Hygiene in the shower: Shower fittings

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Hygiene is particularly important in public and semi-public shower facilities. For one thing, the spread of Legionella, which can cause severe pneumonia, needs to be prevented. For another, low-contact actuation is required, i.e. with the lowest possible risk of contact infection from viruses or bacteria. The LINUS shower fitting series has been specifically developed for public, semi-public and commercial sanitary facilities. Whether as a concealed shower fitting or an exposed shower panel – the appealing LINUS fittings are always a good choice here, because they combine water saving and hygiene with comfort and design.

The advantages of LINUS concealed shower fittings

LINUS concealed shower fittings allow you to enjoy the latest self-closing fittings with cartridge or CVD touch technology, including start-stop function and many other great features. Thanks to the finely adjustable flow time setting, LINUS shower fittings are economical in water consumption and also very convenient to use. A lot of attention has also been paid to user and drinking water hygiene. In fact, stagnation flushes are available with most of the LINUS concealed shower fittings. Thanks to the front panel, optionally made of brass (chrome-plated) or stainless steel, and the brass (chrome-plated) actuator, the fittings are distinguished by their robust and contemporary design and their easy-care surface. This means they fit well into any setting.

LINUS BASIC: Solid and functional in every respect

The LINUS BASIC series allows you to enjoy top SCHELL quality even with a small investment budget. The fittings with stainless steel front panel are virtually vandal-proof, robust and also suitable for areas in heavy use. In addition, they are available in five different variants – at an attractive price. And thanks to the CVD technology, the LINUS BASIC D-C-T, D-C-M and D-C-V variants can also be networked with the SCHELL water management system SWS or parametrised with the SCHELL Single Control SSC.

LINUS D-SC-M, D-SC-V and D-SC-T: Conventional self-closing fittings for a wide range of requirements

The reliable LINUS D-SC-M, D-SC-V and D-SC-T concealed shower fittings for mixed water, pre-mixed water or with thermostat cover all requirements. High-quality and functional, they have been tried and tested for many years – at schools, sports facilities or hotels. Thanks to the self-cleaning nozzle bore, LINUS self-closing taps are particularly low-maintenance, saving both time and money. LINUS D-SC-M and D-SC-V are fitted with temperature control with hot water limiting, while the D-SC-T variant ensures maximum temperature limitation and thus the best anti-scalding protection thanks to thermostat-controlled temperature control with a locking disc.

LINUS-D-C-T and D-C-M: Numerous advantages thanks to CVD touch electronics

The LINUS D-C-T and LINUS D-C-M fittings impress above all with the waterproof CVD touch electronics (IP 65) with battery status display developed by SCHELL (CVD = Capacitive Voltage Divider). This is a pressure-sensitive actuation element for electronic fittings. It enables diagnostics and programming as well as the setting of individual flow times on a PC – from 10 to 360 seconds in 10 programme steps. Also worth mentioning is the high water and energy efficiency due to a start-stop function. For the user, the low actuating forces for triggering are particularly convenient, enabling easy use without the need for a great deal of effort. LINUS D-C-T also prevents scalding thanks to thermostat-controlled temperature control with a locking disc. Particularly hygienic: stagnation flushes can be switched on every 24 hours after the last use. The taps are also suitable for networking with the SCHELL water management system SWS or they can be parametrised with the Single Control SSC.

The advantages of LINUS exposed shower panels

Elegant, durable and easy to install, the LINUS exposed shower panel series is suitable for both renovation and new builds. The sturdy corrosion-protected extruded aluminium profile with an anodised, polished, easy-to-clean surface and integrated SCHELL shower fitting is particularly high quality and modern. Even with the water-saving shower head, showering comfort is not neglected. The flow time can be set as required and, thanks to noise class 1, operation is extra quiet. Furthermore, the shower panels are already prepared for connection to existing wall-mounted connections from behind and wall-mounted supply lines from above. Thanks to the pivoting front panel, they guarantee easy “one-person installation”. LINUS exposed shower panels are not only outstanding in terms of hygiene, but also in terms of technology, design and comfort.

