New SCHELL COMFORT Flex shower head – always the right setting

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The perfect orientation: The new SCHELL COMFORT Flex shower head features an adjustable tilt angle for the spray plate, allowing the water jets to be adjusted to suit the shower space. The tilt angle range is adjustable from 12° to 32°, allowing the shower jets to be directed precisely onto the existing shower surface or shower tray, thereby increasing user comfort. This offers more freedom of movement and comfort in the shower cubicle, since both the available space and the soft jets of water can be optimally utilised. The adjustment mechanism is deliberately designed to require a certain amount of force, to avoid accidental changes to the spray plate tilt angle during use.

Robust design for the COMFORT Flex shower head

With its high-gloss, chrome finish and vandal-resistant design, the SCHELL COMFORT Flex shower head guarantees a long service life in schools, sports centres or swimming baths. The fitting is designed to meet the stringent noise class I standard, with the brass material used naturally conforming to German drinking water legislation. The familiar SCHELL soft stream offers an additional level of comfort for every user. Cleaning staff will also appreciate this new product, since the anti-limescale burls and functional design of the COMFORT Flex shower head make cleaning especially quick and simple. Installation is also straightforward – whether on the wall or on a shower panel.

Thanks to the two-part design of the shower head, the base part can be conveniently installed before the rest is then attached and aligned. If SCHELL shower panels like the LINUS DP-C-T have been installed in the shower facilities, then the SCHELL COMFORT Flex shower head is a simple and easy retrofit. This is also the case if the visually similar COMFORT 13 shower head, with its fixed spray plate, needs to be replaced.

The COMFORT Flex shower head also contributes to good drinking water hygiene, since the angled outlet ensures that no water is left in the fitting, which entirely excludes the risk of bacteria multiplying as result of water stagnating inside the shower head. The angled outlet also prevents suicide attempts.

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