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One of Germany’s leading spas now relies on solutions from SCHELL

Recognised in 2020 as ‘Best Spa in Germany’, KissSalis Therme is keeping its hygiene standards state of the art with modern sanitary equipment from SCHELL. As one of the country’s top spa resorts, KissSalis Therme attracts around 400,000 visitors every year. Occupying a large, 8,000 m² site that includes an impressive 1,000 m² of water facilities, KissSalis Therme has established itself as a first-class venue in the German spa sector.

Thanks to renovations and the adoption of progressive architectural principles, the resort has managed to retain its original appeal while meeting contemporary standards for spa and leisure facilities. This project, which required extensive building work, was successfully completed in March 2023. Responsibility for the architectonic design and technical planning was entrusted to the competent hands of Scharf + Rüth Architekten, Midiplan GmbH & Co. KG and Luces Ingenieure. To ensure that patrons can enjoy a hygienic, comfortable and safe time at the spa, the renovated sanitary facilities were equipped with electronic fittings from SCHELL. SCHELL Single Control SSC Bluetooth® modules and electronic fittings also support automated stagnation flushes, and so help to maintain drinking water quality.

Made-to-measure solutions for the new sanitary facilities

The high level of visitor numbers for the extensive facilities at the spa creates particular challenges and requirements for the sanitary equipment used. Alongside maintaining drinking water quality while improving user hygiene, the spa owners were also looking to offer their visitors reliable protection against scalding. SCHELL offers a broad-based product portfolio of innovative solutions to meet the challenges faced by facilities in semi-public, public and commercial buildings. This is why SCHELL products were chosen for use at KissSalis Therme. Alongside the fittings, SSC Bluetooth® modules were also used to help maintain the quality of the drinking water on site. By installing SSC Bluetooth® modules, the spa owners were able to configure scheduled, automated stagnation flushes for all of the fittings connected with this technology. This saves both time and effort compared with manual parameter setting. Electronic wash basin and kitchen taps from SCHELL offer contactless operation, minimise the risk of contact infections and provide user convenience that cuts water consumption while improving hygiene. Shower fittings with CVD touch electronics and an automated closing mechanism ensure a safe shower experience that also saves water. All SCHELL products blend harmoniously with the contemporary style used at KissSalis Therme.

Maintaining drinking water quality, saving water and improved user hygiene with optimum user comfort

With the SSC app, parameters can be set on the 81 electronic fittings connected using SCHELL SSC Bluetooth® modules quickly, easily and exactly as required. The app enables scheduled stagnation flushes and error diagnostics. Eight SSC Bluetooth® VITUS modules were installed for setting parameters on the VITUS exposed shower fittings. A total of 45 electronic wash basin taps from the XERIS series were installed in the sanitary facilities. The contactless operation of these taps minimises the risk of contact infections, while the integrated ThermoProtect thermostat offers reliable protection against scalding. In the shower cubicles, 45 shower fittings were installed, featuring models from the LINUS and VITUS series. These are water-saving models that are also equipped with a ThermoProtect thermostat for anti-scalding protection. A relaxing shower experience is ensured by the COMFORT Flex shower heads. Premium SCHELL angle valves with regulating function and a filter protect against particles of dirt and limescale. Angle valve thermostat sets offer reliable anti-scalding protection when fittings without integrated anti-scalding protection are used, like these MODUS wash basin taps.

About KissSalis Therme

Situated in Germany’s best-known spa town of Bad Kissingen, KissSalis Therme is one of the most modern and popular spa reports in Europe. In 2020, the spa resort was awarded the accolade of ‘Best Spa in Germany’ by Travelbook. The approach taken by the spa consists of four ‘building blocks’: movement, hot/cold applications, and physical and mental relaxation. The 8,000 m² venue offers relaxation and spa activities that include ten pools with a total surface area of 1,000 m². These facilities are rounded off by the Sauna Park, Fitness Arena, Wellness Pavilion and Spine Health Centre. The Spa Restaurant offers fresh and regional fare, while the Sauna Bar invites guests to enjoy a drink in a relaxed atmosphere.

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KissSalis Therme, Bad Kissingen

Voted ‘Best Spa in Germany’ in 2020, KissSalis Therme is right at the top of the table when it comes to premium spa resorts in Germany

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