Außenansicht des Sport- und Therapiebeckenbereichs der JVA Weiterstadt

Weiterstadt Prison, sports centre and swimming baths

Megaproject in Hesse’s largest penal institution with innovative solutions from SCHELL

As part of an overall renovation project, the drinking water installation and sanitary facilities for the sports and therapy pool area at Weiterstadt Prison were extensively modernised. Products from SCHELL are now ensuring highly efficient, hygienic and cost-effective facility operations at Hesse’s largest penal institution.

Project data

Property type: Sports centre and hydrotherapy pool area in a penal institution

Requirements: Renovation and modernisation

Completion: February 2022

Location: Weiterstadt

Country: Germany

Architects: Ingenieurbüro Rathenow BPS GmbH, LBIH Landesbetrieb Bau and Immobilien Darmstadt/Weiterstadt Prison

Site area: Total prison area 150,000 m², sports area plus hydrotherapy pool, sports centre, sports centre annex, changing rooms and technical room, approx. 4,900 m²

SCHELL products: SCHELL Water Management System

MONTUS wash basin module, PURIS E HD-M electronic wash basin tap, PURIS E HD-K electronic wash basin tap, VITUS VW-C-T exposed wash basin tap

GRANDIS E electronic kitchen tap

LINUS Inox DP-C-T shower panel, LINUS Inox DP-C-T-D-H shower panel

MONTUS WC module, EDITION E WC control, EDITION E Manual WC control

MONTUS urinal module, EDITION E urinal control

MONTUS wall bracket set, MONTUS high-load mounting module


An over-dimensioned drinking water distribution system, central thermostats, interconnection of the drinking water and firefighting water mains, and drinking water piping made entirely of galvanised steel pipe – the drinking water supply for the sports centre and the hydrotherapy pool area in Weiterstadt Prison was severely outdated before renovation work began. The resulting infringements of permitted safe levels from drinking water samples taken as well as evidence of widespread corrosion encouraged prison management to waste no time in launching a full renovation and modernisation project for the entire drinking water mains in the sports area. An intelligent solution needed to be found that would ensure the automated flushing of all tapping points within the sports facility and hydrotherapy pool area, and therefore be able to meet the stringent requirements for drinking water hygiene. In this way, the building operators were looking to fulfil their duty of care for inmates and employees while complying with legal requirements – from public health authorities, for example. Other important aspects included avoiding the need for extra personnel to complete the flushes as well as centralised control of the system. Another challenge was the requirement for products to be especially robust and durable.


The drinking water renovation project at Weiterstadt Prison envisaged a full-scale modernisation of the sports centre, the hydrotherapy pool area and the sports centre annex. As products from SCHELL had already been in use at Weiterstadt Prison for a long time and management were entirely happy with this ‘Made in Germany’ quality, they again decided to use SCHELL for this project. A SCHELL SWS Water Management System was installed, with two servers to be used for networking all of the other SCHELL products installed. This ensured the digitalisation and future-proofing of the drinking water installation. The system also provides facility managers with key data for conserving resources, increasing cost-effectiveness and simplifying operating or maintenance tasks. A selection of suitable wash basin and kitchen taps, and shower, WC and urinal fittings were also installed for various areas and usage requirements. All tapping points were networked using SCHELL SWS and therefore have the option of automated stagnation flushes that offer optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality – without the need for extra personnel and even during periods of non-use for the installation. This is an especially useful feature for the sports centre annex, since this annex remains closed during the winter season when the outdoor facilities are not in use. During this period of downtime, automated stagnation flushes configured centrally can simulate specified normal operation and therefore offer optimum support for maintaining the quality of the drinking water. The SCHELL products installed are durable, robust and vandal-resistant. 

Integrated efficiency: centralised control and logging for stagnation flushes with SWS

Alongside a full redesign of the drinking water installation, two SCHELL SWS Water Management Systems form the centrepiece of the major drinking water renovation project at Weiterstadt Prison. Smart, hygienic and highly efficient: The two SWS systems help to support the intelligent facility management of the renovated sports and physiotherapy pool area as well as the sports centre annex. The central integration points network all of the electronic SCHELL wash basin taps, kitchen taps, shower panels, WC and urinal controls, and use the regular triggering of stagnation flushes to ensure a full exchange of water in the piping system – even during periods of non-use. SWS also offers a straightforward yet flexible approach to programming individual fitting parameters such as flush times, volumes and intervals. Another benefit accruing from the automated completion of stagnation flushes is that no extra personnel are required – an important factor for cost-effective facility management at Weiterstadt Prison. In addition, SWS supplies operators with the legally required proof that drinking water hygiene is being properly maintained, as all operating data from the systems is logged reliably and continuously. This makes it easy for facility management to provide proof as required – by the public health office, for example, which the prison works with on a regular basis. 

