Panorama Sauna Grafschaft-Holzweiler

Intelligent water management at a traditional sauna

The Panorama Sauna in Grafschaft-Holzweiler is one of the oldest and most popular sauna venues in the Cologne/Bonn Metropolitan area. In the course of a comprehensive extension and renovation project, SCHELL products were chosen that could enhance the unique spa experience at this site while also maintaining drinking water hygiene.

Project data:

Property type: Sauna facility

Requirements: New-build and renovations

Completion: 2022

Place: Grafschaft-Holzweiler

Size: 9 themed saunas, 1 aromatic bath, 1 steam bath, 1 sea climate bath, 15,000 m² sauna park

SCHELL products: SWS server, LINUS Inox DP-C-T shower panel, COMFORT Flex shower head


With the construction of a modern and elegant sauna area, the Panorama Sauna, now in its third generation as a family-run business, was looking to enhance its popular spa venue with another attraction. Alongside a modern and appealing design, the owners were looking for premium, robust quality that was capable of handling the typically high levels of visitors to the sauna. Specific requirements for energy efficiency, drinking water hygiene and user hygiene also needed to be met, so as to ensure hygienic and trouble-free day-to-day operations at the spa facility.


SCHELL impressed the owners with its high-end, modern design, first-class advice and assistance, and exceptional product quality. The premium-quality, stainless steelLINUS Inox DP-C-T exposed shower panels installed at the spa offer an appealing design, combined with an especially robust and vandal-resistant construction, as well as economical water consumption. To provide optimum support for maintaining drinking water hygiene even at times when visitor numbers are low, the owners opted to install the SCHELL SWS Water Management System, which is used to network the LINUS Inox shower panels. This allows automated stagnation flushes to be carried out, which can prevent the propagation of bacteria harmful to health, such as Legionella. As a result, the LINUS Inox DP-C-T shower panels and the intelligent SCHELL SWS Water Management System help to ensure the hygienic and trouble-free operation of the showers at Panorama Sauna into the long term.

The first job here involved fitting 12 LINUS Inox shower panels into the new shower block. As renovation work proceeded, more than 40 other panels were then installed all over the sauna premises. With their premium, stainless steel design, the exposed shower panels offer an especially high level of robust, vandal-resistant quality. The pleasant, soft stream produced by the COMFORT Flex shower head provides a refreshing shower experience before and after a sauna. Reliable protection from scalding – even if the cold water line fails – is offered by the shower panel itself, with its ThermoProtect thermostat. The flow of water is triggered using low-contact, CVD-Touch electronics actuation and stops automatically after a preconfigured time. This ensures that LINUS Inox shower panels not only improve user hygiene in the Panorama Sauna but also are effective at cutting water consumption.

Despite the consistently high volume of visitors, showers at the Panorama Sauna occasionally experience periods of downtime, such as during the recent pandemic or on public holidays. To provide optimum support for maintaining drinking water hygiene even at these times, the owners installed the SCHELL SWS Water Management System, which is used to network the LINUS Inox shower panels. The programmable stagnation flushes from SWS complement the Sauna’s hygiene strategy perfectly, as this reliably prevents the propagation of any bacteria dangerous to health, such as Legionella.

Completed in 1974, the Panorama Sauna Grafschaft-Holzweiler is one of the oldest and best-known saunas in Rhineland-Palatinate, and has retained its popularity to the present day. Located at the head of the Ahr Valley, this family-owned sauna facility is ideal for day-trippers from Cologne, Bonn and Koblenz, and its many saunas, health baths and pools plus a park stretching over 15,000 m² offer everything that the spa visitor could want. This wellness experience for mind, body and soul is rounded off perfectly with a range of massage options, hammam rituals and aqua fitness courses. Culinary delights and refreshments are offered by the restaurant, which extends over several levels, plus the Panorama Sauna sports bar.

All of the modernisation and new building work was handled by the owners themselves, with their son, a professional HVAC and sanitation fitter, also completing the installation of the new SCHELL products in the showers.