Außenansicht der Schwimmhalle des Wassersportvereins Dieburg e.V.

Sports baths, Dieburg

SCHELL solutions for digital water management and automated stagnation flushes at all relevant tapping points

The operators of the sports baths in Dieburg chose products from SCHELL for the sanitary fit-out of their new building. Their goals: effective prevention of the spread of Legionella while ensuring hygienic use of facilities for patrons of the sports baths.

Project data

Property type: Sports baths

Requirements: New-build project

Completion: August 2021

Location: Dieburg

Country: Germany

Architects: Michael Riegelbeck, SAM Hochbau Planungs GmbH

SCHELL products: SWS server, XERIS E-T electronic wash basin tap, Grandis E electronic kitchen tap, LINUS D-C-T concealed shower, COMFORT Flex shower head, MONTUS KONKAV WC operating panel, EDITION E urinal control, MONTUS wash basin installation module, MONTUS Flow WC module, MONTUS urinal module, MONTUS wall bracket set, COMFORT combination angle valve


As the sports baths are visited by many groups of people at varying times of the day, a solution needed to be found for the sanitary facilities that would offer optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality as well as user and drinking water hygiene – and without requiring extra personnel or staff costs. Other key factors here included robustness, energy efficiency and user comfort for the products to be installed. Alongside these important aspects, the sports baths operators were also looking to ensure that they could fulfil their legal duty of care regarding drinking water hygiene.


With the help of individually programmed, automatically executed stagnation flushes, which are set up in the SCHELL SWS Water Management System, the operators of the sports baths can ensure that a complete exchange of water in the piping occurs at all times. These stagnation flushes occur at all tapping points within the building. This avoids the spread of harmful bacteria such as Legionella while offering optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality. Thanks to the end-to-end digital documentation of all relevant data, the operators are also provided with a full record of their compliance with German drinking water legislation. Rugged, contactless wash basin taps and low-contact showers ensure a high level of user comfort. On wash basin taps with infrared sensors, water also only flows when it is actually required and stops after a preconfigured period of time: this is an effective approach to cutting water consumption each time the tap is used. At the same time, contactless wash basin taps and low-contact shower fittings help to improve user hygiene: they minimise the risk of disease transmission because the surface of the fitting no longer needs to be touched to switch off the fitting after use.

Integrated efficiency: stagnation flushes at all tapping points with SWS

Premium product quality and integrated service from a single source: alongside the kitchenette, all sanitary facilities in the Dieburg sports baths – including the male and female changing/shower areas plus two WCs near the foyer – have been fitted out with SCHELL products. The SCHELL SWS Water Management System forms the centrepiece of these sanitary facilities: automated, individually programmable stagnation flushes ensure a complete exchange of water in the piping, even when the building is not being used at all – as is the case during the summer holidays. The stagnation flushes are triggered via SWS. Individual flush times can be set up flexibly with SCHELL SWS and adjusted to day-to-day operations in the swimming baths.

Overall, a total of 11 MONTUS wash basin installation modules and 11 XERIS E-T electronic wash basin taps were installed. A recipient of several design and innovation awards, this tap offers an impressive combination of first-class design, robustness and optimum user comfort. Thanks to its intelligent infrared sensor, the tap also provides a contactless, hygienic flow of water, so as to protect users from the potential transmission of diseases as a result of contact infection. This infrared sensor technology also makes the XERIS E-T resource-friendly and economical, since the flow of water is only triggered when water is actually required and stops automatically when the user takes their hands out of the range of the sensor. A total of 22 matching angle valves with COMFORT regulating function and filter reliably protect the electronically controlled taps from tiny particles of dirt in drinking water. Another premium XERIS E-T feature is its integrated, thermostatic anti-scalding protection. This continues to offer protection to users even during pressure fluctuations in the system or if the cold water line fails.

The showers in the male and female changing areas have been equipped with 29 LINUS D-C-T concealed showers. These are easily operated using CVD-Touch electronics and automatically stop the flow of water after a preconfigured time interval. The innovative ThermoProtect thermostat offers reliable anti-scalding protection while showering. An optimum level of user comfort is also ensured by the COMFORT Flex soft-stream shower heads with anti-limescale burls. These are also especially robust and durable, thanks to their minimalist, vandal-resistant design.

Versatile and high-quality: the mains-powered MONTUS Flow WC module

In the WCs near to the changing rooms and the foyer, 9 MONTUS Flow WC modules were installed and also networked with the SWS server, so as to ensure that regular stagnation flushes could also be run here to maintain drinking water quality. Module installation is particularly straightforward, since no additional hot water line to the WC cistern is required. All of the hot water lines to the showers, wash basins and kitchen can be flushed as required by regulations using SWS and the electronic SCHELL fittings. This avoids an additional input of heat into the pre-wall structure – and therefore the cold water installation. Another advantage: with MONTUS Flow, stagnation flushes drain directly into the drain pipe. This does not fill the cistern, whose fill height conforms to standards at all times. A total of 9 MONTUS KONKAV WC operating panels were also fitted, featuring a convenient dual flush to help reduce water consumption. Two MONTUS urinal modules were also picked out for the male WCs and installed with the help of the MONTUS wall bracket set. The EDITION E urinal control is triggered hygienically and without physical contact using its infrared sensor.

The electronic GRANDIS E kitchen tap from SCHELL was installed in the kitchenette adjoining the seminar room. This tap can be operated manually as a single-lever mixer or with an infrared sensor, as required by the client. Thanks to networking with SCHELL SWS, optimum support for maintaining drinking water quality is also ensured at this outlet.

During construction of the new swimming baths for the Dieburg Water Sports Club (WSV), the 300 or so members showed both team spirit and endurance, organising the planning, financing and construction of this EUR 8 million project completely on their own within just 20 months.

The new sports baths feature a generously sized sports pool with six 25 m lanes as well as a 12.5 m x 8 m multipurpose pool with a height-adjustable movable floor. About 600 people visit the swimming baths every day. Apart from WSV Dieburg members, users include 23 local schools and more than 20 clubs, including several local German Life Saving Association (DLRG) groups and seven swimming schools. A 100 m² seminar room with adjacent kitchenette offers club members and paying clients enough space for instruction courses, club meetings, out-of-pool training and other activities.