Fit & Fun Health and Fitness Centre

SCHELL products ensure efficient water management and a high level of user comfort at this fitness centre

The family that owns and runs the Fit & Fun health centre used its 25th anniversary as an occasion to comprehensively modernise the premises and make them fit for the future. Intelligent sanitary solutions from SCHELL formed part of this demanding renovation project: The high-performance SWS water management system now assists building operators in maintaining drinking water quality, while electronic SCHELL taps and fittings ensure comfortable, hygienic and resource-friendly usage.

Project data:

Property type: Health/fitness centre

Requirements: Renovations

Completion date: 1997

Completion: October 2021

Location: St. Leon-Rot

Country: Germany

Site area: 15 treatment/therapy rooms on a 2,500 m² site (fitness, physiotherapy, rehabilitation sport, EGYM®, sauna and spa), 300 m² outdoor cross-fit area

Technical planning: By owners (Knebel family)

SCHELL products:

SCHELL SWS Water Management System (SCHELL SWS Server, SWS bus mains adapter, SWS BE-K wired bus extender)

LINUS W-E-M concealed wash basin tap, concealed WBW-E-M masterbox

LINUS D-C-T concealed shower, concealed WBD-E-T masterbox, COMFORT Flex shower head


When choosing the sanitary equipment, the centre owners were careful to ensure that the products would be a good fit for their demanding technical and design specifications, and integrate easily with existing infrastructure. Additionally, the new sanitary equipment needed to help maintain drinking water quality while offering water-saving and energy-efficient operations. An intelligent solution was needed to mitigate the risk of excessive Legionella concentrations in the piping resulting from stagnating water – even when tapping points were being used at a lower level than normal. Another objective was to support user hygiene and prevent potential disease transmission as a result of contact infections – a significant requirement, given the busy and semi-public nature of the sanitary facilities provided in this fitness centre.


The SCHELL SWS Water Management System and the electronic SCHELL shower and wash basin taps and fittings are a perfect fit for the demanding technical and hygienic requirements set by this fitness centre. All taps and fittings were networked and SWS was straightforward to integrate with the existing building systems. Flexible programming of automated stagnation flushes is easy with the SWS software. This makes it possible to schedule regular exchanges of water in the piping and therefore reduce the hazard from excessive levels of Legionella. When programming stagnation flushes with SWS, several taps or fittings can be grouped together. The taps and fittings in this group then all flush at the same time according to the defined parameters, so as to achieve the turbulent flows needed. SWS can even be used to simulate specified normal operation, if all taps and fittings are networked with SWS and flush groups are created that then perform stagnation flushes at the same time. SWS also makes it easy to keep reliable logs of activities to maintain drinking water quality according to German VDI 6023: all data is stored securely and can be exported as a CSV file. In addition, various operating parameters, such as water consumption (calculated), most-used fittings, least-used fittings and temperatures can also be logged as well. The smart system also facilitates highly efficient operations that conserve resources: unlike manual completion of the necessary flushes, SWS consumes significantly lower volumes of water, thereby saving time and cutting personnel costs. The electronic SCHELL LINUS W-E-M concealed wash basin taps and LINUS D-C-T concealed showers offer contactless or low-contact operation and therefore help to promote user hygiene in the fitness centre. This effectively reduces the risk of disease transmission by contact infections. Thanks to the uniform design used throughout the LINUS series, the taps and fittings blend easily with the modern interior design, creating a seamless look-and-feel.

LINUS wash basin taps meet the highest standards for hygiene, comfort and design

Concealed LINUS W-E-M wash basin taps were installed on the wash basins in the renovated sanitary facilities at Fit & Fun. Networked with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System, these offer best-in-class support for drinking water hygiene. Stagnation flushes and individual parameters for the wash basin taps, such as sensor range, can be managed centrally via SWS. For these LINUS W-E-M wash basin taps, the flow of water can be triggered hygienically and without contact via the infrared sensor electronics, and the tap shuts off automatically once hands move out of the sensor’s detection range. In this way, the electronic SCHELL taps help to reduce water consumption at the Fit & Fun centre. In addition, the contactless operation also helps to promote user hygiene in this busy fitness and health centre, while also minimising the risk of disease transmission resulting from contact infections. With their linear contours and front panel made from stainless steel, the LINUS W-E-M concealed wash basin taps blend harmoniously with the up-market interior design at Fit & Fun.

Resource-friendly operations with water-saving SCHELL shower fittings

SCHELL LINUS D-C-T concealed showers, also networked with SWS, were installed in the redesigned shower area. Featuring an elegant design and an easy-to-clean stainless steel front panel, these perfectly complement the modern atmosphere at this fitness centre as well as the LINUS concealed wash basin taps. Patrons will also appreciate the pressure-sensitive CVD touch electronics with automated self-closing mechanism and an easy-to-use temperature control. This low-contact operation also optimises user hygiene while reducing the risk of contact infections. Thanks to the automated closing mechanism, the flow of water stops after the preconfigured flow time, so the LINUS D-C-T concealed showers also help to conserve resources during building operations. This also makes it impossible to forget to turn off the fitting. The ThermoProtect thermostat with anti-scalding protection provides an increased level of safety while showering – even if the cold water line fails or pressure fluctuations occur in the system. Matching COMFORT Flex shower heads were also installed, whose pleasant soft stream offers fitness centre patrons an invigorating shower experience.

SCHELL products

Fit & Fun at St. Leon-Rot

Therapy and training on ultramodern gym equipment The family-owned Fit & Fun Health Centre in St. Leon-Rot, Germany, has offered health-oriented training courses since 1997. With its 15 treatment and therapy rooms spread over a 2,500 m² site, plus a 300 m² outdoor area and a technically advanced EGYM® facility, Fit & Fun is one of the leading centres for medical-based fitness in the region. In this positive and high-class atmosphere, the Centre’s sports fans and health-conscious patrons can train, improve their fitness or enjoy a course of treatment provided by competent trainers and therapists. The sauna and spa area also invites patrons to relax and take their well-being to a new level after their training sessions.