Find out more: the new MONTUS Flow WC cistern module with stagnation flush

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The latest addition to the SCHELL product portfolio is here – the MONTUS Flow WC cistern module. Thanks to this practical solution that supports the maintenance of good drinking water quality, all key tapping points in (semi-)public and commercial sanitary facilities can now be flushed with scheduled, automated stagnation flushes. In this way, SCHELL helps you protect your drinking water installation from dangerous bacteria like Legionella.

Highlights from SCHELL’s latest product:

Versatile and high-quality

The mains-operated module comes with a pre-assembled solenoid valve made from brass (conforms to German drinking water regulations) for stagnation flushes. MONTUS Flow is controlled using the SCHELL Water Management System SWS or with the SCHELL Single Control SSC Bluetooth ® Flow module. The module is suitable both for new developments and renovation projects, and for stud partition or pre-wall installation. Whatever the size of your overall property, MONTUS Flow is always a good idea.

MONTUS Flow and the SCHELL Water Management System SWS

Combined with SCHELL SWS, the cistern module offers a truly impressive solution, as the Water Management System ensures maximum flexibility throughout the building with optimum cost-effectiveness. When the system is expanded to include MONTUS Flow, all important tapping points can now be networked and managed centrally via SWS. Flow times and stagnation flush intervals can be carefully coordinated to match local conditions. Offering a systematic approach to the management of even complex WC facilities. All flushes performed are logged, giving operators an audit trail for proving compliance with legal obligations. Installing the corresponding electronic components for SCHELL SWS, such as the BE-K Flow wired bus extender, couldn’t be easier: these can be installed in the wall using the SCHELL concealed junction box or installed over a suspended ceiling using a standard exposed junction box. For temperature monitoring, the optional PT 1000 temperature sensor can be installed for use with SWS, which will then measure and log temperatures in the flush valve at regular, short intervals. If the temperature in the cold water line exceeds the permitted temperature (25 °C), then a stagnation flush can be triggered as a temperature-controlled event. 

Always-on remote access with SMART.SWS

When SWS is expanded by the online SMART.SWS service, this gives you the option of logging in remotely at any time and from anywhere in the world. Apart from SMART.SWS, all you need is an internet-capable device and internet access. This makes straightforward, responsive facility management possible while out and about, with the user-friendly visualisation of all data presented by SMART.SWS. 

MONTUS Flow and SCHELL Single Control SSC

As a standalone solution for smaller or less-used WC facilities, MONTUS Flow is perfect when combined with SCHELL Single Control SSC. Simple parametrisation is possible using a smartphone or tablet with the free SCHELL SSC App for iOS and Android, and the SSC Bluetooth ® Flow module. Stagnation flushes can be scheduled as required using the integrated flush calendar. All flush times can also be logged. 

Simple installation and standards-compliant stagnation flushes

MONTUS Flow was developed with installers in mind. Fitting the module couldn’t be easier, thanks to its plug-and-play design. Easy to install, the product is also maintenance-friendly and equipped with reliable SCHELL electronics. The design also ensures that stagnation flushes are carried out according to applicable standards. Flushes drain directly into the drain pipe – the cistern is not filled and the fill height conforms to standards at all times. And for normal operations, MONTUS Flow is also economical and sustainable, thanks to its water-saving dual-flush mechanism.

Saving time and money

From the installation onwards, MONTUS Flow works hard to save you both time and money. One example of this is the fact that no additional hot water connection is needed to the cistern module. Flushing of the hot water line can be controlled by SCHELL SWS using other tapping points. This has a number of benefits: apart from avoiding an extra input of heat into the pre-wall structure (and the cold water installation), this also prevents the additional formation of steam or condensation in the cistern itself. Avoiding the additional hot water line also cuts out the time and costs needed to complete the installation work. 

Combine with appealing operating panels

As a supplier of coordinated systems, SCHELL naturally offers a range of matching operating panels. MONTUS Flow can be combined with all SCHELL MONTUS operating panels. These elegant operating panels offer a choice of chrome, matt chrome or white surface finishes to enhance the positive overall impression of your sanitary facility. User hygiene is also supported, thanks to the contactless triggering of the infrared sensor built into MONTUS

Fully integrated water management

As can be seen, the MONTUS Flow cistern module is the ideal choice for maintaining drinking water quality in any size of building, with useful features for installation and operation. And integration is something that has been designed into MONTUS Flow from the outset: stay tuned for our upcoming blog post that takes an in-depth look at the advantages of combining this cistern module with the Water Management System SWS!