World Water Day 2023

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For over 30 years, World Water Day on 22 March has aimed to raise awareness about our most important resource. Every year, the United Nations also launches an associated campaign with its own slogan. The motto for 2023 is ‘Be the change’, focusing on the Water Action Agenda agreed by UN members to, among other things, achieve “water and sanitation for all” by 2030.

Water in the spotlight – facts about drinking water 

Overall, the Earth holds 1.4 billion cubic kilometres of water, which covers around 70 percent of its surface. Of this, only 2.5 percent is freshwater, however, and only 0.3 percent of that is actually accessible to us. This clearly indicates how water is a scarce resource that requires very careful handling. For more facts about water, see our infographic. Saving water is an important goal for contemporary and future generations. SCHELL takes this responsibility very seriously, producing fittings and solutions for the prudent handling of this resource.

Saving water with contactless taps

Contactless wash basin taps offer significant potential savings for drinking water, as they save water during an activity performed many times a day, namely hand washing. Most users don’t actually turn off the tap while soaping up their hands. Water continues to flow and is wasted unnecessarily. And if users actually forget to close the lever again after handwashing, water consumption will also increase. Contactless fittings from SCHELL with an IR sensor can offer a helping hand here. The flow of water stops automatically once hands are no longer present within the sensor’s detection range. Compared with regular single-lever mixers, contactless fittings from SCHELL can achieve water savings as high as 70 percent.

Saving water with flow regulators

Flow regulators from SCHELL can help save water, as they limit the flow volume of both cold and hot water. In addition, cold water feels warmer when mixed with air, which further reduces the consumption of hot water. Flow regulators with a reduced flow volume actively limit water consumption and are the ideal choice for developers pursuing sustainable building certification according to LEED or BREEAM. Further details of the uses of flow regulators can be found in our flow regulator brochure.

Saving water with angle valves from SCHELL

SCHELL is a global leader in the angle valves segment: yet we’re not resting on our laurels here but working on technical innovations each and every day. All SCHELL angle valves are durable, made from potable water-grade materials and can make a decisive difference in efforts that aim to counter water wastage: an optimally adjusted angle valve can reduce water consumption by up to 40 percent without any loss of convenience for users. Our blog post offers more information about four examples of special-purpose angle valves from SCHELL.

A harmonious approach to saving water and drinking water hygiene

In semi-public and public sanitary facilities, integrated water management with solutions from SCHELL lays the foundation for the responsible handling of drinking water: keeping pipe dimensions as small as possible, selecting economical, electronic fittings and executing automated stagnation flushes. Maintaining drinking water hygiene is easy with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System. SWS helps to maintain drinking water quality with automated stagnation flushes. In addition, the system also offers options to generate room plans, create groups and use wired or wireless networking for greater planning flexibility. The SWS add-on SMART.SWS lets building operators keep an eye on their drinking water installation remotely from anywhere in the world. In our interview, Guido Wurm, SCHELL’s Project Manager for Digital Products, explains more about this unified approach to saving water and drinking water hygiene.


The responsible handling of drinking water, our most important resource, is an ongoing task. As a leading innovator, SCHELL regularly launches pioneering products on the market that help to maintain drinking water hygiene. Andrea Bußmann, Director of Marketing, Sales and Product Management at SCHELL, underlines the importance of this key business strategy: “Sustainability has never been more important as a factor in our lives and should be approached with the corresponding level of responsibility. Handling our environment and natural resources with respect is essential for the preservation of our planet.”