Vereinsgebäude des Sportpark Süd - FV Brühl e.V.

Sportpark Süd – FV Brühl e.V.

State-of-the-art technology and intelligent water management for club buildings

Ultra-modern, energy-efficient and state-of-the-art – the new club building of FV Brühl e.V. is the fitting finale to the large-scale Sportpark Süd construction project. Products from SCHELL ensure efficient and water-saving operation and support the operators in maintaining drinking water and user hygiene.

Project data

Property type: Club bulding with restaurant

Requirement: New-build project

Completion: End of 2022

Place: Brühl

Architect: Träger Architekten GmbH, Ingenieurbüro Gaberdiel GmbH

Site area: Club house with changing rooms, meeting and training rooms, sports/gymnastics hall, plant room and restaurant 

SCHELL products: SCHELL water management system SWS (SCHELL SWS server, SWS bus mains adapter, SWS BE-K bus extender cable), PURIS E HD-M electronic wash basin tap, VITUS VW-open/close-T exposed wash basin tap, PURIS SC HD-M self-closing wash basin tap, LINUS DP-C-T shower panel, LINUS shower panel soap tray, LINUS shower panel connection cover, COMFORT unit angle valve, COMFORT combined angle valve, OPEN wash basin outlet valve, sampling angle valve, PROBFIX sampling valve


In constructing a new, modern club building with an on-site restaurant, the board of the up-and-coming FV Brühl e.V. wanted to offer the club a contemporary location for all club activities. The aim was to provide a new clubhouse in Sportpark Süd that would be state-of-the-art in terms of building technology while also ensuring energy-efficient and economical operation. As a central component of the building services, the sanitary technology also had to meet the increased demands of the operators. Due to the high footfall and ever different users, it was especially important to maintain drinking water and user hygiene in the changing rooms and shower areas of the clubhouse. The installed sanitary solutions also had to be robust, able to withstand everyday use and allow for flexible expansion.


Convinced by the “made in Germany” high quality and the expert advice, the operators of the new clubhouse in Sportpark Süd opted for the sanitary products from SCHELL. The SCHELL water management system SWS , linked with the LINUS DP-C-T shower panels and the PURIS E electronic wash basin taps, ensures optimum support in maintaining drinking water hygiene. Thanks to flexibly programmable, automated stagnation flushes, the water in the pipelines is always fully replaced, ensuring that the proliferation of harmful bacteria is reliably prevented. Thanks to intelligent functions, the installed SCHELL products also support economical water and energy consumption, helping to ensure the energy-efficient and economical operation of the new club building. The high-quality materials make them very robust and they will continue to benefit athletes and operators for a long time, even with heavy usage.

The SCHELL water management system SWS supports the club building operators in smart, hygienic and efficient building management. The SWS server serves as the central control centre. SWS is used to connect up all PURIS E electronic wash basin taps and all LINUS DP-C-T shower panels. This enables triggering of regular automated stagnation flushes. As a result, a complete exchange of water in the pipelines is always achieved. In addition, SCHELL SWS enables the operators to provide the necessary proof that drinking water hygiene is maintained, as operating data is documented reliably and continuously.

Seven PURIS E HD-M electronic wash basin taps have been installed in the washrooms of the new club building and connected to SCHELL SWS. The intelligent taps supply pre-mixed water by means of non-contact infrared sensor control. Due to the non-contact triggering, the operation is particularly hygienic and the risk of disease being transmitted through smear infections is effectively reduced. PURIS E also facilitates economical water and energy consumption: The water only flows when it’s really needed and stops automatically as soon as people’s hands leave the sensor area. In addition, water-saving PURIS SC HD-M self-closing wash basin taps and VITUS exposed wash basin taps with manual open/close operation have been installed.

All electronic fittings are networked with SCHELL SWS thus providing the option of automated stagnation flushes. This provides the ultimate means of maintaining drinking water hygiene, even when the building is not in use or is used irregularly.

In the shower areas, 32 LINUS Inox DP-C-T shower panels with associated connection panels have been installed. Made of sturdy extruded aluminium profiles with a high-quality anodised surface, the shower panels are perfect for use in the sports club’s extremely busy clubhouse. The water flow is hygienically and conveniently triggered by CVD touch electronics and closes automatically after a preset time. The water flow can also be stopped before the end of the set time by touching the trigger a second time. This feature ensures particularly water-saving and efficient operation. The built-in ThermoProtect thermostat also reliably protects against scalding to ensure convenient and comfortable use. The matching LINUS Inox shower panel soap trays offer practical storage options for shampoo and other items during showering.

When it came to choosing the valves, the operators also opted for the world market leader in the angle valve sector and equipped the sanitary areas of the new clubhouse with ten COMFORT unit angle valves, four COMFORT combination angle valves as well as eight sampling angle valves and two PROBFIX sampling valves from SCHELL. The sampling angle valves and PROBFIX sampling valves meet all the requirements of systemic testing within sanitary facilities. To take drinking water samples according to DIN ISO 19458 using the sampling pipe, the valve only has to be actuated under the cover cap. This allows operators to easily comply with their obligation to carry out regular microbiological testing for legionella according to current German drinking water regulations.

The members of the up-and-coming football and athletics club FV Brühl e.V. had long wanted a larger and more up-to-date club building. The old club facility had become too small, but due to its location in the middle of a residential area, there was no option to expand. By building a new clubhouse in Sportpark Süd, the club members have finally fulfilled their dream of an ultra-modern club facility that offers enough space for all sports and club activities.

Located directly between the football stadium and the small playing field, the club building has become the new centrepiece of Sportpark Süd. The façade was designed in the traditional club colours of white and blue, with the running track in the stadium coloured blue to match. In the clubhouse’s Spanish restaurant “El Cid II”, it’s not only the athletes and club members that can now get together in a contemporary and inviting setting to enjoy delicious food and drinks after a successful match; the spin-off of “El Cid”, well-known in the region, is also open to non-club guests.