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Olpe Water Park

SCHELL products maintain drinking water quality and support user hygiene at this water park 

Management at Olpe Water Park chose quality branded products from SCHELL for the renovation of this popular venue. The new sanitary facilities were equipped with intelligent SCHELL sanitary solutions that were integrated into the central building control system. These solutions not only offer patrons a high level of user hygiene but also help to maintain drinking water hygiene while ensuring that park operations are especially economical and energy-efficient. 

Project data

Property type: Water park with leisure pools, saunas and open-air pool

Requirements: Renovations 

Completion: 7 December 2022

Location: Olpe

Country: Germany

Architects: Olper Bäderbetriebe GmbH with support from SCHELL Field Sales 

Site area: 1,300 m² (water features), 188 parking bays

SCHELL products: SWS Server, SWS Gateway BACnet IP/MSTP

PURIS E electronic wash basin tap, PURIS SC self-closing wash basin tap

LINUS D-C-T shower panel, LINUS D-C-T concealed shower, COMFORT Flex shower head

MONTUS WC module, LINEAR 2 WC operating panel (please note: This project used an older product version. Go here for details of the successor product.)

EDITION urinal operating panel

COMFORT angle valve with regulating function


In public leisure facilities such as swimming baths and saunas, the health and safety of patrons is a particularly important topic. Accordingly, these aspects played a key role in the renovations to the sanitary installations at Olpe Water Park. Park management were looking for an intelligent solution capable of being integrated into the central building control system, and offering optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality and user hygiene at this busy leisure and spa venue. These requirements also needed to be met during off-peak periods and when the park was closed to visitors. The operation of the new sanitary equipment also needed to conserve resources and prioritise efficiency while offering effective ways to save energy and water – but without compromising on user comfort. Last but not least, the new products had to be exceptionally robust, functional and durable, to be able to cope with day-to-day use at this very busy water park. 


SCHELL fittings were already in place at Olpe Water Park before the renovation project. Impressed by this outstanding ‘Made in Germany’ quality and excellent customer service, the park operators again decided to rely on solutions from SCHELL. The new and modernised sanitary installation is built around the SCHELL SWS Water Management System, which was easily integrated into the existing central building control system with an SWS Gateway. The system offers optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality at the park with regular, automated stagnation flushes – even during times of low capacity utilisation or when the park is closed to patrons. SCHELL SWS also contributes to cost-effective and efficient facility management. Compared with manual execution of the necessary stagnation flushes, SCHELL SWS saves considerable volumes of water. This is because the flushes, once programmed, are carried out automatically and while using the minimal amount of water required. This automated execution, controlled by a centralised system, also saves time and personnel costs. Electronic taps and self-closing taps in the showers and washrooms ensure usage is as hygienic as it is convenient, since these fittings are operated by contactless or low-contact controls. The fittings also help to ensure the economical use of water and energy: with the electronic taps, water only flows when hands are present in the sensor field, while self-closing taps stop the flow of water automatically after a pre-configured flow time.

Water management made easy – thanks to SWS

During the renovations to the sanitary facilities, the operators installed the SCHELL SWS Water Management System, which provides optimum support for maintaining drinking water hygiene at Olpe Water Park while ensuring efficient operations. The system was seamlessly integrated with the existing central building control system using an SWS Gateway. Regular stagnation flushes now ensure the complete and routine exchange of water in the piping and therefore effectively prevent the spread of harmful bacteria such as Legionella. This ensures optimum maintenance of drinking water quality at all tapping points – even during the off-peak season or when the park is closed. If usage patterns change, stagnation flushes and fitting parameters can be modified – using the centralised, flexible SWS application – ensuring an optimum approach to the maintenance of drinking water quality while keeping water consumption as low as possible. The SWS protocol is translated into the required bus protocols by the SWS Gateway. 

