Urinal flushing systems from SCHELL: reliable, hygienic and cost-effective

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Users of public urinals are looking for functionality and hygiene that they can rely on. Which means that planners and installers need to take a lot of user-focused and technical/functional requirements into account in high-traffic public sanitary facilities. Urinal fittings from SCHELL offer the right solution for any requirement. Available variants include concealed urinal flush valves as well as exposed flush valves. Both of these are also available as versions with manual actuation or as contactless models triggered by sensors.

EDITION E concealed urinal control – clean and clear

The EDITION E contactless urinal control meets the very highest requirements for urinal hygiene: the infrared sensor detects the presence of the user and releases the pre-set flush volume once the user has left the sensor’s detection range. An integrated stagnation flush function executes an automatic flush every 24 hours. As an additional benefit, the flush duration can also be adjusted to save water. EDITION E is available with matching front panels in different materials and as a mains- or battery-powered version. The battery-powered model uses an LED in the sensor window to indicate the need for a battery change.

EDITION urinal operating panels – robust and elegant

Reliable technology and low investment costs are key advantages that pay their way especially when used in projects for schools, hospitality, council offices or residential buildings. This is where the timeless design of the EDITION operating panels comes into play. The vandal-proof stainless steel panels also bear witness to the fact that practicality and elegance are not mutually exclusive. 

An appealing selection of front panels for urinal flush systems rounds off this range developed for the particular requirements of public, semi-public and commercial sanitary facilities. See this post to learn more. 

COMPACT LC concealed urinal control – a reliable and universal choice

The COMPACT LC urinal control is suitable for any ceramic or stainless steel urinal system, offering a sensor-controlled flush that is contactless and hygienic. Thanks to the concealed design used for the flush valve, control electronics and power supply, COMPACT LC can easily handle the harsh conditions found in a stadium, for example. COMPACT LC also offers an automatic ‘stadium mode’ for use in larger sporting venues. In stadium mode, the urinal control will switch to a reduced flush volume as user frequency increases. If the urinal is used twice or more within the space of five minutes, the control activates stadium mode automatically and flushes with a reduced water volume, so as to minimise water consumption while still ensuring hygienic usage. The urinal then exits from stadium mode once user traffic decreases again. Other advantages include odour trap monitoring at low water levels as well as flexible installation options. The components can be located behind the ceramic unit or behind a robust stainless steel front cover above the urinal. The encapsulated, corrosion-proof LC sensor is located in the siphon, where it reliably detects the flushing volume needed after use. 

RETROFIT LC concealed urinal control: the flush valve for retrofits

Just like the COMPACT LC urinal control, the RETROFIT LC automatic urinal control also supports vandal-proof installation in public sanitary facilities. Little effort is required to retrofit modern, reliable and convenient flushing equipment to older mechanical or electronic sanitary installations. This also applies to porcelain urinal bowls from selected manufacturers. All installation components are wall-mounted and fully concealed by the sanitary ceramics. Trouble-free, long-lasting reliability is also ensured by the advanced LC technology. An LC (liquid crystal) sensor ensures accurate detection of urinal users. The fully encapsulated LC sensor is corrosion-proof and reliably detects the flushing volume needed after use.

SCHELLTRONIC exposed flush valve – ideal for conversions

If an old, manual fitting needs to be replaced, this can be achieved by using the infrared-controlled, contactless exposed SCHELLTRONIC solution, which requires no further conversion work. This contactless flush valve offers users a perfectly hygienic urinal that is always flushed clean. The flush volume can be set from 1 to 4 litres and this fitting also offers a special feature – the integrated stadium mode: if the frequency of use increases, the flush volume is reduced until normal operation is detected again. As appropriate for its intended use in stadiums and other public, semi-public and commercial sanitary facilities, the fitting is protected by a robust housing and also offers an integrated stagnation flush. This function flushes the fitting automatically 24 hours after its last use. 

SCHELLOMAT BASIC exposed fitting – the perfect choice for modernisations

Exposed-flush valve urinals are an inexpensive and functional solution that is ideal for use in schools, service stations, hospitality and businesses. Where new-build or modernisation projects are being planned for the sanitary facilities, the SCHELLOMAT BASIC exposed flush valve offers developers and users alike many benefits, since it can be swapped out quickly and easily. This elegant fitting features the latest SCHELL cartridge design. 

For full details of our urinal and WC flush systems, please see our latest brochure.