Winner at the World Future Awards: Best Water Management System 2023 from SCHELL

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Regional roots – international success. Our innovative sanitary equipment solutions continue to impress the global market, as a recent award again confirms: SCHELL’s SWS Water Management System has received the World Future Award 2023. Recognised as the ‘Best Water Management System’ in the ‘Health & Wellness’ category, SWS joins the ranks of the most promising, best-in-class products that the expert jury believes will work to change global business and set the pace for the future. 

World Future Awards – accolade for SWS and SMART.SWS

“Both now and in the future, excellent drinking water quality is essential for human health and quality of life,” emphasises Andrea Bußmann, Director Sales, Marketing and Product Management at SCHELL. Bußmann continues: “We are very happy to receive this accolade. This once again shows that water management systems are part of the future when it comes to drinking water installations. Our SWS helps building operators to balance the requirements of maintaining drinking water quality and conserving water as a valuable natural resource while ensuring the cost-effective, economic operation of their drinking water installation.”

Confirmation of leading role in drinking water hygiene

With their slogan of ‘The future is now’, the World Future Awards premiere the most advanced products, software applications and services in a wide range of categories. From A for architecture to W for Web 3.0, the expert jury serving this prestigious award selects the best and most innovative companies by assessing all of the data made publicly available – to ensure the greatest degree of transparency. The award received by SWS not only confirms the worldwide success enjoyed by SCHELL but also underlines its position as a forward-looking company and industry leader, and pioneer in drinking water hygiene.

An award-winning level of hygiene with SWS

In both public and private facilities, users are absolutely reliant on the high quality of their drinking water, which is guaranteed by the utility that supplies it to the service connection. Drinking water installations must also maintain ‘specified normal operation’ – this means that a regular, full exchange of water must be performed across all tapping points, so as to flush out stagnating water and prevent a proliferation of bacteria that are harmful to health. With its SWS Water Management System, SCHELL offers an innovative solution that gives building operators optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality while ensuring the efficient and resource-friendly operation of their drinking water system. Electronic fittings can be networked together as a wired and/or wireless system. Stagnation flushes can be programmed centrally to meet requirements and executed automatically. The SWS Water Management System not only offers fundamental support for protecting human health but is also highly effective at conserving resources as part of building operations: compared with manual handling of the flush operations needed, SWS helps facility managers achieve significant savings on water and personnel costs. “Both now and in the future, we aim to create intelligent products and solutions for drinking water installations that offer users first-class comfort while maximising efficiency for building operators,” Bußmann concludes.

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