A wide choice for fittings for high-risk areas of use: VITUS series

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Requirements for a high-quality fit-out of semi-public and public sanitary facilities can be highly variable and wide-ranging – often based on the various functional areas present within a single building. This is why SCHELL’s VITUS series offers a modular and highly diversified portfolio of fittings for wash basins and showers capable of meeting any requirements. Two fitting base bodies form the starting-point for all VITUS fittings – which run to no less than 100 separate designs. 

Thanks to this one-of-a-kind versatility, VITUS is ideal for use in applications where made-to-measure functionality is required. Such as in heavily used sanitary facilities where representative solutions are needed that are matched to user demands. Tailor-made solutions from the VITUS series are also available for sanitary facilities used by patrons with restricted mobility or other issues – such as in hospitals, communal facilities, nursing homes and the healthcare sector as a whole. 

Advantage: Wide choice of triggering options to suit user needs

Fittings in the VITUS series offer a wide range of triggering options, from triggering using operating handles and medical elbow action levers to mechanical self-closing, electronic self-closing (CVD touch electronics) and contactless operation using an infrared sensor – the right triggering variant for any requirement. Electronic models of the VITUS fittings can be operated with low-contact or even contactless triggering. Particularly in sanitary facilities with a heterogeneous mix of patrons, this minimises the risk of disease transmission by contact infection.

Mechanical self-closing

Thanks to its mechanical self-closing action, the fitting only needs to be touched by the user to activate the flow of water. The flow of water stops after a preconfigured time, so that the fitting does not need to be touched again after use. Another advantage of this user-friendly triggering option is that the flow times for low-contact, self-closing fittings can be adjusted to the individual requirements of the building operator, so as to regulate the quantity of water made available economically according to demand. 

Electronic self-closing: CVD touch electronics

The VITUS series of wash basin taps and shower fittings also features models with CVD touch electronics triggering. The waterproof CVD (capacitive voltage divider) touch electronics developed by SCHELL is a pressure-sensitive actuation control for electronic fittings that can be preconfigured by the system owner. Featuring additional start/stop functionality, the flow of water can also be stopped actively after use. Thanks to the low actuation force required for triggering, CVD touch electronics fittings are especially user-friendly, since their use requires little physical strength.

Infrared sensor

With contactless VITUS fittings, the flow of water is triggered by an infrared sensor once a hand moves into the sensor range. This significantly improves user hygiene, especially in sanitary facilities with a very heterogeneous mix of patrons. Contact with the fitting is avoided, thus minimising the risk of contact infections. The flow of water stops once hands are no longer present within the sensor’s preconfigured detection range. Another benefit:  compared with single-lever fittings, contactless fittings from VITUS can cut water usage by as much as 70 percent.

Anti-scalding protection with ThermoProtect technology

VITUS fittings with a thermostat, such as the VITUS VW-E-T exposed wash basin tap or the VITUS VD-C-T exposed shower fitting are equipped with innovative ThermoProtect technology for reliable anti-scalding protection. Thanks to ThermoProtect, the water temperature for normal use can be limited to 38 °C, with a temperature increase to a maximum of 43 °C only possible by releasing the interlock. The water stays at 43 °C or below even in the event of pressure fluctuations in the water mains. If the cold water supply fails, the flow of water stops completely, effectively preventing any risk of scalding. Reliable anti-scalding protection is very important in shower cubicles in particular – whether in hospitals or anywhere else where care has to be taken because of vulnerable user groups. Alongside the immediate risk of suffering scalding injuries to skin from hot water, showers also harbour other dangers: patrons may also slip and injure themselves on wet tiles as they try to get away. Thanks to ThermoProtect technology, children or users who cannot respond quickly to sudden dangers are protected against potential scalding and consequential injuries from the environment.

VITUS wash basin taps – modular variety with over 50 designs

Versatility was the watchword when developing and expanding the VITUS series. This means VITUS is also ideal for use in healthcare facilities. Based around a standard tap body, VITUS offers customers more than 50 different versions to choose from. Visually, VITUS also makes its mark: with their chrome-finished surfaces, even different models of VITUS taps for specific requirements can be integrated harmoniously into any sanitary facility. With a thermostat, or with manual, self-closing or contactless triggering, this broad-based series guarantees planners and building operators an optimal solution that is perfect for their specific needs. Electronic variants offer the option of automatic stagnation flushes, while many models are compatible with SCHELL Single Control (SSC) and the SCHELL SWS Water Management System. We provide you with further information about this topic in the sections on SSC and SWS.

VITUS wash basin taps – model example VW-AH-T with medical lever

The VITUS VW-AH-T exposed wash basin tap with manual open/close actuation was designed especially for use in the clinical environment. The tap features an ergonomic medical elbow action lever that is 153 mm long and can be operated with an arm to avoid hand contact. The pivoting outlet on the wash basin tap can be locked in place and is fitted with the ‘Care’ flow regulator. A ThermoProtect thermostat offers anti-scalding protection – even if the cold water line fails. 

VITUS wash basin taps – model examples VW-SC-M and VW-SC-T with self-closing and low-contact operation

The high-quality SCHELL VITUS VW-SC-M and VW-SC-T exposed wash basin taps are also an ideal choice for use in the healthcare sector. Thanks to their low-contact operation, they minimise the risk of disease transmission from contact infection. VITUS VW-SC-T is equipped with a thermostat whose innovative ThermoProtect technology provides reliable anti-scalding protection – even if the cold water line fails. Both models are also equipped with a pivoting outlet. 

