Unsung heroes under the wash basin: special angle valves from SCHELL

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Spider bites or cosmic radiation? No thanks! The heroic performance of our products needs no outside help. Although their superpowers are often not obvious at first. In this post, we introduce four of our ‘unsung heroes’. SCHELL special angle valves can make all the difference in many scenarios – such as when preventing wasteful use, scalding or dirt particles that could damage fittings.

What all these valves have in common, apart from their durable SCHELL quality and standards-compliant materials, are their water-saving features. An optimally adjusted angle valve can reduce water consumption by up to 40 percent without any loss of convenience for users. But SCHELL’s special angle valves can do much more and each one of them has its own unique abilities. Unsurprisingly, this is why SCHELL is #1 in Europe for angle valves and also continues to launch new products on the market.

SCHELL’s COMFORT PT angle valve – with temperature sensor

The in-built temperature sensor makes this standard angle valve fit for the future. The SCHELL COMFORT PT angle valve is able to measure water temperature on a continuous basis and forward this data to the SCHELL SWS Water Management System. This can be extremely helpful for maintaining drinking water quality in buildings. If temperatures drop below or rise above certain values, then key interventions such as stagnation flushes can be initiated via SCHELL SWS. This prevents the kinds of critical temperatures that favour bacterial growth. Please see our flyer for more information about the COMFORT PT angle valve with temperature sensor.

SCHELL’s angle valve thermostat – for anti-scalding protection

The new SCHELL angle valve thermostat provides anti-scalding protection for installations serving high-risk users. This is essential in daycare facilities, retirement homes or hospitals, for example. Thanks to its practical design, the angle valve is also easy to fit even in cramped installation conditions and is an ideal product for retrofits. The angle valve thermostat ensures that the outlet temperature can never rise any higher than an individually configured value, so it provides reliable anti-scalding protection even if the cold water supply fails. Please read our fact sheet to find out why this is so important. The angle valve thermostat is also available as a set with a rigid or flexible connection.

SCHELL’s sampling angle valve – for systematic testing

Current drinking water legislation in Germany prescribes regular microbiological testing for Legionella for public or commercial drinking water installations. The SCHELL sampling angle valve meets the requirements for systemic testing within sanitary facilities and, as with all SCHELL angle valves, is straightforward to install. As water flows constantly through the angle valve to the draw-off tap, this allows conclusions to be drawn about water quality within the drinking water installation. In this way, facility managers can fulfil their testing obligations.

SCHELL’s filter angle valve – protection for fittings

As drinking water passes through the pipe network, it regularly flushes out dirt particles and limescale residues. Over time, this can cause considerable damage to fittings. This is where SCHELL’s filter angle valves can help out. Fitted inside the angle valve, the filter catches harmful particles, and can be easily removed at regular intervals and washed clean under running water. In this way, SCHELL’s regulating angle valves with filters help to protect taps and fittings, and so ensure their durability and long service life. Please read our flyer to find out more about the COMFORT regulating angle valve with filter.

Even more models and versions!

From protecting fittings to sampling, temperature measurement or anti-scalding protection, special angle valves from SCHELL are always a sound choice. To find out more about the unsung heroes introduced here, you can also check out the SCHELL website. Looking for more product information? The make sure you take a look at our angle valve brochure.