In a class of its own: 2021 German Innovation Award for the GRANDIS E kitchen tap

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SCHELL has once more acquired proof of its industry-leading innovation: the German Design Council has again bestowed the German Innovation Award on our company – this time for the GRANDIS E kitchen tap. Apart from unifying the needs of user and drinking water hygiene with comfort and design, the tap, when combined with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System, offers additional features for any facility manager. It is these outstanding features that qualified the product to receive this coveted accolade, which aims to give greater visibility to advanced innovations that improve our quality of life.

An innovative electronic fitting

Receiving the award in the category ‘Excellence in Business to Business – Building & Elements’, GRANDIS E is a network-ready, electronic fitting that offers many advantages, packaged into an impressively elegant and timeless design. The clever combination of a single-lever mixer with infrared triggering is what makes the kitchen tap so hygienic and so convenient to use. This contactless operation not only avoids contamination of the tap by dirty hands but also maintains a safe level of user hygiene. For longer periods of interruption in use, the electronic kitchen tap with automatic stagnation flushes will ensure the necessary exchange of water. Regardless of the position of the mixer lever, both the cold water and hot water line are flushed on these occasions. Intelligent product features such as limiting the tap’s range of motion and a hot-water shut-off also offer an extra level of safety during use.

Added value thanks to networking

When combined with the innovative SCHELL SWS Water Management System, support for ensuring drinking water hygiene in (semi-)public and commercial buildings becomes even easier – a significant advantage for installations in schools, office complexes, institutions and any other building that has frequent periods of non-use. All of the tap’s parameters can be configured both quickly and conveniently. Many extra options are also available, such as specifying the duration and interval, as well as the weekday and time of day for the stagnation flushes.

With the SMART.SWS online service as an add-on to SCHELL SWS, the monitoring, control and documentation of drinking water installations can be managed remotely with any internet-capable device and even from multiple buildings, making facility management particularly efficient and sustainable.

Safe drinking water hygiene for the future

CTO Andreas Ueberschär welcomes the award: “We are very happy to receive this accolade. This once again shows that network-capable fittings are part of the future when it comes to drinking water installations. After all, planners, installers and system owners not only demand safe drinking water hygiene but also cost-effective, economical operation in relation to the valuable resource of water. Well-designed components such as the GRANDIS E and our SWS Water Measurement System are part of this approach.”

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