World Health Day 2024 – My health, my right.

World Health Day was launched by the World Health Organisation (WHO) almost 80 years ago. Every year, the event is dedicated to a specific topic. This year, the motto is: My health, My right.
The idea behind choosing this slogan is that the right to health is a basic human right. The right to health is recognised in the constitution of the World Health Organisation from 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948 and many other international human rights agreements.
As an integrated provider of fittings and innovative solutions for sanitary facilities, SCHELL has spent decades focusing on the demanding task of protecting the health of its users.

The right to health is a lifelong right, 

and encompasses both freedoms and entitlements. These freedoms include the right to take decisions about one’s own health and one’s own body, as well as the right to access high-quality health services without experiencing any form of discrimination. This right is also a lifelong right and is especially important for vulnerable groups of people. For older people or those in need of care, the aim must also be to offer first‑class healthcare, including medical treatments.
SCHELL fittings make an important contribution to protecting the health of at‑risk groups of people, as many SCHELL fittings and solutions are equipped with functions that make them particularly suited to use by older people and by especially vulnerable user groups.

MODUS single-lever mixer with anti-scalding protection

The SCHELL MODUS single-lever mixers with ThermoProtect technology are the perfect choice for sanitary facilities that are used by seniors or other vulnerable people. The taps offer reliable anti-scalding protection: even if the lever is opened all the way to the hot water side, the ThermoProtect cartridge stops the water temperature rising any higher than 38 °C. The flow of water also stops automatically if the cold water line fails. MODUS single-lever mixers are available with an attractive designer handle or alternatively with a convenient loop handle. The loop handle is simple to operate for people with limited mobility, as the hole in the middle makes it especially easy to take hold of, making it suitable for use in accessible sanitary facilities.

A unified look-and-feel with the MODUS MD‑T

With its ThermoProtect and IsoBody technology, the SCHELL MODUS MD‑T is also a good choice for sanitary facilities that will be used by people unable to respond quickly to sudden dangers – such as in retirement homes, hospitals and care facilities, for example. IsoBody technology provides anti-scalding protection: as a result of its thermal insulation, the housing does not heat up but remains virtually at ambient temperature. As with the MODUS single-lever mixers, the ThermoProtect technology protects against scalding but also helps users avoid secondary injuries. Alongside the immediate risk of damage to the skin from hot water, the affected individual may also attempt to get out of harm’s way and become injured by suffering a fall.
Another advantage of the MODUS fittings is their homogeneous design: all members of the MODUS family can be combined perfectly together to ensure a uniform approach to the design of sanitary facility interiors.
Incidentally: anyone wanting to have their bathroom converted into a bathroom suitable for older generations can apply for a government grant in Germany.

Award-winning accessibility

Quality and the power to innovate are a winning team – as also demonstrated by our success with the PLUS X Award, the world’s leading innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle. SCHELL’s wash basin taps and shower fittings from the MODUS series won the award in four of seven possible categories: High Quality, Design, User Comfort and Functionality. The two award-winning fittings offer an impressive package of anti-scalding protection, ingenious design and simple operation, while ensuring that vulnerable users can also enjoy comfortable and safe showering and hand washing. This makes the taps and fittings especially suitable for use in accessible sanitary facilities, hospitals, care homes and nursery schools.

User hygiene with contactless electronic fittings from SCHELL

Wherever semi-public or public sanitary facilities see shared use by a lot of people, contactless electronic fittings from SCHELL can make a significant contribution to user hygiene. These fittings offer contactless operation via an infrared sensor with no manual intervention. The flow of water starts automatically once a hand comes into the sensor’s detection range and stops once the hands move out of the sensor’s detection range. In this way, the fittings help to reduce the risk of infection. After all, figures from the WHO show that up to 80 percent of germs are spread by the hands, which includes contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. This type of operation is also especially appropriate for use on accessible wash basins.
Alongside the benefits for tap users, there are other advantages as well: Compared with single‑lever mixers, up to 70 percent less water is used by contactless taps. The tap has a self-closing mechanism, which means that patients or busy staff in a nursing home cannot forget to shut off the flow of water themselves.

Verdict: supporting user health with SCHELL products – on every day of the year

World Health Day 2024 highlights the basic right to health. With their many benefits, in relation to anti-scalding protection, user hygiene and accessibility, SCHELL products offer reliable support here – and not just on any one day, but all year round.

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