Using contactless sensor fittings to save resources and support user hygiene

A total of 15 electronic PURIS E wash basin taps, networked with SWS, were installed on the wash basins. Thanks to their contactless triggering using infrared sensors, these elegant taps made from chromed brass also help to improve user hygiene. Operation with wet hands – a frequent problem in swimming baths and saunas – is also made easier and more convenient by the sensor-triggered controls. Since water only flows when hands are within range of the sensor and the flow of water also stops after handwashing, PURIS E is also effective at saving water and energy. The preferred temperature can be adjusted using the temperature control on the side. Parameters such as sensor range, flow time, stagnation flushes, etc. can all be programmed using SWS. A total of 15 PURIS SC self-closing wash basin taps were also installed in the washrooms. Users can trigger the flow of water using the low-contact, single manual actuation. Afterwards, this stops automatically as a result of an individually programmable flow time.

LINUS shower panels: robust, easy-to-clean and perfectly networked with SWS

In the shower cubicles at Olpe Water Park, a total of 20 LINUS DP-C-T shower panels and LINUS D-C-T concealed showers were installed and networked with SWS. The durable, corrosion-protected aluminium extruded profile with an anodised, polished, easy-to-clean surface gives the LINUS shower panels maximum visual appeal as well as ensuring a long service life. The flow of water from these taps is triggered by CVD touch electronics and closes automatically after a set time. In this way, the LINUS DP-C-T shower panels help to save energy and cut water consumption during park operations. User comfort is also a priority: the vandal-resistant, soft-stream COMFORT Flex shower head ensures a pleasant showering experience with its adjustable tilt angle and anti-limescale burls. Patron safety is provided by the ThermoProtect thermostat, ensuring that guests at Olpe Water Park are perfectly protected against scald injuries, even if the cold water line should fail. Another advantage with these shower panels is their ingenious design: all pre-assembled connection lines lie protected behind the rotating front panel, which ensures straightforward servicing as well as quick and simple installation by a single fitter. The LINUS D-C-T concealed showers with front panels made from chromed brass are also equipped with CVD touch electronics and an automatic closing mechanism, and offer the same benefits as the LINUS shower panels in terms of user comfort, efficiency, and water or energy savings. Thanks to the ThermoProtect thermostat, the LINUS concealed showers also provide reliable anti-scalding protection. The concealed showers are complemented by 20 COMFORT Flex shower heads. Networked with SWS, the 40 shower fittings installed from the LINUS series help keep operations hygienic at the Water Park. 

In the WCs, a total of 20 MONTUS WC modules were used. The self-supporting, powder-coated profiled frame with height-adjustable feet made the module installation an especially simple and flexible process. These were complemented by 20 Linear 2 WC operating panels and 15 EDITION urinal operating panels, both with front panels in alpine white.

With its idyllic location on the shores of the Biggesee, Olpe Water Park offers an outstanding bathing, sports and spa experience to thrill-seekers and day trippers alike. True to its slogan of ‘Water & Wellbeing’, this popular tourist attraction offers a wide range of leisure facilities, from sports and leisure pools and a 90-metre tube slide to a whirlpool, hyperthermal pool, salt-water outdoor pool, swimsuit sauna, steam bath and family area – swimmers young and old will all find something to their satisfaction in the 1,300 m² of indoor and outdoor water features. The Water Park also offers water familiarisation activities for babies and toddlers, swimming courses for all ages, as well as preventive aqua fitness and hydrotherapy courses. This broad programme of leisure activities is rounded off by a well-apportioned sauna area: seven themed indoor and outdoor saunas, a steam bath and Kneipp steam room in the generously dimensional sauna garden with relaxation area offer everything for spa fans. 

In summer, the sunbathing lawn at the Water Park tempts sun-seekers out of the swimming pools and saunas with wicker beach chairs, a children’s play area and a beach volleyball pitch. The restaurant in the sauna area, the Pool Bar next to the indoor swimming baths and the kiosk outside meet the culinary needs of park visitors with a wide range of gastronomic delights. Alongside 188 car parking spaces, the Olpe Water Park also offers short-stay holidaymakers a caravan park with ten pitches.