Electronic wash basin taps from SCHELL for hygienic and smart usage

Prison management also installed highly efficient and modern sanitary solutions from SCHELL in the washrooms in the sports and hydrotherapy pool area. A total of 18 electronic PURIS E wash basin taps in two different designs – high-pressure mixed water and high-pressure cold water – ensure hygienic and smart usage on the wash basins in the foyer and weight training areas in the sports centre, in the shower cubicles, the sanitary facilities for the hydrotherapy pool and the sports centre annex. Featuring a minimalist design and controlled by infrared sensors for contactless triggering of the flow of water, these fittings help to maintain user hygiene in the busy sports and hydrotherapy pool area at Weiterstadt Prison, while also helping to save energy and cut water consumption. The PURIS E high-pressure cold water model supplies pre-mixed water, while the high-pressure mixed water model features a control at the side for adjusting the temperature as required. SWS offers centralised, straightforward adjustment of stagnation flushes, follow-up times and other parameters. 

Three exposed VITUS VW-C-T wash basin taps were also used in other areas and these fittings were also networked together with SWS. The flow of water from these taps is triggered by CVD touch electronics and closes automatically after a set time. An outlet with a large pivoting range offers outstanding user comfort and convenience, while the ThermoProtect thermostat protects inmates and employees from scald injuries in the event of a failure of the cold water supply. The prize-winning GRANDIS E electronic kitchen tap was installed on the sink unit in the supervisor’s office. This clever hybrid fitting offers two convenient usage options: the flow of water from this tap can be triggered with either a single-lever mixer or a contactless infrared sensor, as required. Networked with SWS, optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality is also ensured at this outlet.

Reliable protection against scalding: LINUS Inox shower panels with ThermoProtect thermostat

In the shower facilities, 16 LINUS Inox DP-C-T shower panels with integrated COMFORT Flex shower head plus a LINUS Inox DP-C-T-D-H shower panel and hand shower were installed, and also networked with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System. Users can trigger the flow of water with CVD touch electronics. After a pre-configured time, this stops automatically, which means that the LINUS Inox shower panels help to ensure resource-friendly, energy-efficient and cost-effective facility management at Weiterstadt Prison. As with the exposed VITUS wash basin taps, the LINUS Inox shower panels are equipped with a ThermoProtect thermostat, featuring a lockable/unlockable temperature lock that provides reliable protection against scald injuries, even if the cold water line should fail. The robust, easy-clean design utilised for the high-quality stainless steel panels with their brushed finish also ensures a long service lifetime. Supplementing the COMFORT Flex shower head, the LINUS Inox DP-C-T-D-H model also features a hand shower that can be adjusted to three positions, with matching connection hose and wall bracket. 

Vandal-resistant WC and urinal controls with infrared sensor operation

Five EDITION E WC controls and five EDITION E Manual WC controls with vandal-resistant designs were installed in the WCs in the sports centre foyer and weight training area, in the sanitary facilities for the hydrotherapy pool and the sports centre annex. These contactless infrared sensor flushing mechanisms with front panels made from brushed stainless steel ensure especially hygienic use, since a flush is triggered automatically when the patron leaves the WC. The EDITION E Manual WC controls also come equipped with a button for manual actuation, which makes manual flushing possible in the event of a power failure, for example. In the sports and hydrotherapy pool area, nine EDITION E infrared sensor-controlled urinal controls with vandal-resistant designs were also installed. All EDITION E WC and urinal controls were networked with SWS to allow the flexible programming of individual parameters such as sensor range and flushing intervals. 

Prison management also used sanitary equipment from SCHELL ‘behind the scenes’: at the wash basins, WCs and urinals, various modules together with MONTUS series wall bracket sets ensure durable and secure attachment for fittings. Overall, 18 MONTUS wash basin modules, 10 MONTUS WC modules, 9 MONTUS urinal modulus, 4 MONTUS high-load mounting modules and 37 MONTUS wall bracket sets were installed in the renovated sports and hydrotherapy pool area, and in the sports centre annex at Weiterstadt Prison. All MONTUS modules are constructed from self-supporting, powder-coated profiled steel frames, with height-adjustable feet and crossbars, so as to make installation particularly straightforward, rapid and flexible. 

SCHELL products

About Weiterstadt Prison

Weiterstadt Prison opened in 1997 and is today the largest penal institution in the German State of Hesse. The institution, which houses adult male inmates completing custodial sentences of more than 24 months, is organised into four wings and a total of eight accommodation buildings, while also forming the central inmate admissions department for the State of Hesse. A high-security block within Weiterstadt Prison is also home to the Joint Electronic Surveillance Unit for the German Länder, which is the central surveillance point for individuals wearing electronic ankle monitors in Germany. A church, a sports pitch and a swimming baths with a physio- and hydrotherapy pool are also located on the prison grounds. Weiterstadt Prison also provides a comprehensive range of work centres, activities for academic and professional education as well as individual treatment options for its inmates. From the outset, Weiterstadt Prison has pursued the goal of improving existing conditions in German penal institutions and facilitating resocialisation projects. Various penal models used in the Netherlands and Sweden were applied as best practice here.

As a result of the renovation work, Weiterstadt Prison is now the first penal institution anywhere in Germany to implement automated flushing for all tapping points in its sports centre and physiotherapy pool, including WCs and urinals, thanks to full networking with SWS – and therefore meets the requirements of the latest VDI 6023 in exemplary fashion. Following the successful completion of the SCHELL SWS Water Management System ‘pilot project’, facility management also now plans to equip Weiterstadt Prison with SCHELL products in the future.