Die Gemeinschaftsgrundschule Theodor-Heuss in Wesel-Bislich.

Theodor-Heuss Primary School, Wesel-Bislich, Germany

Focus on health protection and hygiene Primary school uses SCHELL products for sports hall renovations

During renovations to the sanitary facilities in the sports hall at Theodor-Heuss Primary School, school management were especially interested in the aspects of hygiene and protecting user health. Thanks to automated stagnation flushes, the SCHELL Water Management System supports the maintenance of drinking water quality to protect the health of pupils and staff alike. In the shower cubicles, concealed showers with ThermoProtect thermostats over reliable anti-scalding protection. Reduced-aerosol shower heads also reduce the risk of contracting a Legionella infection.

Project data:

Property type:Primary school


Completion: 2020

Location: Wesel-Bislich

Country: Germany

SCHELL products:

SCHELL SWS Water Management System

XERIS E HD-K electronic wash basin tap

LINUS Basic D-C-T concealed shower
Concealed master box
Reduced-aerosol shower head


When selecting modern and durable products for the renovations to the sports hall at Theodor-Heuss Primary School in Wesel-Bislich, the primary objective was protecting the health of its users. The school owners were looking for an intelligent solution that would help maintain drinking water quality while effectively preventing the hazardous propagation of harmful bacteria like Legionella. Another key criterion was ensuring reliable anti-scalding protection in the showers.


The installed XERIS E HD-K electronic wash basin taps and LINUS Basic D-C-T concealed showers are networked together with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System , which supports the maintenance of drinking water quality  with the help of automated stagnation flushes – these reduce the chance of Legionella spreading out of control. Reduced-aerosol shower heads from SCHELL also offer additional help by minimising the risk of infection. Infrared sensors on the wash basin taps prevent contact infections because these taps offer contactless operation. ThermoProtect thermostats on the shower fittings offer shower users reliable protection against scalding.

Intelligent water management with SWS

The SWS Water Management System ensures facility managers at Wesel-Bislich Primary School can ensure high-performance and hygienic water management. Automated stagnation flushes  prevent water from stagnating in the piping, which would result in the unchecked spread of harmful bacteria. This significantly improves the maintenance of drinking water quality. Individual fitting parameters, flushing intervals and other settings can be programmed centrally with the SWS app. Since flushes are carried out automatically, no extra personnel are required, as would be necessary in the case of manual flushing. In addition, operation is not only exceptionally efficient but also much more economical in terms of water consumption than manual stagnation flushes. If necessary, operators can fulfil their record-keeping obligations from German drinking water legislation thanks to the end-to-end logging of many kinds of system data.

Contactless and convenient: improved levels of user hygiene with the XERIS E HD-K

Users benefit from a high level of hygiene and usability with the XERIS E HD-K wash basin taps, thanks to their contactless infrared sensors: the flow of water starts without contact and stops automatically after handwashing, once users take their hands out of the sensor field. This works to prevent contact infections. The tap is also especially economical with water, since water only flows when it is actually required. Compared with single-lever mixers, the electronic tap can cut water consumption by up to 70 percent.

Showering in comfort with LINUS Basic concealed showers and reduced-aerosol shower heads

A total of six LINUS Basic D-C-T concealed showers and six reduced-aerosol shower heads were installed in the shower cubicles for the renovated sports hall at Theodor-Heuss Primary School. The concealed showers are especially easy to use, thanks to the CVD touch electronics. The flow of water stops automatically after an individually configurable flow time, making the LINUS shower fittings especially economical to run. The ThermoProtect thermostat on the LINUS Basic concealed showers also makes showering pleasant and safe, offering reliable anti-scalding protection if the cold water supply fails. A temperature lock can be released or locked to enable convenient adjustment of the required temperature: if users want to set the temperature higher than 38 °C, this can be done at the touch of a button.

SCHELL products

About Theodor-Heuss Primary School

The Theodor-Heuss Primary School in Wesel makes use of two premises that are located in the districts of Flüren and Bislich. Overall, ten classes with roughly 220 children are served by these two school sites. The school’s educational model focuses on the individual development of each and every pupil. Following its vision of ‘Education for everyone’, the schools seeks to strengthen pupils’ personal, social and subject skills. Fostering children’s media literacy with digital learning materials is also an integral part of day-to-day life at the school. If necessary, this all-day facility also offers primary school pupils the option of staying on at the school after lessons have finished – so as to get help with completing their homework, for example.