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Our premium angle valves have been a byword for quality for almost 75 years. Quality is the key feature for an angle valve – this is why tradespersons worldwide place their trust in SCHELL’s wide range of models. SCHELL angle valves are not only an ideal choice for saving water, but are also durable, high-quality and made from potable water-grade materials. So, it’s unsurprising that SCHELL is the global leader in this segment: every two seconds, two original angle valves are installed somewhere in the world – over 750 million times so far and a fact that speaks for itself. 

The SCHELL angle valve success story

SCHELL’s first angle valves were a runaway success as soon as they were launched on the market around 65 years ago. The angle valve design is technically superior to a ball valve, and the innovative models from SCHELL offered a convincing alternative in the shut-off valve segment. Angle valves from SCHELL quickly proved popular throughout Europe and, soon enough, worldwide. The international success of our little valve even resulted in new words being coined: in Belgium, a common term for angle valves is ‘schellekes’.

Innovation is a continuous process of improvement. This is why we continuously expand our SCHELL angle valve range and adapt it to current needs. With over 200 separate models, SCHELL now has solutions for any application, such as its SCHELL special angle valves, an angle valve with a temperature sensor, compatible with the SWS Water Management System, designer angle valves, an angle valve thermostat for retrofitting anti-scalding protection, combined angle valves and filter angle valves.

SCHELL angle valve with temperature sensor

Equipped with a temperature sensor, the standard angle valve is now also fit for the digital future in sanitary facilities on semi-public, public and commercial premises. The COMFORT PT angle valve with COMFORT handle and PT 1000 temperature sensor is suitable for networked use with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System. Using a temperature sensor, the angle valve measures the water temperature in the cold water and hot water lines, sending the readings to the SWS Server. A flush is triggered via SWS automatically if water temperatures rise above or fall below the limits set for PWH or PWC. Temperature is important for minimising the probability of Legionella propagating unchecked. In the hot water system, it is the only intervention that reliably inhibits the spread of Legionella bacteria. For this reason, potable water hot (PWH) in large systems must be at least 55 °C while potable water cold (PWC) must be no warmer than 25 °C. SWS supports the centralised networking and control of SCHELL electronic fittings in a building, ensuring the hygienic and efficient operation of the drinking water installation. This is because it can control automated stagnation flushes, helping operators to comply with regulations such as the German VDI 6023. The COMFORT PT angle valve also features an innovative, self-sealing ASAG easy connection thread.

Leak-tight in no time at all with ASAG easy

ASAG stands for ‘fitting with self-sealing connection thread’ in German and is used on SCHELL products with a self-sealing connection thread that makes installation quicker and simpler. Thanks to the integrated seal, the angle valve can be fitted without needing additional material like hemp or sealing tape. SCHELL has continuously improved ASAG. ASAG easy means installations are not only easier and quicker, but will also keep the seal at the same, reliable quality. During installation, care only needs to be taken to screw in the sealing ring fully. Thanks to the optimised shape of the ASAG ring, this is simple to achieve with ASAG easy and requires little force. Simply screw the angle valve on over the ASAG easy ring until it reaches the end of the thread – the connection will remain tight even after adjustment by reverse rotation. The screwed-in fitting can also be aligned without any problems. Incidentally: the user-friendly ASAG easy system is patented and therefore available only from SCHELL.

40% water savings

Using SCHELL angle valves really does save money: an optimally adjusted SCHELL angle valve can reduce water consumption by up to 40 percent. This is all possible thanks to its regulating function: the flow volumes of cold and hot water can be adjusted individually, and varying pipe pressures can be compensated for. This avoids unnecessarily high rates of water consumption, as most users open single-lever mixers as far as they will go, regardless of the volume of water they actually need. Reducing the flow volume of hot water also saves energy, since less water needs to be heated up. Accordingly, regulating the flow with angle valves on the cold and hot water inlets under the wash basin is particularly effective for single-lever mixers. This makes it possible to reduce the water consumption of a tap in just a few moments while not compromising on user convenience. 

The low noise level of SCHELL angle valves with regulating function also improves user comfort: over their entire adjustment range, these valves do not exceed a noise level of <20 dB(A), therefore qualifying for the especially quiet noise class I. Incidentally: if these are combined with contactless wash basin taps from SCHELL, then this reduces water consumption to an even more significant degree.


With over 200 models and over 750 million units installed, the angle valve portfolio from SCHELL is truly one of a kind. As a global leader and technology innovator, SCHELL routinely launches new technical developments onto the market and adapts its angle valve solutions to changing needs. These innovations include angle valves with a temperature sensor that can be networked with the digital SWS Water Management System, so as to support building digitalisation. With its ASAG easy system, SCHELL helps fitters to achieve quick and simple valve installations when working on site. The properties of the SCHELL angle valves with regulating function also help to support recent customer interest in increasing building efficiency – with angle valves from the SCHELL portfolio, water usage can be cut by up to 40 percent. Since less water also needs to be heated, reducing the flow volume of hot water also works to save energy. More information about this topic can be found in our angle valve brochure (PDF download).

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