VITUS wash basin taps – model example VITUS VW-E-T with infrared sensor

The contactless VITUS VW-E-T wash basin tap offers an impressive set of features for applications where sanitary hygiene needs to meet the most stringent requirements – such as in hospitals. The detection range of the fitting’s sensor field is adjustable. The flow of water starts when a hand is held within range of the sensor field. If the user removes their hand, the flow of water stops automatically and always stops after a preconfigured flow time of 4 to 240 seconds. The pivoting outlet is especially easy to use. The tap is also fitted with a thermostat and ThermoProtect technology to offer reliable, thermostatic anti-scalding protection. Stagnation flushes can be set on the tap itself via short-range reflex. A choice can be made between a flush every 24 hours or alternatively 24 hours after the last use/flush.
Other configuration options are available when the tap is configured using SSC. A special VITUS Bluetooth® module is provided for this, which is compatible with electronic VITUS fittings. 
The tap is also available with an integrated VITUS BE-F wireless bus extender for networking with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System. The bus extender means the tap can then be controlled using the SWS software.

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VITUS shower fittings

All shower fittings in the VITUS series have also been built around a single base body. From this starting-point, they offer many variants with different modes of operation and connection options from above or below – to ensure their installation can match the structural situation on site. They also meet the very challenging requirements for healthcare applications and for communal facilities that are utilised by high-risk user groups. Some of the shower fittings in the VITUS series offer the option of automatic stagnation flushes and, depending on the model, a choice of parameter setting with SSC or optional networking with SCHELL SWS Water Management. Depending on the position of the shower connection, shower fittings in the VITUS series can also use the VITUS shower kit with the VITUS three-jet hand shower.

 VITUS shower fittings – model examples VITUS VD-SC-M and VITUS VD-SC-T

The self-closing exposed shower fittings VITUS VD-SC-M and VITUS VD-SC-T only need to be touched during use to be switched on (before showering), making them especially user-friendly. Both fittings are also especially hygienic, thanks to their easy-to-clean, smooth chrome surfaces plus union nuts that are covered up by the rosette. The water flow time for a single use can be chosen from 5 to 30 seconds by the facility manager, with the outlet temperature already factory set at 35 °C. As with other VITUS fittings, VITUS VD-SC-M and VITUS VD-SC-T have a noise class I rating, making them especially quiet. VITUS VD-SC-T also features a thermostat for reliable anti-scalding protection.

VITUS shower fittings – model example VITUS VD-C-T with CVD touch electronics

The VITUS VD-C-T exposed shower fitting is available with the outlet at the top or the bottom. This shower fitting offers an impressively long battery life, plus water and energy efficiency thanks to its start/stop function. Individual flow times can be configured manually. Stagnation flushes can also be easily activated. In addition, the VITUS VD-C-T features a locking disc to limit its maximum temperature as well as a thermostat for anti-scalding protection. The fitting parameters can be set via SCHELL Single Control (SSC) and the fitting is also suitable for networking with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System. 

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Using SSC to set parameters on electronic VITUS fittings

Parameters for electronic fittings in the VITUS series can be set using SCHELL Single Control (SSC) with the help of the VITUS SSC Bluetooth® module and the app developed by SCHELL, which is available for iOS and Android. The VITUS SSC Bluetooth® module can either be used as a mobile programming unit or left permanently installed on a fitting and connected to its power supply. When used as a mobile tool, the SSC Bluetooth® module can be used with the app to easily set fitting parameters, which include flow times as well as stagnation flushes. If permanently installed on the fitting, this opens up a range of additional functions, such as using an integrated flushing calendar to configure stagnation flushes on specific days and times of day, as well as stagnation flush logging and the export of these logs as a CSV file.

Networking with SWS for greater efficiency and automated stagnation flushes

Electronic fittings in the VITUS series can be networked with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System. SWS facilitates the centralised programming, control and monitoring of electronic SCHELL fittings. Healthcare facilities often feature an especially large number of tapping points. To ensure a complete exchange of water with the necessary turbulent flows, high flow velocities must be generated in the water piping. SWS is ideal for this, since the water management system can be used to consolidate fittings into groups, which can then carry out stagnation flushes simultaneously at a fixed point in time, with the aim of simulating specified normal operation. SWS can also be used to log stagnation flushes, and to plan maintenance work effectively and in a predictive manner. SWS gateways can also be used to integrate SWS into the central building management system deployed in hospitals and healthcare facilities. 
The supplementary, browser-based SMART.SWS online service provides remote monitoring and control of SWS systems and individual fittings from a laptop, phone or tablet. This is a key advantage for healthcare providers and hospitals, since their facilities are typically distributed over several – often very large – buildings. The use of SWS together with remote maintenance via SMART.SWS saves valuable time and therefore cuts down on personnel costs.


From just two base bodies, the VITUS series from SCHELL has been developed into a range offering a unique, modular diversity that planners and building operators can exploit to their advantage – and not only in the healthcare sector. VITUS fittings easily meet all requirements for user hygiene and the maintenance of drinking water quality, while offering a premium and representative design. The advantageous properties offered by these fittings help building operators ensure the economic operation of their systems. Drinking water hygiene should never be neglected and is of vital importance in facilities where people with weakened immune systems need to be protected. When used together with the SCHELL SWS Water Management System, VITUS can also help to maintain drinking water quality: in healthcare facilities and anywhere else where stringent demands need to be met.

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