Case studies – SCHELL solutions prove their worth in healthcare and sports venues

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Leisure sports and keeping fit are part of a healthy lifestyle – with gyms and health and exercise centres always enjoying a steady stream of customers. Sanitary facilities here have to cope with high levels of use by many different kinds of users. In addition, wash basins and showers experience fluctuating levels of use depending on seasonal variations or closures on public holidays. Owners of sports and fitness centres have a wide range of requirements for their sanitary facility fit-outs: this includes ensuring compliance with laws and regulations while providing user comfort for their patrons. The visual appearance of the sanitary fit-out also plays a role – this applies in particular to showers and wash basin taps, which should blend harmoniously with the overall interior design. Last but not least, the resource-friendly and efficient operation of a drinking water installation is another important concern for owners of fitness sector businesses. We offer you two examples of how SCHELL products work to meet these particular requirements.

Fit & Fun Health and Fitness Centre, St. Leon-Rot, Germany

The 25th anniversary of Fit & Fun was seen as an occasion to modernise this health centre and make it fit for the future. Sanitary solutions from SCHELL formed part of this demanding project: SWS now assists in maintaining drinking water quality, while SCHELL fittings ensure comfortable, hygienic and resource-friendly usage.


The owners needed to find smart solutions capable of handling their technically and visually challenging ideas. Water-saving and energy-efficient sanitary equipment was needed to integrate with the infrastructure, and promote user hygiene while helping to maintain drinking water quality. The risk of excessive levels of Legionella in piping also needed to be minimised – even when systems were not actually in use. 


SCHELL impressed the owners with its high-quality solutions for the demanding technical and hygiene requirements at this fitness centre: Electronic SCHELL fittings were networked with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System and SWS was integrated into the building services. SWS is used for the flexible programming of automated stagnation flushes, permitting the routine exchange of water in the piping and reducing the risk of excessive levels of Legionella bacteria. Multiple taps and fittings can be consolidated into a group and flushed simultaneously, so as to achieve the necessary turbulent flows. SWS also offers continuous logging and highly efficient operations: unlike manual stagnation flushes, SWS uses significantly lower volumes of water, and saves both time and personnel resources. 

Concealed LINUS W-E-M wash basin taps were installed in the sanitary facilities, with stagnation flushes and individual parameters for these taps being managed by SWS. The flow of water is triggered by an IR sensor and stops as soon as hands are taken out of the sensor’s detection range. In this way, the taps also help to reduce water consumption at Fit & Fun. Contactless operation helps to promote user hygiene in these busy sanitary facilities while also minimising the risk of contact infections. The design of the wash basin taps blends harmoniously with the overall interior fit-out at this fitness centre.

In the shower cubicles, matching SCHELL LINUS D-C-T concealed showers were installed and also networked with SWS, their elegant appearance perfectly complementing the modern ambience at Fit & Fun. Pressure-sensitive CVD touch electronics and easy-to-use temperature controls ensure user comfort, while the low-contact operation also optimises user hygiene. Thanks to the automated closing mechanism, the flow of water stops after the specified flow time, so LINUS D-C-T also helps save resources during building operations. The ThermoProtect thermostat in the concealed showers provides reliable anti-scalding protection, even if the cold-water line fails or pressure fluctuations occur in the system. COMFORT Flex shower heads also offer patrons a pleasant showering experience.

More information about the project and other SCHELL products used for this customer can be found in the Fit & Fun health centre case study. 

ActiCity Centre for Movement and Dance, Veszprém (Hungary)

For Veszprém, the city’s recognition as a ‘2023 European Capital of Culture’ was seen as an opportunity to renovate the ActiCity cultural centre. This historical building now offers local clubs for dance and movement a shared space for training. Electronic wash basin taps from SCHELL were installed as part of the renovations to this centre, offering patrons hygiene and comfort while blending seamlessly with the contemporary interior design concept.


Transforming this historical building, well over 100 years old, into a cultural centre for dance also meant a full modernisation of the sanitary facilities. Here, the project developers were looking to install modern technical systems while achieving a high-quality, visually appealing design. The new taps also needed to feature a particularly tall outlet to match the wash basins in the fit-out. The building owners were also looking to meet the highest standards for user hygiene.


The SCHELL XERIS E HD-M large electronic wash basin taps installed at ActiCity blend harmoniously with the centre’s modern design concept. At 280 mm, the extra-tall outlet on the taps perfectly complements the existing wash basin taps, becoming a stylish eye-catcher in the sanitary facilities at this new centre for movement and dance. The smart infrared sensor electronics also ensure that usage is both hygienic and comfortable: Visitors trigger the flow of water with the contactless sensor, which significantly reduces the risk of disease transmission as a result of contact infection. 

With its high-gloss chrome finish and elegantly rounded contours, the XERIS E HD-M large electronic wash basin tap is an appealing eye-catcher at the wash basins in the refurbished sanitary facilities at ActiCity. The outlet height of 280 mm not only gives the tap an especially slimline appearance but also offers a lot more room for patrons while they are handwashing. Thanks to the intelligent infrared sensor electronics, usage is especially easy and hygienic: the flow of water stops as soon as the hands have been taken out of the sensor’s detection range – which significantly reduces the risk of contact infections. The preferred water temperature is set using the temperature control on the side. Tap parameters such as the sensor range can be programmed directly on the wash basin tap by short-range reflex. Optionally, facility management can also perform automated stagnation flushes to maintain drinking water quality. This minimises the risk of health hazards due to the propagation of Legionella while helping maintain drinking water quality.

More information about the project and other SCHELL products used for this customer can be found in the ActiCity Centre case study. 


Operators of fitness venues or health and exercise centres rely on SCHELL products to obtain optimal solutions to meeting the requirements set out by their sanitary facilities. Electronic SCHELL taps and fittings promote user hygiene while adding the finishing touch to modern leisure sports facilities, thanks to their functional and elegant design. Featuring contactless operation, they also help to cut water consumption by up to 70 percent. The SCHELL SWS Water Management System helps business operators to run their drinking water installation hygienically while logging all activities taken to maintain drinking water quality as required by law, especially during seasonal deviations in capacity utilisation – such as on public holidays and during company holidays.

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