MODUS E – electronic taps at an attractive price

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Even with fantastic coffee and great-tasting sandwiches, poor-quality sanitary facilities are going to stop your cafe patrons from coming back for more. Look no further than SCHELL for low-cost alternative solutions that still ensure sanitary facilities are appealing and – above all – hygienic. SCHELL’s MODUS E wash basin taps are the perfect choice for new developments or renovation projects on a budget. Available as pillar or wall outlet taps, they offer optimum hand hygiene, thanks to their contactless operation, plus the legendary SCHELL quality at an attractive price point. Alongside cafes and bistros, small practices, studios or high-street shops can also benefit from installing the MODUS E.

User hygiene need not be expensive

First launched in 2021, SCHELL’s MODUS E electronic wash basin tap is ideal for use in (semi-)public and commercial buildings. The tap offers contactless operation and therefore the best-possible support for user hygiene. Contactless operation is achieved with an infrared sensor, which starts and stops the flow of water automatically. This significantly reduces the risk of a contact infection and so also protects user health – an especially important consideration in cafes and local eateries that serve large groups of people.

Helping to maintain drinking water hygiene

For a drinking water installation, prolonged periods of downtime – as a result of company holidays, for example – can endanger drinking water hygiene. MODUS E helps to maintain drinking water quality in the building with regular stagnation flushes. When this setting is activated, MODUS E will initiate a stagnation flush 24 hours after its last use. This means that the regular exchange of water at the tap does not need to be performed by hand but can be completed automatically, saving valuable time.

A vandal-proof design

In (semi-)public and commercial facilities, vandalism is unfortunately still something that happens time and again. But MODUS E can help out here: thanks to its robust, all-metal design, it is both vandal-proof and extremely durable. The tap also features a security device to protect against deliberate blocking of the IR sensor. The sensor detects a permanent ‘fault’ and therefore stops the flow of water. So, although a piece of chewing gum stuck over the sensor is a tiresome job for cleaning staff, it does not lead to sky-high utility bills as a result of water simply flowing until someone notices the problem.

Economical consumption

The MODUS E taps are also a good investment when it comes to saving water. Thanks to their contactless operation, water only flows when it is actually needed. This helps to cut down on running costs, which are often a particular burden for small businesses. A flow regulator is also available as an optional retrofit, which ensures MODUS E taps can even achieve LEED or BREEAM sustainable building certification.

A wall outlet tap – the elegant option

MODUS E is available both as a conventional pillar tap and a wall outlet tap. With its minimalist design, the wall outlet variant lends sanitary facilities an elegant flair and is available in a choice of two outlet lengths.

A uniform design for consistent planning

All members of the MODUS family – including the MODUS single-lever mixers and the MODUS shower thermostat – feature designs that complement each other perfectly and therefore ensure a uniform and consistent look for your premises.

This makes MODUS E fittings an excellent all-round choice that helps you to encourage repeat visits from your customers. After all, guests who feel at home throughout your premises – including the sanitary facilities – will be happy to return again and again.