VITUS modular fitting concept – for wash basins and showers

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Public and semi-public buildings have to meet a wide range of requirements: they must be hygienic, functional and efficient to operate, but for the most part, they must also feature a modern appealing design.

As a place used by everyone, sanitary facilities not only play a necessary role, but also an important one. In VITUS, SCHELL offers a unique fitting concept that meets all requirements. its special feature is its modularity. Based on only two basic fitting bodies, VITUS is available in more than 100 different designs. In addition to wash basin taps, there’s also a selection of matching exposed shower fittings. The focus during development was on user and drinking water hygiene, whether for mixed water or using a thermostat, with manual, with self-closing feature or electronic triggering. In addition to stagnation flushes, most variants also offer thermal disinfection. Other quality criteria that speak for the Plus X Award-winning VITUS: robust metal design and noise class 1.

With self-closing feature and manual operation:
VW-SC-M and VW-SC-T exposed wash basin taps

During the development of SCHELL VITUS VW-SC-M and VW-SC-T exposed wash basin taps, great importance was attached to user and drinking water hygiene. In this respect, the self-closing taps are ideal for use in healthcare facilities. Their low-contact operation also ensures that the risk of infection with viruses or bacteria is minimised. VITUS VW-SC is available for mixed water or for use with a thermostat; a temperature lock and safety lock protect against scalding in the event of cold water failure. The SCHELL VITUS VW-SC-M and VW-SC-T fittings are also equipped with a lockable and swivelling overflow. Manual thermal disinfection is also possible.

Contact-free with infrared sensor:
The VITUS VW-E-T electronic wash basin tap

The battery operated VITUS VW-E-T exposed wash basin tap with infrared sensor electronics for mixed water is impressive from start to finish – especially in extremely busy (semi-) public places where the highest demands are made in terms of hygiene in the sanitary facilities.

The electronics detect the user – both contact-free and hygienically, and automatically and effectively.

When the user’s hand moves into the tap’s sensor area, the water flow starts; when the user’s hand leaves the sensor area, the water flow stops automatically – at the latest, however, after a preset flow time (set from 4 to 240 seconds). As there is no need to physically touch the tap, the electronic tap offers protection against the transmission of bacteria and viruses. The swivelling outlet can be locked in position making it particularly convenient to use. Thanks to the thermostat and safety lock at 38 °C, the tap also offers thermostatic anti-scalding protection, even in the event of cold water failure – this is a major advantage in places where users don’t react quickly, e.g. in retirement homes, hospitals or nurseries. What’s more, the tap has two backflow preventers and a wall connection with S connections and a rosette that is depth adjustable. The reach is 270 mm to the centre of the flow regulator. The stagnation flush can be activated. Furthermore, the fitting has an integrated cartridge solenoid valve for carrying out manual thermal disinfection at 70 °C.

The VITUS VW-E-T also has an attractive design: featuring chrome-plated surfaces, different VITUS fittings for different requirements can also be perfectly incorporated into any sanitary facility. The fitting is also available with the BE-F VITUS integrated wireless bus extender for networking via the SCHELL water management system SWS.

Find all of the VITUS exposed wash basin taps fromSCHELL here.

Meeting stringent hygiene demands
VITUS VD-SC-M and VITUS VD-SC-T exposed shower fittings

VITUS also offers a wide range of versions for shower areas as demands for the right operating concept are as varied as the public sanitary facilities themselves.

All requirements for hygiene and user-friendliness are met with the VITUS VD-SC-M and VITUS VD-SC-T exposed shower fittings for mixed water or with thermostat.

As the tap is self-closing this means that it only needs to be touched during use to turn it on (before users shower); this is really convenient and reduces the risk of passing on viruses or bacteria.

Further plus points in terms of hygiene: the easy-to-clean, smooth chrome surfaces, the lockable S-connections and union nuts that are covered by the rosette. The water flow time during use can be set in each case to between 5 and 30 seconds, and the draw-off temperature is already preset to 35 °C. Thanks to noise class I, VITUS VD-SC-M and VITUS VD-SC-T are also really quiet. In addition, the VITUS VD-SC-T is equipped with an integrated valve for manual thermal disinfection.

Innovative technology for the future:
VITUS VD-C-T exposed shower fitting with CVD touch electronics

The VITUS-VD-C exposed shower fitting makes renovating and upgrading shower facilities quick and easy. It’s available with an outlet either at the top or bottom.

The upper outlet is best suited for the renovation of existing shower systems, as either a rigid riser pipe or a wall connection elbow can be connected to it. It’s triggered by the intelligent CVD touch electronics with automatic closing – making it convenient, safe and hassle-free.

Thanks to the start-stop function, the shower fitting boasts both excellent water and energy efficiency and a long battery life. Customised flow times, diagnostics and programming can be configured on a PC. Moreover, it’s easy to switch on the stagnation flush. In addition, the VITUS VD-C-T has a locking disc for maximum temperature limitation which means scalding is brilliantly prevented by thermostat. What’s more, the fitting is suitable for networking using the SCHELL water management system SWS. Alternatively, it can be parametrised via Single Control SSC.

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Integration in the SCHELL water management system SWS

Some of the fittings in the VITUS series can be linked up with the SCHELL water management system SWS, enabling advanced settings to be made for the flow time, stagnation flush length, and stagnation flush intervals, etc. SWS allows centralised control and programming of all of the electronic fittings in a building. For the user, this means maximum time savings and more efficiency. Plus, permanently hygienic, normal intended operation can be guaranteed thanks to automated hygienic flushing and centrally controlled thermal disinfection. Operation is also user-friendly and intuitive, as it’s performed by means of browser-based software on a smartphone or tablet.

SCHELL SMART.SWS can also be used to monitor the drinking water quality from any location. The additional online service enables buildings to be managed while working from home, for example, to make stagnation flush adjustments. No matter where you are, you have worldwide access to your buildings and can keep an eye on everything. Needless to say, the data is transmitted in encrypted form.

Intuitively operated on a PC, tablet or smartphone and quickly installed with plug & play, SCHELL SMART.SWS is the smart and efficient solution for controlling and monitoring operating parameters and system functions.

Alternatively, it’s also possible to parametrise the fittings quickly and easily with the Single Control SSC, e.g. using the SSC Bluetooth®app. Settings such as stagnation flushes are simple to set up. As an option, all processes can be logged if the module is permanently installed on the fitting.