Außenansicht des ActiCity Zentrum für Tanz und Bewegung in Veszprém.

ActiCity Centre for Movement and Dance, Veszprém (Hungary)

Electronic SCHELL wash basin taps improve hygiene and user comfort in this new cultural centre

For Veszprém, the city’s recognition as a ‘2023 European Capital of Culture’ was an ideal opportunity to breathe new life into the disused Pál Heim Children’s Hospital, built in 1904. The modern ActiCity Cultural Centre now offers local dance and movement arts clubs a shared location for their training and events. Electronic wash basin taps from SCHELL were also installed as part of the extensive renovations to this historical building. For visitors to ActiCity, these taps offer an optimum level of hygiene and comfort while blending seamlessly into the contemporary interior design concept.

Project data

Property type: Cultural/sports centre

Requirements: Renovations

Completion: May 2023

Location: Veszprém

Country: Hungary

Architects: Lajos Ibl

Size: total site area approx. 13,600 m²

SCHELL products: XERIS E HD-M large electronic wash basin tap


To be able to transform the former Pál Heim paediatric hospital in Veszprém, a building over 100 years old, into a contemporary cultural centre for dance, the sanitary facilities also needed to be completely modernised. The project developers were interested not only in the latest technical systems but also needed to ensure a high-quality, visually appealing design. The new taps also needed to feature a particularly tall outlet to match the wash basins chosen for the fit-out. With the high levels of usage at ActiCity, the developers were also looking for a solution that is especially hygienic and which effectively reduces the risk of contact infections.


The 45 SCHELL XERIS E HD-M large electronic wash basin taps installed at ActiCity blend harmoniously with the centre’s modern design concept. At 280 mm, the extra-tall outlet on the taps perfectly complements the existing wash basin taps, becoming a stylish eye-catcher in the sanitary facilities at this new centre for movement and dance. The smart infrared sensor electronics also ensure that usage is both hygienic and comfortable: visitors trigger the flow of water with the contactless sensor, which significantly reduces the risk of disease transmission as a result of contact infection.

Contemporary, hygienic and convenient: XERIS E electronic wash basin tap

With its high-gloss chrome finish and softly rounded contours, the XERIS E HD-M large electronic wash basin tap is an appealing eye-catcher at the wash basins in the refurbished sanitary facilities at ActiCity. The outlet height of 280 mm not only gives the tap an especially slimline appearance but also offers a lot more room for patrons while they are handwashing. Thanks to the intelligent infrared sensor electronics, usage is especially easy and hygienic: the flow of water stops as soon as the hands have been taken out of the sensor’s detection range – which significantly reduces the risk of contact infections. The preferred water temperature is set using the temperature control on the side. Tap parameters such as the sensor range can be programmed directly on the wash basin tap by short-range reflex. Optionally, facility management can also perform automated stagnation flushes to maintain drinking water quality. This minimises the risk of health hazards due to the propagation of Legionella while helping maintain drinking water quality.

SCHELL products

After standing empty for 23 years, the building that now houses ActiCity was approved for a rather unusual renovation project in December 2018. Built in 1904 and named after the Hungarian physician Pál Heim, this former paediatric hospital was to be transformed over a period of five years into a modern cultural centre, offering local dance and movement art clubs a place to meet and event venue. To this end, the building complex on the 13,600 m² site, designed by Lajoy Ybl, was renovated with the greatest care, with the aim of preserving as much of the original architecture as possible. Previously scattered all over the city, the various clubs can now enjoy their perfect shared location for cultural and sporting activities in the form of the new ActiCity Centre for Movement and Dance. From classical ballet to folk dance and the latest trends in the performing arts, ActiCity offers all clubs for dance and movement plenty of space for training, performances and other events in the city of Veszprém. Promoting movement activities for children is a particular point of focus at the Centre. Alongside the many courses for physical activities, the newly refurbished cafe at ActiCity also gives patrons another appealing space to relax and get together. The generously proportioned park, laid out in the English style, invites visitors to take long strolls among the greenery.