LINUS DP-SC-M, DP-SC-V and DP-SC-T exposed shower panels with self-closing feature: design meets function

The LINUS DP-SC-M, DP-SC-V and DP-SC-T shower panels from SCHELL are a practical solution. The DP-SC-T variant is equipped with a thermostatic cartridge with safety lock in case of cold water failure as well as a hot water lock at 38 °C. This reliably protects against potential scalding. In addition, DP-SC-T includes a pre-assembled monostable 12 V solenoid valve for performing thermal disinfection – ensuring maximum drinking water hygiene.

LINUS DP-C-T exposed shower panel with self-closing feature: a high-quality look and intelligent CVD touch electronics

The SCHELL LINUS DP-C-T exposed shower panel is equipped with splash-proof CVD touch electronics. Thanks to a switchable stagnation flush every 24 hours after the last use, LINUS DP-C-T also excels in terms of hygiene. For thermal disinfection, the exposed shower panel is supplied with a factory-fitted monostable cartridge solenoid valve. Convenient parametrisation and diagnostics can be carried out using SCHELL SWS or SCHELL SSC.

SCHELL LINUS Inox exposed shower panel: now available in stainless steel

You now have the choice between LINUS products with aluminium surfaces or the seven different elegant LINUS Inox variants in brushed premium stainless steel. These are particularly resistant to corrosion and impress with their high quality. Like all other LINUS products, LINUS Inox is easy to clean, time-saving to install, absolutely hygienic and “made in Germany”.

Find all LINUS Inox versions and their advantages at a glance here.

Water management system SWS and SSC Bluetooth module®

The SCHELL SSC Bluetooth® module makes electronic fittings from SCHELL Bluetooth-compatible, enabling data transfers between a smartphone or tablet and the SCHELL fitting via a paired wireless connection. Requiring little effort, this offers many advantages in terms of efficient operation and safe drinking water hygiene. The Bluetooth module® and free app developed by SCHELL for iOS and Android makes programming the electronic fittings from SCHELL an easy task. The SSC Bluetooth®module can either be used as a programming unit or left permanently installed on a fitting and connected to its power supply. This kind of permanent installation enables additional functions to be set up, such as the setting of stagnation flushes using an integrated flushing schedule at/on specified times and days, including logging (logs can also be output as a CSV file). App-based troubleshooting is also available. There’s also the option of setting up additional functions when programming stagnation flushes.

All of this is even more convenient using the SCHELL water management system SWS. It’s the key to hygienically safe and economical operation of any drinking water installation, because SCHELL SWS is the first water management system to intelligently network fittings wirelessly and/or by cable. SCHELL's electronic fittings are capable of automatically carrying out stagnation flushes according to predefined configured parameters. However, the SCHELL water management system SWS can be used to automate more operational safety and, above all, stagnation flushes at weekends, on public holidays and during the holidays with no need for staff – thus safely preserving drinking water quality. This allows central, productive and economical control of valves and maintenance operations. The system also includes legally compliant documentation of all water changes and operating temperatures, and information for simplified maintenance. Furthermore, operation is particularly user-friendly, as it’s carried out intuitively using browser-based software with standard PCs, tablets or smartphones.

The SMART.SWS online service enables monitoring and control even when you’re on the road or in your office at home, because the SCHELL water management system SWS can be accessed via any end device connected to the internet. This means it doesn’t matter where you are – you can fully monitor all of your properties worldwide at all times. A particularly effective and practical feature is the ability to adjust all system parameters at short notice, such as hygiene flushes and the forward planning of maintenance operations. The SMART.SWS user interface is clearly structured, intuitive to navigate and user-friendly. Users of this innovative system also receive regular updates to their long-term reports. These provide a convenient, systematic overview of actions taken. If some taps aren’t used often enough, new stagnation flushes can easily be programmed thanks to SMART.SWS.

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