating data and all actions taken to maintain drinking water quality are logged reliably and continuously. 
Suitable wash basin and kitchen taps, and shower, WC and urinal fittings were also installed: alongside PURIS E, VITUS VW-C-T exposed wash basin taps were also fitted. With VITUS VW-C-T, the flow of water is triggered by CVD touch electronics and shuts off automatically after a set time. A ThermoProtect thermostat offers users reliable protection from scalding injuries, even if the cold water line fails. A GRANDIS E kitchen tap was installed on the sink unit in the supervisor’s office. This tap can be triggered either with a single-lever mixer or an IR, contactless sensor. 
The rugged LINUS Inox DP-C-T and LINUS Inox DP-C-T-D-H shower panels are triggered using CVD touch electronics. The flow of water stops automatically after a preconfigured period of time – thereby ensuring the energy-efficient and economical operation of the building. These shower panels from the LINUS series are also equipped with ThermoProtect thermostats. IR-sensor activated EDITION E and EDITION E Manual flushing mechanisms ensure especially hygienic usage, since a flush is triggered automatically when the patron leaves the WC. 
MONTUS wash basin modules, MONTUS WC modules, MONTUS urinal modules, MONTUS high-load mounting modules and wall bracket sets from the MONTUS series were also used. All of the electronic SCHELL solutions used were networked with SWS.

More information about the project and other SCHELL products used for this customer can be found in the Weiterstadt Prison case study.


Operators of sports venues and buildings with a wide range of usage types are united by their need for ensuring the perfectly hygienic operation of the drinking water installation. From swimming baths to renovation projects or the fit-out of facilities with user groups requiring extra protection, ensuring optimal user hygiene is a universal requirement found in such projects. Solutions from SCHELL are the ideal choice in scenarios with stringent requirements for high-quality sanitary facilities. These solutions help building operators maintain drinking water hygiene while ensuring energy-efficient and cost-effective facility operations. Low-contact and contactless fittings also work to protect users as they minimise the risk of contact infections. 

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